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Published by ytroub

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Published by: ytroub on Aug 19, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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New Way Productions proudly presents:
The Secrets of Hypnotherapy &Complete Mind Therapy
Based on an original format entitled:
“The Professional Art of Stage Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy”
Researched, Written and Devised by:Jonathan Royle (Previously Alex LeRoy)
(D.Hyp) (D.NLP) (D.CMT) (D.SM) (D.CV) (D.SH) (D.Psy)
Special thanks to:
As ex-President of The British Council of Professional Stage Hypnotistsand tutor of some of the worlds leading stage performers and therapistsincluding the author Jonathan Royle, Delavars help, advice andinstruction has been invaluable in ensuring this course is the mostcomprehensive training course of its kind available anywhere.
This course was first written in 1994 by Jonathan Royle.Entire Course Copyright (1994 - 2003) Jonathan Royle.
All rights reserved, no part of this publication may be reproduced,stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form, by any means,whether electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise,without the prior written permission of both New Way Productions andthe author Jonathan Royle except for short sections for review purposes.
New Way ProductionsP.O. Box 557Uxbridge, MiddlesexUB8 2ZLUnited Kingdom.Tel: 01895 255750.
IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTICE:This training course is sold on the agreement and understanding thatthe purchaser and/or reader are responsible for their own actions atall times. Neither the author nor publisher can be held in anywayresponsible for misuse of these techniques. It is advised that youobtain suitable insurance cover prior to hypnotising your subjects.
Welcome to the mysterious world of hypnotherapy and related mindtherapies. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jonathan Royle. Iwas born on the 13/08/75 into a show business family and made my stagedebut aged three as Flap the Clown on Gandeys Circus (voted UK’s no.1circus show).Since then I have gone from strength to strength, having been a fulltime professional performer for almost twenty years. During this timeI’ve performed in many areas of show business from clowning and stand-up comedy, to fire-eating and illusions. Not to mention my othertalents of comedy pick pocketing, five object juggling, tarot cardreading, paper tearing, balloon modeling, mind reading and Pseudoclairvoyance shows and of course more recently adding Stage Hypnotismand Mind Therapies to my varied repertoire.
Since learning Hypnotherapy in 1989 and becoming a member of TheAssociation of Professional Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists, Ihave spent a large proportion of my time helping people with theirfears, phobias and other emotional problems.I’ve stopped hundreds of people from smoking, helped people to loseweight, gain confidence and to achieve numerous other things with greatease all of which has proven to me beyond doubt just how powerfulHypnosis is and can be as a Therapeutic tool. Along the way I’ve alsolectured for psychology courses, run stress management classes formajor household name blue chip companies and also run self-improvementseminars for the general public.During 1993 I also had the pleasure of organising and promoting eventsfeaturing Mr. David Landau, who is highly respected within the world ofMind Therapies. These seminars and training days which I both helped toorganise and promote were not only a great success but also gave me thechance of personal one to one instruction from David.It was in November 1993 that I first got the idea to develop thiscourse as on the 21
of November 93 I did a one-day training seminar.The seminar was sold out. Within two weeks of being advertised, theevent, which was attended by hypnotherapists from all over England, allof whom had many years experience, received rave reviews in many of theleading hypnotherapy societies members only magazines. This indicatedto me that there really was a lack of accurate and simple to understandinformation available in all areas of hypnosis and mind therapies andso the course was born.Having been taught by some of the leading experts in the business andhaving had the luck to get my break so early into my hypnotism career,I have amassed a wealth of hands on performing and therapeuticexperience from tutors who, in some cases have taken over 50 years togather. I would hope now that you have confidence in me as your headtutor, as to benefit fully from what you will learn. You need to havefaith in the skills that you learn and you can only have complete faithin these skills by first having faith in your teacher.
Nothing will be held back. This course will contain everything which isof value to a professional hypnotherapist. There follows, many pages,which explain in clear step by step detail all of the secrets, ploysand techniques that are used to become a safe and competenthypnotherapist.These skills will enable you to enter this lucrative profession whichcan open new doors in your attitude and lifestyle that you neverdreamed possible. I will introduce you to the profession ofhypnotherapy and by so doing, initiate you into a profession which willfascinate and astound people including yourself.To finish this introductory chapter, allow me to explain that thiscourse has been purposely written in a simple to understand manner withplain language and complicated words and phrases removed. As closely tothe way the majority of us speak. This has been established as the bestpossible way to learn, absorb and understand information which may benew and alien to us. Grammar and syntax will be thrown away in theinterests of passing on the knowledge easily, quickly, enjoyably andeffectively to you.Hypnosis is a much deeper subject than most realize. The majority ofthe population is of the opinion that all you do is snap your fingersor swing a shiny watch in front of their eyes and then they will justinstantly drop off to sleep. Well I can tell you here and now it is agreat deal more complicated than that, yet at the same time if you areprepared to believe what I teach you it is also far easier to learnthan you might at first imagine.Read, study and absorb the contents of this course, it will withoutdoubt place you on the road to ultimate success in hypnotherapy. I wishyou luck in your future career, although if you absorb the contents ofthis course which is filled with liquid gold knowledge then yoursuccess is almost guaranteed.

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