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Casa 12

Casa 12

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Published by: Florentina Agiakatsikas on Dec 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CASA XII - ca'a g)*e&#a(a de Ne%()# 'i Pe'(i - i! %)#e i# !ega()&a c) cea "ai ')b(i!a di"e#'i)#e a*ie(ii 'a!e: *i'e!e, (e"e&i!e, %&e'i"(i&i!e, e"$(ii!e, (a!e#(e!e 'i *a!$&i!e #eba#)i(e %e ca&e (&eb)ie 'a !e'c$a(a !a i*ea!a.C)*i#(e cheie:ce! de di#c$!$ de ceea ce 'e *ede, 'ec&e(e!e "e!e, e"$(ii!e "e!e ce!e "ai %&$f)#de,i#(&$'%ec(ie, %)&ifica&e, %&$f)#i"i!e de #e%a(&)#', *a!$a&ea "ea a'c)#'a, !a()&a "ea #ec)#$'-c)(a.P!a#)&i!e *ie(ii g)*e&#a(e de ca'a XII: ')fe&i#(e, b$!i, %&$b!e"e, "i'(e&e, !)c&)&i a'c)#'e, '(a&ea (a%'ihica, i#ce&ca&i, (&ada&i, !)%(a c) i#a"icii, 'i#e!e 'ec&e(, f$&(e!e (a!e a'c)#'e, "edi(a(ie, %&$%&ii!ei!)ii, &e!igia, !)c&)&i!e %e ca&e !e-ai aba#d$#a(, f&)'(&a&i!e %e&'$#a!e, %&$%&ii!e c$"%!e+e 'i i#hibi(ii,%&i*a(i)#i!e.Ca'a XII de'c&ie: (e"e&i!e #$a'(&e, !)c&)&i!e a'c)#'e, ceea ce #) '(i" de'%&e #$i, da& a&e 'i $ !a()&a&"ic: &e%&ei#( e'e#(a *ie/ii (&ec)(e, de'c&ie da($&ii!e &"a'e #eachi(a(e !a #i*e! a&"ic, "a&i!ef&)'(&&i 'a) (e"e&i %e ca&e i#di*id)! !e &e'i"(e i#e+%!icabi! # acea'( *ia(, %$'ibi!e $b'e'ii, f$bii'a) "a#ii "$'(e#i(e di# (&a)"e!e *ie(ii a#(e&i$a&e.
 5 7' "e"%e a'e*"a*e, +b"ec% a ab0a de e'e*"a f"0"c2, de aceea 3' acea+2"a2 a aea de "e*d d"' ca0a &d%" 3' ca*e 3+" ca'a%"0ea02 f*a de ca*e d"+'e. A f+ ' e"+ca*e d*ea +2 b"'2 e*ea c *"ce *e, ade+e*" c221'd ceea ce d*ea '&a" *"' e/e*c"a*ea f*e"f"0"ce, ca*e ac& acea+a +-a* ea 3'a*ce 3&*"a +a, ce%e &a" &a*" *b%e&e a%e aca%e" "e" a1'd%a *""'e f%+"*ea "'c*ec2 a f*e". E fa*e +"b"% +2 a"b2 'e*" 'e"e de &a" &%2 e'e*"e dec1 d"+-'e, da* +2 ' a"b2 a*e de ea e/ac 3' &&e'e%e c%&"'a'e, dec" e'e*"a +a f"0"c2 +-a* ea &a'"-fe+a !a"c +a "'c'+a': *" *ea &%2 *" *ea "'2. T+" a*e '*c% +2-+" *e*"&e &a'"fe+2*"%ee/ce+"e, da* 'e*" ae a#'e 3' e/*e&a cea%a%2, 'ea1'd c*a#% +2-+" &a'"fe+e **"a "'2,d1'd "&*e+"a