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Sri Lanka Has a 2600 Year-Old Culture

Sri Lanka Has a 2600 Year-Old Culture

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Published by Thavam

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Published by: Thavam on Nov 29, 2013
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 November 28, 2013
Sharmini Serasinghe
If what has become of Sri Lanka today is the e!acy of a "2#00-year od c$t$re%, mi!ht we have been  better off witho$t any c$t$re at a&'ver so often we hear the famo$s
 (dro))ed* by o$r )oiticians- "+++Sri Lanka*s 2#00-year od c$t$re+++% It is a
 sine qua non
statement re)eated
ad nauseam
 at many a )$bic and )oitica for$m the most recent bein!
. to add (wei!ht* or to )erha)s im)ress otherwise em)ty $tterances /his is obvio$sy done soey to awe the a$dience, es)eciay a forei!n oneI reca, as an im)ressionabe yo$n! !ir, when Sri Lanka*s first 'ec$tive resident
 made his State isit to the S4 d$rin! 5onad 5ea!an*s ten$re as S resident In his teevised address on the So$th Lawn of the 6hite 7o$se, 5 castin! aside his
noblesse oblige
referred to the nited States as "a co$ntry with ony a 200-year od history, whie Sri Lanka*s was over 2900 years od%:/his (cas$a* or (cac$ated* remark with 5 one never knew. has remained with me to date /o me even then, this
ipse dixit
remark reeked of an ac$te inferiority com)e and I fet $ttery embarrassed on his behaf
;or $s Sri Lankans, we have heard this od-hat too often and, therefore it has no effect B$t to an o$tsider hearin! these words "Sri Lanka*s 2#00-year od c$t$re% and seein! for themseves how this "B$ddhist c$t$re% has sha)ed this co$ntry*s fort$nes<misfort$nes, it m$st be tr$y mindbo!!in!:
 by L4nnado$re November 12, 2013, =hennai, Sri Lanka >$ardian. /he ast )hase of 'eam 6ar had seen the internationai?ation of the interna civi strife at the behest of Sri Lanka and more than 20 Nations which have had vested interest on and over Sri Lanka had vo$nteered themseves for a con@oint o)eration a!ainst L//' in annihiatin! them on the )retet that L//' was a terrorist or!anisation which need to be A$eed at any cost nay decimated from the face of earth /h$s determinedy decided, Sri Lanka had taken $nd$e advanta!e over the sit$ation in the Nations hastenin! forward to assist Sri Lanka either directy contrib$tin! men and m$nitions for the war or accordin! o!istic s$))ort and th$s it had a$nched its hostiities a!ainst L//' and in the eyes of Sri Lanka, the 'eam /amis were and are sti terrorists who aso sho$d be va)orised $nder the !arb of annihiatin! the L//' and it was their hidden a!enda a aon! to drive away the 'eam /amis from their ho$sehod and ands and herd them with a cr$e intent of !ettin! rid of them with the he) of chemica wea)ons , incendiary bombs, c$ster  bombs and it was a )$r)orted action of ethnic ceansin! on the )art of the Sri Lankan 4rmy and it is  bein! said that on the mid ni!ht of 3rd 4)ri 200 the Sri Lankan 4rmy had chan!ed its war strata!em , for instance their force which was intendin! to break thro$!h the L//' ine co$d not do so at 4nada)$ram, $d$k$diyirr$)$, 'rana)aai and havin! been s$stained a heavy ca$saity the 4rmy had made a retreat and over ni!ht the 4rmy had )ressed into service a)ache heico)ters, Cfir 4ero)anes dro))ed )roscribed wea)ons
D$ti barreed artieries were $sed a!ainst the 'eam /amis and as many as 30,000 shes had anded amidst the L//' force and civiian )o)$ation within an area of 2km  2km on that ni!ht aone and it is aso said that the batte at 4nanda)$ram was the boodiest one ever fo$!ht between L//' and Sri Lankan 4rmy and it is aso hed that it was first one wa!ed in a mammoth scae in 4sia after the 6ord war II  It was in the batte at 4nanda)$ram severa of im)ortant )eo)e in L//' were fo$nd dead and to be said )ainy the Sri Lankan 4rmy co$d not wa!e a conventiona war fare with the L//' and that was why it had resorted to $sin! )roscribed wea)ons to ki the Liberation /i!ers and the 'eeam /amis easiy and A$icky and as for India, Sri Lankan 4rmy sho$d not )roon! the war endessy and the war as s$ch sho$d be bro$!ht to an end and it did not care of abo$t the means $sed in attainin! the !oa In a reaity , L//' the vaoro$s warriors fo$!ht a!ainst a racist re!ime which wo$d not aow the 'eam /amis to ive in )eace ever since the transfer of )ower by British and the 5$ers wanted 'eam /amis to be second cass citi?ens and ive ever in s$b@$!ation beca$se as ;ormer =ommander and >enera Sarath ;onseka wo$d state that Sri Lanka beon!s to Sinhaese and /amis mi!ht aso ive there and the cha$vinistic, racist attit$de is ram)ant in mind of some certain )oiticians and they are stee)ed in comm$na )oity for their )ersona !ain  It may be worthwhie and trite to A$ote what the Sri Lankan Dinister =ham)ika 5anawaka has stated in an interview on 18#2012 /he said Dinister $sed to make racist remarks often and he is a sta$nch beiever in 4ryan Sinhaese s$)remacy /he foowin! is what he has statedE"6hen /amis ever to tried to ive in freedom and sef res)ect they wi have to face h$ndreds of D$ivaika Fne D$ivaika was eno$!h for them and they sho$d not make attem)t to create h$ndreds of Diivaika kiin! fieds% In addition to the above racist remarks he has said )revio$sy that "1G min$tes wi be eno$!h to eterminate entire 'eam /amis**Dore than 1H,000 of the L//' cadres and their famiies had s$rrendered before the 4rmy /he 4rmy had taken ca)tives severa h$ndreds and the eye witness acco$nts had reveaed that the ca)tives were  boarded in b$ses and taken away to secret destinations and internment cam)s b$t there is no knowin! as to what became of those )ersons who sho$d have been in a )robabiity shot dead and severa

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