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Mass Mercy Given By Prophet Of Islam to Enemies Of Islam

Mass Mercy Given By Prophet Of Islam to Enemies Of Islam

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Published by ismailp996262

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Published by: ismailp996262 on Aug 19, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ISLAM DEMONSTRATED MASS MERCY TO ENEMIES DURING MECCAVICTORY: AN EXAMPLE HOW TERRORISM WAS CURBED BY ISLAM.When Prophet declared his Prophet hood, the leaders of Mecca began to oppose him.They were rich and highly influential in the society whereas Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh)was poor. But Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh) never stopped his mission to spread the lightand truth. The Idolaters of Mecca found their religion and earning on the base of religionin danger, they united to stop Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh) from his mission as amessenger of Allah. They exercised all the strength they had. All the tortures comingunder the definition of terrorism and extremism were exercised by them to preventProphet Mohammed (Pbuh) from spreading the truth.The freedom of speech was snatched from Prophet Mohammed (pbuh). They threw driedthorny bushes and branches of the trees in the way of Prophet. The street fellows wereused to throw sweep dust upon the prophet while he was going through the streets. Hewas stoned at several occasions. He was house arrested in the mountain for one and half years during which water and food was prevented. Finally, they decided to kill him andthe plot was made. But by Allah’s will, he went to Madinah in stead of the thing that hishouse was cordoned and watched from outside by the enemy through out night lest heshould escape.So, when the terrorism reached its peak, Allah ordered the Prophet to migrate toMadinah. When he was migrating from Mecca to Madinah, they were only two, HazaratMohammed (Pbuh) and Hazarat Abu Bakar (RA). But after eight years, when ProphetMohammed (Pbuh) returned from Madinah to Mecca, his birth place, there were tenthousand people as warriors in favor of him. Mecca was conquered. The enemies of Mecca feared that they would be tortured and slain brutally by Prophet Mohammed(pbuh) and his companions to take revenge of their previous tortures to him. So, theenemies hide themselves. But the Prophet of Light and truth declared mass mercy to theentire enemy. He declared that he was a divine light. The Light could not take revenge but only remove the darkness and tortures of the devil and satan. The mass mercy createda tremendous effect on the hearts of the enemies and they willingly accepted Islam. Thiswas a great victory of Mecca. The people accepted Islam in thousands.This is one of the events of the early history of Islam. The Prophet had immensemiraculous power but he never used it to harm the disbelievers and in stead, simply kept patience. We see in modern world that the so called super power took the revenge for destroying two buildings. It is the nature of the human being to take revenge on theenemy if power is obtained. But this is Islam. It is brought through a divine light. Itcannot take revenge but just clear every thing of the darkness to show black and white. Indarkness, one cannot see a black thing or a white thing. When a light arrives, every thingis looked clear as it is. So, the Prophet is a light from Allah who came on the earth with aclear book of wisdom with the latest rules to be followed in the name of Islam. Thosewho try to paint Islam as terrorism either do not know what terrorism is or do not knowwhat Islam is. Islam has been fighting against the terrorism ever since its development on

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