c2 e+e *ea +%ab. E +"b"% +2 f2 de ac"'"%e ce 'ece+"2 c*a# +" "'""a"2, fe de *e-+'+ab"%"aea de a 3'cee cea de %a +"'e "'2, *efe*1'd +2 ab*de0e  a"d"'e %a+2. Dac2 e+e b2*-ba, e +"b"% ca 'e*" +2 +e &a'"fe+e e/ac c'*a* +e/%" +2. R"+c de acc"de'e 3' 0'a ca%" +ade acc"de'e a1'd %a ba02 'e%"#e'2, "&*de'2, *ab2, "e02, *ec""a*e, "'c'+"e'2. T*eb"e +2 3'-ee +2 f%+ea+c2 e'e*"a e ca*e  a*e 5 &%2-"'2 5 3' +c*" c'+*c"e. Ca+a XII a*ae ae'"a+" a+*a e&e*"%* +a%e ce%e &a" &a*" d"' acea+2 "a2: a*e a'"a"" e*'"ce fa2 de b2*ba"" e*'"c",fa2 de a*"2" (%""e, a*&a2), fa2 de d"*ec*" +a +ef", fa2 de f*a f"0"c2 3' e'e*a%, e'* c2 3' "aaa'e*"a*2 e'e*"a +a "%e'a f%+"e "'c*ec 5 *" de e%, *" de a%"" - "-a ad+ &a*" *b%e&e: *2'", acc"-de'e, +fe*"'e. 7" e+e f*"c2 de a*&e, de fc, aa*a*2 +" 'e%e 5 c *"+c de acc"de'e 3' %e2*2 cace+ea, de &a+"'", de "e02, de *"ce aa*ae ca*e f'c"'ea02 e ba02 de &*. CASA XII 7N
- 7' "e"%e a'e*"a*e, +b"ec% a a ' e*'"c +"& a% **"e2"", de aceea 3'acea+2 "a2 a aea de "e*d &%e b'*" e*+'a%e +a c!"a* e*+a'e d*a" e'* a 3'2a +2 *e-''e %a aa+a&e'% de ceea ce 3" aa*"'e. A*e da*"" $a*&"ce fa2 de a*e'e*"" +e'"&e'a%" d"' acea+2"a2, e'* ca*e *eb"e +2 %2ea+c2 +c&, "'c%+" 3' ba'", e'* a %e fe*" ae %2ce*"%e, da* f2*2 a "+e fe*" +" %" ace%ea+" +a"+fac"" a%e "e"". Pae aea &a*" *b%e&e 3' %e2*2 c f"'a'e%e, ceea ce a'a+e ' e*'"c +e'"&e' de "'+ec*"ae 3' *""'a **"e2"%* +" e'"*"%* **"", c&a" e'* c2 3'"aa *ecede'2 +-a %ea *ea &% de ba'" +" b'*". A*e &a*" e&e*" a+c'+e, e'd"'a de a +e %2+a 3'-f*1' de *b%e&e +" de a a%'eca 3' a"&a "c""%*. A*e 'e*"  a"d"'e %e'e+2 3' faa "e"", a"d"'eca*e *"'e d"' fa% c2 a %a &% 3' "e"%e a'e*"a*e, da* f2*2 ca &'ca +a +2-" f"e c ade2*a *e-c'+c2 +a a*ec"a2, ceea ce-% face ac& +2 ' +e &a" "&%"ce. E +"b"% +2 ' +e f" bc*a de *d%&'c"" +a%e 3' "aa *ecede'2. P*bab"% a &'c" 3' +%#ba a%"a +a +-a ded"ca a%c"a c b'2 +""'2,&%&"'d-+e c +*"c% 'ece+a*, da* fa2 de ca*e a ab*da  a"d"'e fa*e *""d2. A*e ac&  f*"c2"&e'+2 de a "e*de  +a de a ' f" a*ec"a %a #+a a%a*e, e'* c2 3' "aa *ecede'2 ' a aa*e de +ec*"ae, ceea ce 3% afecea02 +" ac& 3' &a*e a*e, e&1'd-+e c2 3'*- 0"  ce a ac&%a+e ae "e*de. Ca+a XII a*ae ae'"a +" a+*a e&e*"%* +a%e ce%e &a" &a*" d"' acea+2 "a2: fb"" a%"-&e'a*e 5 e+e 3'*- e*e2 c*2 de +%2b"*e, de e/e&%, +a ' &2'1'c2 *"ce a%"&e', de f*"c2 +2 '-"
