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The Letter of the Law (of Attraction)

The Letter of the Law (of Attraction)

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Published by S. James Webb

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Published by: S. James Webb on Aug 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Letter of the Law (of Attraction)
 The good news is that there’s no Spiritual Law Police that’s going to comeget you if you don’t follow spiritual laws to the letter.On the other hand, Spirit doesn’t give out warning tickets, either.Spiritual Law is completely unforgiving. You follow it to the letter or else.Fortunately, Spirit is 100%, completely and totally forgiving. Every singletime.Contradictory? Well, not really.Spirit is personal, intelligent, loving, and knows that you’re doing the bestyou can at any given time. Sometimes, of course, that’s not too good. In fact,the best some people can do sometimes is downright despicable.No matter. Spirit still loves and forgives everyone equally.Now that doesn’t mean people who act despicably get off scot-free. There issuch a thing as karma, also known as “what goes around comes around.”We know now from Near Death Experiencers that when we hurt another, were-experience the event at our life review, and we feel it from the other’spoint of view. So if I bullied Tommy Jones in sixth grade, I get to feel what itwas like to get bullied by me.Not a pleasant thought, now that I think of it.But God loves the bullies as well as the Tommy Joneses. Spirit loves thebullies so much, in fact, that it makes sure they have a chance to learn fromtheir mistakes in the most effective way, by fully and completelyexperiencing the consequences of their actions.And if they really need to get it, they may have another lifetime or two tobalance things out.So that’s the forgiving Spirit side of things.But what about the letter of the law side that you follow exactly “or else”?Well, this is not the vindictive side of God, it’s more like the law of gravity,and this is where some people get confused. The law always operates: followit to the letter and you can do some pretty amazing things, ignore it at yourown (dire) risk.

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