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Technical Writing Project

Technical Writing Project

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Published by cute_word88
my name is kamran khan. and im a student of BBA in northern university. and this is a project of technical writing.
my name is kamran khan. and im a student of BBA in northern university. and this is a project of technical writing.

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Published by: cute_word88 on Aug 19, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In a democratic society the public must have accrued informationAnd free access to all the points of view.My topic for a recomindation report is all about the source of Information. And my topic is about PTV and CABLE Network. IHave a been asked to recommend one of the given two. If ask fromGeneral people about given these two topics the general idea will tellUs about cable network that it is best and when we ask that how youSay that what you have for your answer. Almost all will say thatThere are a lot of channels are available on a cable and a lot of Entertainment is there. But my personal view is different from othersIdea in some reason I am agree and I totally accept those points or Reason I have to choose one of those two topics so without anyHesitation in confusion I will recommend PTV in comparison of Cable. Because I have some solid reasons from idea and myRecommendation I will discuss my reason throughout which willAssure you that why I recommend PTV and why not Cable Network.
First importance of media in modern world
In a modern society the public must have accurate access to all pointOf information and free access. If the government is to be reallyRepresentation of the people.There are many agencies which this function like I saidElectronic media which include PTV Cable Network computer Internet Radio etc. also print media is there for performing thisImportant role News paper and Magazine are the example. But if weSee all sides PTV is the best in all the above agencies. SeveralReasons for that.As I said in introduction that I will explain the things throughOut my report.So I said PTV is the best and I have a lot of reasons for that IAccept that resource of those channels which are telecast on cable or More than PTV and their media is much more fast as compare toPTV.But cable network can telecast and show its news information or Current affair to those people who live in cities. Moreover thosePeople are general educated more than the people who live inVillages. They can get the same information from news papers andAlso from internet. Because they can read news papers in Urdu or 
English also they know the use of internet.So they do not watch cable channels its ok, they have other resource to sent information. But the people who live in villagesMost of the people uneducated they can not read news paper andMany people are there who never use internet in their live. If inVillage they miss TV channels there is no other resource with themTo get information.I said all the above things because there is no cable network inVillages. But PTV is aware of all these things and Pakistan.PTV has their transmission in all most every part of the countryGiving information and there informing them about current affair.One other things is that cable network has no facility of locallanguages although channels are available for Pushto and PunjabiSindth also. But there are many more language spoken in Pakistan.Pakistan. Pakistan television has started a separate channel. NamePTV National. PTV national has arrange the timing and schedule for almost all the local languages. And people of different area’s knowthere timing of news and timing of other programming and dreams.
Giving Opportunities for New talent
The good thing which is only PTV has its providing opportunitiesfor new talent. In every year ptv arrange a programmed to giveto young people in almost every side like Newscaster, anchor  persons, models, actors and actress. And those younger who hasgerms of acting comparing etc. PTV try to polish their talent.But there is no other channels no cable network who does go. Maysome channels have done some times but ptv do. This every year andgive chance to youngsters who are talented and hard workers notonly on the screen but behind the screen is also young people aregetting jobs.
Standard of work 
This is one of the good thing about Pakistan television that it doesnot compromise on standardization. As compare to other channelsPTV take care of standard and quality. Quality in every field. For Example PTV drama’s talk shoes children programmers and so on. Itis possible that channels may be take care of quality in some matters but not in the a lot of above that is why I record PTV the best againstothers.
Wide Range OF network 
It without any doubt cable network range is wide. But a big problemand disadvantage is that in specific countries specific channels aretelecast and also those channels are not for al areas of those. If it isnot so in other countries, but it is the main difference between PTVand enable network. I will show you a like picture about those areawhere is no cable but PTV is performing if job there. Nearly to percent of Pakistan population is live in villages. The livehood of three fourth of its people is prouder by agriculture and alliedoccupations and 50% of national income comes from these them.Both in term of area and people covered rural programmers havegreat importance especially those meant for specification viewinggroups.The TV basic objective of village TV programmed can be summedas: to affiance villagers and rural viewers with latest technicaldevelopment farming, agriculture, implements, fertilizer, goodquality seeds, cottage, industries rural development and weather forecast to provide healthy entertainment and to make the villagersrural population aware of importance of education, personal hygieneand health and family welfare. These all factor are to take part in the progress and development of Pakistan while other channel not probably do this. Because they do not have network in village andrural areas. Another points about PTV range is that only on PakistanPTV telecast in transmission. Also in the foreign countries likemiddle east countries UAE, KSA etc. in Europe PTV telecast itstransmission.
Take care of limited
A very good thing about PTV is that PTV is a family channel ittelecast such kind of programmed which every can watch withfamily.Because on the other side the channel of cable network do not takecare of these things. And there are check on its drama’s and other  programmed so you can not watch those programmers with families.But PTV keep regular checks on its programmed and no one whowork in PTV drama’s on other programmed they also take care of limits then he is punished for it.
In twenty four hours of transmission PTV telecast its programmed inUrdu, English and four locals area’s language. Every province has itstime for its local area programmed. But no cable channel has this

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