c*ee0e *b%e&e 5 f""'d-" f*"c2 +2 ' a#'2 *eede %a ab0*" a%"&e'a*e. A*e f*"c2 de "e*de*"%e f"'a'-c"a*e, de "'e+""" &a#*e, de *"ce ac"'e ce "&%"c2 +&e &a*" de ba'". De a+e&e'ea &a" e+e +"b"% +2f2 de "b"*ea f"0"c2, de +e/, fa2 de ca*e ae aea  *e%+"e "'e/%"cab"%2, e'* c2 3' "aa *ece-de'2 a f%+" +e/% da* ca ' &"#%c de a-+" 3'de%"'" '"+e 'e" f"0"%"ce, %"+" de +e'"&e'. CASA XII 7N
 5 7' "aa a'e*"a*2, "'d""d% a a  e/"+e'2 fa*e %"be*"'2 +" +*a"c2. D"'*-c*"0"ae e/ae*a2 de a c'a+e a*"eaea %&"", +-a ae'*a 3' &a" &%e d"*ec"" +"&%a', da* f2*2 aa*f'da '"c" 'a d"'*e e%e. N a f+ ' & 3' ca*e +-a  'e ba0a, de+" a a ca%"2" "'e%eca%ede+eb"e. A f+  e*+a'2 8+&ec!e*26, ca*e a +" +2 *f"e de a%"" 3' aa'a#% **", ca*e a ae%a %a&"'c"'2, 3'+e%2c"'e +a a%e &a'"fe+2*" 'e+"'ce*e da* e'* a-+" a"'e **""%e +c*". A f+ ca 'f%*e ca*e a 0b*a d"' f%a*e 3' f%a*e, 'e*e+"'d +2 +e %ee de '"&e'" +" '"&"c *eda2, a d*" +2-+"2+*e0e %"be*aea ab+%2, f2*2 a f" c'+*1'+ +2 fac2 ce ' "a. A "b" %&ea %a*2, a c'+c &%ee*+a'e 5 ca*e  *ee'" 3' "aa aca%2 e'* a-+" ac!"a da*"" $a*&"ce fa2 de e%e 5 a c2%2*", a 3'-2a &e*e c1e cea ' e'* a-+" +a"+face 'e"a de "'f*&a"e. D"' ca02 c2 a *2" &e*e 3' a'-*a#e '&e*a+e, c &%2 %&e 3' #*, e'* c2 a "'*a &e*e 3' c'ac c &%e e*+a'e, ac& '+*2 +2 f"e +"'*, +-a b"+'" c a%&e*a"e 3' #*% +2, de+" 3' acea+2 e/"+e'2 ae +fe*" %'"e*"ade c1'd ' a aea *ea &%" *"ee'" 3' *ea#&2. E +"b"% +2 f" a *b%e&e de c&'"ca*e 3'ad%e+ce'2, %eae de &"'c"'2, 3'+e%2c"'e +a +e*f"c"a%"ae -  c'"'"ae a c&*a&e'%"'e+"'ce* d"' "aa *ecede'2 - +a +"b"%e *b%e&e de d"c"e, de *b"*e +a de de%a+a*e, ca  8%a26$a*&"c2 e'* +e*f"c"a%"aea c ca*e a *aa ac% *e%a"'2*"" 3' "e"%e *ece. Ac& " +e a*a2 ce "&-*a' e ac% *b"*"", a% &e*+%", a% "'e*ac"'"" d"'*e a&e'", e'* a ' %e &a" f%+" f2*2 *+. T*eb"e+2 3'ee ce *f'd e+e +e'+% c"'e%* +a%e, f2*2 a %e &a" f%+" %a "a 3'1&%2*"". S-a %ea de*"c"'e, *"c1'd, f2*2 a a'a%"0a a%a*ea e*+a'e%* c ca*e "'*a 3' c'ac, ceea ce a f*&a +" a+*a %" "&a"'e +*a"c2. A*e da*"" $a*&"ce fa2 de f*a", e*"+*", c%e" de +ca%2 +a ec"'", dec" e*+a'ed"' "&ed"aa +a a*"e*e, ca*e a a2* 3' "aa +a 3' *"&"" a'" de "a2. A a  "a2 a'e*"a*2 %"be*2de "ed"c", +-a bc*a de  &a*e %"be*ae de e/*e+"e, a c2%2*" &%, a c'+c %&e +" a +d"a 3' e*-&a'e'2, ceea ce 3% a#2 ac& &% 3' +d" +" c'a+e*e, da* 3" d2 +"  a*eca*e +e*f"c"a%"ae,&+e'"2 de a'c". A f+ ' & c ca% 3' '*", e'* ca*e +"'*a bc*"e e*a c'ac% c %&ea.Ca+a XII a*ae ae'"a +" a+*a e&e*"%* +a%e ce%e &a" &a*" d"' acea+2 "a2: +fe*2 de 'e%e c&%e/ee'* c2 ' a*e de%"'2 3'c*ede*e 3' ca%"2"%e +a%e "'e%eca%e, a1'd e'd"'a de a +e +ba*ec"a 3' e*-&a'e'2. 7" e+e f*"c2 +2-+" e/*"&e 'c% de ede*e, +2 *bea+c2 3' b%"c, +2 "a c1'%, e'* c2 3"e+e ea&2 c2 ' a f" c*e0 %a #+a "'e'"e. Tea&a +a cea &a" &a*e e+e cea de +"'*2ae, de ba%2,de *2da*e, de a ' f" %a 3' +e*"+, da* +" de %&e 3' e'e*a%. 7" e+e f*"c2 de &e*+% c b"c"c%ea +a &-c"c%ea, de de%a+a*e *"' a%e*a*e, de &"+ca*e 3' e'e*a%. CASA XII 7N
"'d"c2  "a2 a'e*"a*2 f%ca'2, ca*"c"a+2, c &%e +"+*" +" cb*1+*", 3' ca*e"'d""d% ' a  b"'e +ec*"aea. A d*" +2 aa*"'2 '" &ed", 'e" fa&"%"", 'e" %&", da* e +"b"%ca ace+ %c* +2 f" *2&a+ 'e3&%"'", e% e +"b"% +2 f" dee'" 2*"'e. E +"b"% +2 f" f+ ' & f2*2*2d2c"'", ' & ca*e ' +-a %ea de '"&"c, '"c" de %c*", '"c" de a&e'". Ac& a*e  ea&2 "'e/%"cab"%2de aa+a&e', ' *ea +2 +e %ee de '"&"c, e'* c2 3" e+e ea&2 c2 ae "e*de %. Pae *e+"&"&a*" f*+*2*" 3' "b"*e +" 3' fa&"%"e, f""'d fa*e *e +2-+" c'+*"a+c2 ' &ed" "'"&. E+e +"b"% +2 'a2 aea c"". E +"b"% ca 3' "aa *ecede'2 +a ' +e f" +ab"%" 3'*-' %c c2*"a +2-" ae +'e8aca+26. S" 3' acea+2 "a2 a &+e'" aceea+" *eae 3' a-+" c'+*" **"a %&e, 3' a 'a+e c"", 3' a&e'"'e a*&'"a 3' *e%a""%e de fa&"%"e +" 3' a-+" *"d"ca **"a ca+2. Ace+ "'d""d ' a  "b" *f'd 3'"aa a'e*"a*2, de aceea ac& dede+e  e/*"&a*e defeca+2 a +e'"&e'e%*,  "'caac"ae de&a'"fe+a*e %a '"e% e&"'a%,  a'&e a-ce'0*2, "&"d"ae +a ea&a de a a*2a ce +"&e. P*efe*2+2-+" "'2 a+c'+e e&""%e 3' "'e*"*, ceea ce ae *ca &a*" f*+*2*" +" ' &d de &a'"fe+a*e fa*e+c!"