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134914304 Correct Method and Sequence for Gua Sha V1

134914304 Correct Method and Sequence for Gua Sha V1

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Published by Ana Jacinta

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Published by: Ana Jacinta on Dec 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Correct Method and Sequence for Gua Sha
 The sequence for gua sha depends on the health condition, 1st scrub the nape of neck, then back, then chest, last arms and legs. This is the general principle. The basic direction for gua sha is based on the "Yin Up / Yang Down" principle from hinese meridian theor!. s for the method of gua sha, it#ll be described in detail in the following sections.$1% &or the nape of neck and the back, the procedure is' 1. (crub the nape of neck and the back' &rom the back of cer)ical )ertebra, through the thoracic )ertebrae, until the end of cocc!*. (eparate the path to + sections. (crub one section at a time.+ .(crub left and right shoulder' &irst left then right.. (crub -ladder eridian#s acupuncture points' &rom -11 to the waist. The! are located 1.0 un from the o)erning 2essel eridian, left side and right side.3. &ollow the figure, use -ladder eridian as the center, and scrub 0 to 4 oblique lines. Use rib spacing as a reference to separate these lines. 5e)er scrub the whole area.$+% (crub the chest'1. &irst scrub onception 2essel eridian' The path from 2++ to lower abdomen can be separated to  sections. The first section is chest. The second section is from the region between the ribs to na)el. The third section is from na)el to 2++. (crubs section b! section, ne)er scrub to the end once. The na)el can be lightl! scrubbed.+. enter onception 2essel eridian, from 2++ down, scrub  to 0 oblique lines to the left and right sides. Don#t scrub the breast.$% (crub arms and legs' rms and legs, inner side and outer side are different.1. 6uter side of arm' (crub from tip of finger toward elbow and shoulder.
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+. 7nner side of arm' (crub from shoulder to elbow and finger tip.. 8ado e*terno e posterior das pernas' 9sfregue da co*a em dire:;o ao <oelho e p=. 3. 8ado interno das pernas' 9sfregue para cima da ponta interna do torno>elo em dire:;o ao <oelho. $3% ua sha tool should be perpendicular to the skin. lwa!s keep the same angle for e)er! direction.$0% 6nl! scrub with force in one direction. Don#t scrub in return direction.
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$?% (crub e)enl!, not too quickl!, too hea)il!, too hastil!, in order not to let patient feel scared and painful, affecting the gua sha#s result.$4% The complete gua sha and 2entosa procedure is'1. (crub rele)ant meridian, acupuncture points and bod! parts according to patient#s condition.+. Depends on the condition of sha and illness, select 1 to  places, tap the skin lightl! with the plum blossom needle tool.. @uickl! appl! 2entosa on the location tapped in step +.3. Aemo)e the cups after  to 0 minutes.0. ppl! mo*ibustion on these locations  to 0 minutes.$+% ua (ha 8ubricantain function is for lubrication. ccording to ancient hinese books, in earl! da!s onl! water was used for lubrication. 8ater (esame oil and other oil were used too. (ome hinese herbs were added in the oil in order to help the flow of @i and blood. The gua sha oil de)eloped b! the association of hinese (cientific @i ong has 1+ hinese herbs in the oil. 7t is )er! efficient to help the flow of chi and blood.-ecause the main function of gua sha lubricant is for lubrication, an! oil like Bonds, 2aseline can ser)e the purpose.
(II) Equipment for Ventosa
$1% 2entosa (et7t can directl! pull out the sha and dri)e the sick qi awa!. 7t can accelerate the circulation of @i and blood. 7ts effect is )er! astonishing. 7n hin d!nast!, the cups were made of earth. 8ater, the cups were made of glass. The! are easil! broken, and hard to use. The! are )er! to burn the skin.Aecentl! a Corean in)ented pump t!pe 2entosa set, eliminating the shortcoming of glass 2entosa set. nd the! are eas! to use. (o the! soon replaced the glass ones, becoming the most popular tools in gua sha and 2entosa. There are man! different brands, their qualities are )aried. Users need to be careful to pick up the good ones.$+% (kin 5eedle Tool7t is also called Blum -lossom needle tool, se)en star needle tool. fter ua sha, tap the skin with the Blum -lossom needle tool, then appl! 2entosa, the clogged sha can be directl! pulled out.$% Three ngle 5eedle Toolfter gua sha, if there are purple traces, then the three angle needle tool is used to let a few drops of blood out of that area.$3% o*a Aollfter gua sha and 2entosa, appl! o*ibustion to the affected part for  to 0 minutes.
WATCH LIST !" G#A SHA A$% VE$T!SA&Watch List for Gua Sha
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