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Nancy Bergeson Murder Questionnaire Portland

Nancy Bergeson Murder Questionnaire Portland

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Published by mary eng

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Published by: mary eng on Dec 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Follow Up Needed
Date / Time ____________________ Date / Time ____________________ Date / Time ____________________
Neighborhood Canvas Form / Nancy Sue Bergeson
Resident Address:
 _________________________________________________________ 1. Your Name? Who else lives with you? How long have you lived here?  Name/DOB ____________________________________________ M / F Race R / G
 Name/DOB ____________________________________________ M / F Race
R / G
 Name/DOB ____________________________________________ M / F Race R / G
 Name/DOB ____________________________________________ M / F Race R / G
Additional persons
 see back of form 2. Home phone/other phone numbers: ________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________ 
3. Did anyone visit or stay with you over Thanksgiving 2009? In the past year? When? Who? How long?  _____________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________ 4. Did any of your neighbors have guests (or kids home from college) over Thanksgiving?  _____________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________ 5. Are you aware of the death of Nancy Bergeson? Yes No 6. How did you learn about her death? ________________________________________________________ 7. When did you first learn about her death? ___________________________________________________ 8. Did you know Nancy Bergeson? How did you know her? How long did you know her? Could you describe her? _________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________
9. Hav
e you ever been in Nancy Bergeson’s house? If so, when? And under what circumstances?
 _____________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________ 10.
Have you ever been on Nancy Bergeson’s property? If so, when? And under what circumstances?
 _____________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________ 11. Do you suspect anyone you now or have known as being responsible for the death of Nancy Bergeson? If so, why? _____________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________ 12. Has anyone ever talked to you about the death of Nancy Bergeson? Describe what they said. Identify this  person: name, address, vehicle(s), etc.: _____________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________ 13. Do you know anyone who associated with Nancy Bergeson? Identify this person: Name, address, vehicle(s), etc.: ________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________ 14.
Did you know or see Nancy’s dog (Golden Retriever)? Running loose? What did you think of that?
Know anyone else who had problems with him?  _____________________________________________________________________________________ 15. Is there someone you know who frequented or lived in this neighborhood that has recently stopped coming to this neighborhood or has moved away? Describe this person: Name, address, what vehicle(s) etc.: _________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________ 16. The person responsible for the death of Nancy Bergeson may not appear to be dangerous. This person may be familiar to you, ordinary, non-threatening, but perhaps display unusual behavior. Does this description remind you of anyone who frequents this neighborhood? Describe this person: name, address, vehicle(s), etc.: ________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________

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