&b2* (a'e). E +"b"% +2 f" &*" de 1'2*, de aceea +-a '2+c ac& c  d*"'2 "&e'+2 de a f"c*". P*"'c"a%"" +2" d+&a'" +' 'e+"*a'a e&"'a%2, ' +"e e/ac ce +"& ce"%a%" e'* e%, da* '"c"e% ' +"e +2-+" fac2 b%"ce e&""%e. E+e *ea a'c*a 3' *ec, 3" e+e ea&2 de ""*. C"%2*"a +"b2*1'eea 3" +' &a*cae de *be d*a&a"ce de de+"', dec" "aa +a ' a f" 'a +a*2. S-a 3'ca*'ac  $a*&2 fa&"%"a%2 d"f"c"%2, dec" *eb"e +2 3+" %2ea+c2 da*""%e fa2 de ' 2*"'e. E +"b"% ca fa&"%"a +a+2 f"e "c"&a '* *be d"f"c"%e +a +2-+" f*&e0e *e ' c2&"'. Ca+a XII a*ae ae'"a +" a+*a e&e*-"%* +a%e ce%e &a" &a*" d"' acea+2 "a2: 3" e+e f*"c2 de 3''e*"c, de *e +" e+e*", de ad1'c"&e, de +b-e*a'e +" "'"e, de 3'"'de*"%e &a*" de a2, de 3', de *ec, de a&"'"*", de a'&"e a%"&e'e +a %"c!"de 5 ' %e 3'!"e de ea&2 +2 ' 3" fac2 *2 5 de &a&a +a +a de fe&e" 3' e'e*a%, de &ae*'"ae, de "'"&"-
ae, de +"'*2ae. CASA XII 7N
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"'d"c2  "a2 a'e*"a*2 +"'*a"c2, 3' ca*e +b"ec% 5 ce% de a'c" 5 a +fe*"&a*" f*+*2*" +" c&%e/e, %"be*aea +a de &"+ca*e +" de e/*e+"e f""'d-" fa*e %"&"a2. A f+ ++ '*c*""c" e!e&e'e ca*e a '2+c 3' e% &a*" "'!"b""", *dc1'd  ace'0*2 e/ae*a2 ce a d+ 1'2 %a 'e3'c*ede*e a%2 3' f*e%e **"" +" 3' a&e'"" d"' #*. S-a 3'c!"+ 3'*- ca*aace +" a +fe*" 3' %"'"+e. E+"b"% +2 f" f+ b%'a &% "& 3' "aa +a a'e*"a*2, ceea ce "-a *ed+ c&%e c'ac% c %&ea. A*2" e  0""e de +b*d'a*e, f""'d %a c!e*e&% a%* e*+a'e ca*e a be'ef"c"a de +e*"c""%e +a%e. S-aded"ca f2*2 +2 c*1c'ea+c2 ace+*a, dec" ac& a &+e'"  a"d"'e defe'+"2 +" ++2 ce 3% face +2f2 de dec"0"" +" de ac"'e. Pa+""aea +a a a#'+ %a ce a%a*&a'e, e'* c2 ' " +-a da "e +2 a"b2"'"" +a +2 "a dec"0""; a%"" a f2c- e'* e%. Se +"&e b"'e *e*a+, aca+2 %a e%, 3' %&ea %" b"'e def"'"2+" b"'e *e#a2, 3'*- 0""e +ec'da*2 e +ce'a %&"", 'de '"&e'" ' ae +2 3" *e*+e0e '"&"c N e f"*e b22"a+2, e'* c2 ' a*e 