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Published by Matthew Vetter
My resume.
My resume.

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Published by: Matthew Vetter on Dec 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dear Bill,
I am writing to inform you of my proposal to improve the current, lackluster Wikipedia page for Ohio University alumnus and professional baseball player George
“Krum” Kahler. I would like to begin by expressing my greatest gratitude that you
take time out of your busy schedule to assist me on my project. The materials and insight that you have provided thus far has tremendously helped me plan and understand this assignment. From one baseball fan to another, I am truly excited to publicize the legacy of such a great athlete, especially coming from Ohio University.
As you have seen from his Wikipedia page, the information on Kahler does not do him justice. Although his career was short and relatively average, he deserves more than merely three sentences for his biography. The information on there covers some of his general statistics such as earned run average, win-lose record, strikeout totals and birth and death dates. Needless to say, there is an enormous amount of information that could  be added to this webpage. New sections could include his minor league career, information about his family, information on his football and basketball careers and his life after baseball.
The Mahn Center had some extremely interesting material about Kahler. The
article from Southeast Ohio magazine and Matt Kovach’s essay provided more specific
stories of Kahler and his experience in professional baseball. These experiences included a confrontational run-
in with baseball’s notorious troublemaker Ty Cobb, fluctua
ting salary rates, his suffering through excruciating injuries to win games and bouncing from team to team in the minors to name a few of these topics. The Wikipedia page also leaves
out Kahler’s training and career in osteopathy after his retirement from
Kovach’s essay provides a lot of background of what baseball was like in the early
twentieth century. It was mostly small, strategic baseball played by tough, belligerent
men that usually drank too much. It was interesting how Kahler’s character
differed from the stereotypical baseball player of the time. The Kahler scrapbook gives an immense amount of information on Kahler by including articles, box scores and pictures of the athlete from his Athens High School days to his stint in the pros.
Although this Wikipedia page will not be a completely new one, it is so bare that a large amount of content could be added, making it much more relevant and worth reading. I wanted to add personal information about his family, a section to discuss his involvement in high school and college sports in Athens, his career in the minor league system, background information on baseball at the time and the emery ball, stories from the majors, his coaching involvement and his work in osteopathy. Details of all of these topics are available in the Mahn archives.
There were some problems that arose while I was sifting through the research materials that I would like you to answer if possible. Some references said Kahler was the first Ohio University alumnus to make it to the majors while others said he was the
fourth. Also, I don’t know where to find the origin and correct spelling of his nickname, “Krum.” If you have any ideas or suggestions on where to find any of this information, I
would appreciate the advice. I also may need some assistance in knowing how to cite some of the references.
Again I would like to thank you for your involvement and help you are offering to me and my classmates. This is a very different and exciting project pertaining to a topic
that I am very passionate about. Baseball is the greatest game of all time, and it is a shame that one of its figures is not properly remembered. Since Kahler was seen as a local, Athens hero, it also adds more motivation to tell his story to the general audience. Lastly, his affiliation with the Cleveland baseball franchise holds dear to me being a huge Cleveland fan. These three passions fuel my goal in providing as much accurate and detailed information that I can find to the Kahler Wikipedia page. I look forward to working with you in the near future and will see you at our meeting on Wednesday, January 18
 at 1:15 p.m.
Kyle Ranally
Kyle Ranally
George Kahler 
Process Log 1
Working with Bill has really helped me develop my project on George Kahler. Bill sat down and showed me the information available at the Mahn Center along with giving me additional sources of his own use. The excitement and enthusiasm he has for my subject has been rubbing off on me as well. He is very passionate about this topic, and it motivates me to work extremely hard on this project. When going through my  proposal, he had a few helpful suggestions on citations and how the information should  be written. The majority of the information included in my article was located in the Mahn Center.
 Kyle Ranally George Kahler Process Log 2
The advice that I received from Sonia was very helpful in editing my article. She gave me more feedback than expected mainly dealing with the organization of my article. I think it is very beneficial to have articles reviewed by experienced
Wikipedians who know the guidelines and restrictions. After receiving Sonia’s advice, I
was able to polish my page to make it better suited for Wikipedia.

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