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6775722 Salesmanship DBA II Complete Notes(2)

6775722 Salesmanship DBA II Complete Notes(2)

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Published by tony6111

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Published by: tony6111 on Aug 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Salesmanship (Complete Course Reference Material) DBA Part II 1
Arshad Zia Siddiqui
(M.Com, MCS, M.A Economics)
CollegeSystem forBoys
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Salesmanship (Complete Course Reference Material) DBA Part II 2
Most often marketing is associated with the efforts of the business firms sellingtheir goods and services. However careful examination of what happening in thesebusiness situations suggests that broader notion of, marketing is not onlyappropriate but also highly useful.
Marketing can occur any time a person or organization strives to something of valuewith another person or organization. Thus the essence of marketing is a transactionor exchange . in this broad sense, marketing consist of activities designed togenerate and facilitate exchanges intended to satisfy human or organizationalneeds or wants.Exchange is one of the three ways we can satisfy our needs. If you want tosomething you can make it yourself, acquire it by theft or some form of corrosion,or you can offer something of value to a person who had that desired thing orservice and will exchange it for what you can offer. Only this last alternative is anexchange in a sense that marketing is occurring. The following conditions must existfor a marketing exchange to take place:
Two or more people or organization must be involved, and each must haveneeds and wants to be satisfied. If you are totally self sufficient in somearea there is no need for an exchange
The parties to the exchange must be involved voluntarily
Each party must have something of value to contribute in the exchange, andeach must believe that it will benefit from the exchange in the case of anelection, for example , the thing of value are the votes of the electorate andthe representation of the voters by the candidate.
The parties must communicate with each other. The communication can takemany forms or may even be through a third party, but without awarenessthere can be no exchange.These exchange conditions introduce number of terms that need elaboration. Firstthere are the parties involved in the exchange. On one side of the exchange thereis the marketer. Marketer takes the initiative ton by trying to stimulate andfacilitate exchanges. They develop marketing plans and programs and implementthem in the hope of creating an exchange. On the other side of the exchange is themarket which consists of people and organization with needs to satisfy and money
Arshad Zia Siddiqui
(M.Com, MCS, M.A Economics)
Salesmanship (Complete Course Reference Material) DBA Part II 3
to spend. The marketing programs are directed at markets that either accept it orreject the offer.
What does the term marketing mean? Most of the people think of marketing only asadvertising and selling but they are only two functions of marketing, todaymarketing must be understood not only in the old sense of satisfying customerneeds. Selling occur only when the product is produced. By contrast marketingstarts long before the company has a product marketing is the homework thecompany undertakes to asses needs, intensity and determine weather the aprofitable opportunity exists so we can define marketing as“.
marketing is the total system of business activities designed to plan, price,promote and distribute want satisfying products to target the market in orderto achieve organizational objectives”
this definitions have two significant applications
Focus: the entire system of business activities should be customer oriented;customer wants must be recognized and satisfied.
Duration: marketing should starts with an idea a want satisfying product andshould not end until customer wants are completely satisfied which may beafter the exchange is made. 
Marketing mix is the set of controllable, tactical marketing tools that the firmblends to produce the response to it wants in the target market. The marketing mixconsists of every thing the firm can do to influence the demand for the product themany possibilities can be collected in to four groups of variables known as four p’sof marketing which are as follows;
Physical distribution
It means the goods and service combination to the company offers to the targetmarket.
Product planning
Arshad Zia Siddiqui
(M.Com, MCS, M.A Economics)

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