3'c*ede*e 3' caac"aea +a de a 3'"'e 3'*-' c'f%"c. 7+" ede de *e-aba +a, "&"d +" 3' ba'ca +a, f2*2 +2 fac2 *ea &%e a%*". Pae +fe*" &a*" *b%e&e %a +e*"c" +a 3'%a'% +2'22"". R"+c de b%" 3' 0'a abd&e'%", a "'e+"'e%*, a a'c*ea+%", a e0"c"" b"%"a*e, a +%"'e".Ca+a XII a*ae ae'"a +" a+*a e&e*"%* +a%e ce%e &a" &a*" d"' acea+2 "a2: a*e  ea&2 e*&a'e'2"&*e'a2 3' +1'e, da* f2*2 +2 3+" dea +ea&a de 'de *"'e -  e*e2 f*"c2 de a ' *e+", de a ' f"c*""ca, de a ' f" ede+". A*e  ea&2 c'"'2 de ba%2, de &"0e*"e, de "*+", e'* c2 3' "aa a'e-*"a*2 a f+ ' b%'2"c"+. E +"b"% +2 a"b2  ea&2 "'c'+"e'2 de c1"'", "+"c" +a a%e a'"&a%e &"c",e'* c2 '"c" 3' "aa a'e*"a*2 ' a a  a"d"'e de+c!"+2 3' *ea#&a %*. Pae aea &a'"" +a fb"""'e/%"cab"%e (de e/e&% c%a+*fb"e, a*afb"e ec) fa2 de d"e*+e %c**", %c*", +"a"", f""'e, *efe*-1'd +2 +e *e*a2 d"' faa %* dec1 +2 %e 3'f*'e. Pae c!"a* ea&2 de +e/. [Aca*"a.c&4] S+CASA XII 7N
"'d"c2 fa% c2 ce%e &a" &a*" *b%e&e "'d""d% %e a*e 3' %a'% *ea%"02*"" de c'-ace "'e*-&a'e. S-a '2+c c  $a*&2 *e%a"'a%2 *ea, ce% &a" *bab"% da*a2 ce%" ca*e, 3' "aa a'-e*"a*2, "-a f+ a*e'e* de "a2. Ca aa*e +" 3' acea+2 "a2 ce%e &a" &a*" 3'ce*c2*" %e a *2"  da*"2c2+'"c"e". Pae e+a 3' c2+'"c"e, da* ae *e%a % de %a ca2 d"'*- 'e"e e/ae*a2 de a+c"e*e.N ae *2&1'e +"'*, dec" 3' ca0% 'e" "b"*" e+ae, a c2a "&ed"a a% a*e'e*. N ae ce*a+* c ce"%a%", ' *e+e+e +2 3'*e"'2 *e%a"" a*&'"a+e c %&ea d"' #*. Aface*"%e *"' a+c"e*e &e**+, dec" ade+e*" +e a 2+" +"'* 3' fa2 c %&ea. T*eb"e +2 3'ee %ec"a ce*2*"" +" a a*&'"02*""c ce" d"' #*, f2*2 a &a" 3'ce*ca +2 +e '2 '&a" e e% 3' a%a*e. T*eb"e +2 3'ee +2 f"e d"%&a, +2-+"c'*%e0e &a" &% af"*&a""%e, +2 3'ce*ce +2 ' *2'ea+c2 e '"&e'", +2 a+c%e +" e ce%2%a% 3'a"'e de a%a  dec"0"e. E +"b"% +2 &a'"fe+e  f*"c2 "&e'+2 de c*""c2 +a de *"ce ac"'e ce 'ece+"2  a'a%"02 "&-a*"a%2 (e/a&e'e, #*", "'e*" de a'a#a*e, "'+ec"e, *ce+ 3' "'+a'2 +a a%e ac""2" ca*e +eba0ea02 e e*d"c% 'e" c&"+"" de a*ec"e*e). 7' "aa a'e*"a*2 a f2c &%e 'ed*e2" a%*a, de

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