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Published by eres gizmo

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Published by: eres gizmo on Dec 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I. Five sentences have been removed rom the o!!o"in# $assa#e. Choose rom the sentences %A&F' the one "hich its each #a$ %(&)'. There is one e*tra sentence "hich do not need to +se. %($*),) $oints'-"en Cro"!e !i/es to borro" c!othes rom other $eo$!e. She a!so b+s c!othes rom ce!ebrities s+ch as Cher in order to se!! them in her second& hand c!othes sho$0 Star 1ares 0 in Los An#e!es. Cher tends to #et rid o a !ot o her thin#s each ear and "e 2+st #o over "ith a tr+c/ and $ic/ them +$. I3ve met her a e" times 0 a!tho+#h I3ve never been "earin# an o her c!othes at the time. %('4I !ove Cher3s st!e. I have her shoes0 her 2e"e!!er0 and even some o her +rnit+re. Man o m c+stomers don3t "ear the c!othes the b+ and 2+st /ee$ them as so+venirs. %5'4I a!so had a denim shirt "hich I bo+#ht rom Me! -ibson. I "ore it a!! the time 0 even "hen I "as decoratin# the ho+se. %6'4I rea!! !i/ed that shirt and it "as #reat +n te!!in# $eo$!e "hich amo+s  $erson o"ned it beore. A!tho+#h m h+sband doesn3t share m $assion 0 he "as de!i#hted "hen I bo+#ht him Car -rant3s si!ver ci#arette case or his 78th birthda. %7'4.It3s "onder+! to have a $art o someone that o+ admire0 that o+ can act+a!! ho!d0 !oo/ at and "ear. At the moment I3ve #ot m ee on a ver s$ecia! cost+me rom m avo+rite T9 $ro#ramme. %)'4 It3s not the sort o thin# o+ can "ear to the sho$s0  b+t it "o+!d certain! attract attention at a anc dress $art: A.Iit "as somethin# I rea!! !i/ed0 tho+#h0 I "o+!d b+it0 no matter ho" m+ch it cost.B.I #ot $aint on it and a!! sorts o other stains 0 b+t it bro/e m heart "hen I ina!! had to thro" it a"a.C.It3s in a c!oth ba# and has the actor3s name inscribed on the ront.;.<o"ever0 I !i/e to en2o m c!othes and I a!"ad "ear Cher3s thin#s +nti! the3re "orn a+t. E.It3s ;r McCo3s ori#ina! t+nic rom the Star Tre/ series.F.I3m not s+re ho" she3d react ishe sa" me in one oher o!d s"eaters or s/irts.II. Use the "ord #iven to com$!ete the second sentence so that it has a simi!ar meanin# to the irst sentence. ;o not chan#e the "ord #iven . % (8 $oints'(. Un!ess she starts doin# some "or/0 she3s #oin# to ai! the e*am.% i' = She3s #oin# to ai! the e*am444doin# some "or/. 5. The have b+i!t a science !ab or o+r schoo!. %been'= A science !ab444.or o+r schoo!.6. >;on3t tr to ca!! me +$:? Pa+! said to me. %to!d'= Pa+!444.ca!! him +$.7. I made a mista/e b not re$ortin# the incident to the $o!ice. %have'= I444the incident to the $o!ice.). Can3t o+ do an better than that@ %best'= Is that44..o+ can do@. Most st+dents +s+a!! "a/e +$ ear! beore an e*am. % +sed'= Most st+dents are4..beore an e*am.. >1e!! done:? o+ raised the most mone?0 said An#e!a to +s. %con#rat+!ated'= An#e!a4444the most mone.D. o+ "i!! never or#et that o+ sa" this $!a toni#ht. % remember'= o+4..this $!a toni#ht.. Anna #ot married si* months a#o. % since'= It3s 444Anna #ot married.
(8. >1h haven3t o+ to!d +s the tr+th@? his $arents as/ed. %/no"'= <is $arents "anted to4..the tr+th.III. Fi!! in ONE s+itab!e "ord in each b!an/. There is one e*am$!e %8'. %(8 $oints'It3s a act that 8& no"adas man o+n# $eo$!e become invo!ved %('44crime. %5'4"or/ a!one and others sre members o #an#s. The %6'4or this are +nc!ear. Some %7'44societ is to b!ame0 others  be!ieve that the chan#e in ami! !ie is at a+!t.One bo "ho %)'4bro/en into n+mero+s ho+ses and robbed the o"ners o %'4.$ossessions "as arrested recent! or his crimes and he!d at the $o!ice station. <e %'4.a$$ear in co+rt short! and0 i he is o+nd #+i!t0 he "i!! be sentenced to time in 2ai!. <is $arents are "orried abo+t the eect 2ai! "i!! have on him. Perha$s the sho+!d have been %D'4.interested "hi!e he "as #ro"in# %'4. And then0 he mi#ht %(8'4.be in this sit+ation no".I9. For +estions (& ()0 read the te*t be!o" and decide "hich "ord A0B0C or ; best its each s$ace. There is an e*am$!e at the be#innin# %8'. %() $oints'Ever ear0 the vi!!a#e o Pettineo %8' A4.its +ni+e arts estiva!. For a e" das each s+mmer0 artists rom a!! over E+ro$e %('4.at this vi!!a#e near the north coast o Sici! to %5'4the creative atmos$here. %6'4their sta0 the artists #et to#ether "ith the !oca! $eo$!e to $aint a one& /i!ometre !on# $ict+re that r+ns the %7'4o the hi#h street. %)'4the $aintin# is done0 each visitin# artist 2oins a !oca! ami!or a  bi# !+nch and0 %'4the mea!0 the ami! receives the %'4o the $aintin# that the artist has $ainted. As a res+!t0 %D'4e" vi!!a#ers are rich0 a!most ever home has at %'... one $aintin# b a "e!!& /no"n E+ro$ean artist. 9isitors to the vi!!a#e are ea#er! %(8'4into homes to see these $aintin#s.The estiva! "as the idea o Antonio Presti0 a !oca! b+sinessman "ho %(('4it +$ severa! ears a#o. Since then 0 Pettineo has %(5'4a sort o domestic art m+se+m in %(6'4an visitor can rin# a doorbe!!0 #o into a ho+se and %(7'4a $aintin#. In addition to this e*hibition %()'4$aintin#s in $eo$!e3s homes0 or those "ho have time to s$are0 there is an o$$ort+nit to "ander thro+#h the dis$!a o h+#e sc+!$t+res in the vi!!a#e s+are.8A ce!ebratesB sho"sC hono+rs; demonstrates(A #ro+$B cro"dC #ather; combine5A am+seB en2oC entertain; de!i#ht6A ;+rin#B InC 1hi!e; At7A siGeB meas+reC !en#th; area)A H+stB OnceC Soon; On!A in addition toB in $!ace oC in common "ith; in e*chan#e oA $artitionB sectionC division; re#ionDA tho+#hB des$iteC since; evenA !essB !astC !east; most(8A $ers+adedB invitedC re+ested; attracted((A setB $+tC #ot; had(5A becomeB advancedC #ro"n; increased(6A "hatB "hereC "hom; "hich(7A "onderB stareC admire; res$ect()A atB onC o; in 

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