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Preparing For Your Child Custody Battle

Preparing For Your Child Custody Battle

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Published by Dan Adams
Preparing for your child custody battle is an article about the critical importance of personal preparations before you enter the Child Custody Court Room.
Preparing for your child custody battle is an article about the critical importance of personal preparations before you enter the Child Custody Court Room.

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Published by: Dan Adams on Aug 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Preparing For Your Child Custody Battle
By Dan Adams
You Don't Go Into A War Without Your Weapons.And obviously a
over child custody
is a war 
The outcome of a child custody case is not a random act. You need the right weapons to fight with or you will most certainly lose the battle.Of course, you can always leave it up to your Lawyer but don't be surprised whenyou wind up on the short end of the stick. You are not your attorneys only caseand the degree of attention they are going to give to your particular child custodybattle is pretty much determined by what you can afford to pay them.It is rather obvious that unless you are among the rich and famous you areunlikely to see the highly researched representation results you are hoping for.Although ignorance may be bliss, the fact is the more you know about what isneeded and expected by the courts ... the more control you are going to haveover the outcome. Truth is you are the one who has a real stake in your child'scustody future. Not your attorney.There are some simple but extremely important preparations that need to bedone before your court custody appearance. Not doing these preparatory stepswill most certainly have a very adverse effect on the final outcome of your childcustody hearing.Obtaining the right information and completing the necessary preparations priorto your court appearance could very well make the difference. Otherwise you willsimply be left to the mercy of the court. (Which is rarely merciful)
Being at the courts mercy is definitely not the position you want to find yourself inbecause the Judges decision will be based solely on facts presented. Not onemotions or accusations.Most of us go into the court room with a blind faith in our attorneys magicalability to make things happen in our favor. But the reality is that without theproper preparations by you there is little hope for your attorney to sway theJudges decision in either direction. Again, it takes facts and personal preparationsthat only you can provide.When you appear before the Judge or a mediator the final decision will be basedon what you can present that makes you the most fit parent. Who you really are,what you can provide, how is your stability, who do you know, your family, whatis in your past and many other elements must be presented that will convincethose in authority that you are the better choice as the parent with full or primarycustody.If you are thinking that you will simply walk away as the winner because youaccuse your spouse of unfaithfulness, drugs, alcoholism or any other personalcharacter attack, you are in for a rude awakening.Without proper documentation as proof you will find that the courts choose todismiss any and all accusations unless a State Child Care or related child healthand welfare agency represents these accusations during the court proceedings.Keep in mind that the court rulings are based solely on the welfare of thechildren. They have no interest and will discard any accusations between twopeople that are already involved in their dissolving marriage. Marital problemscarry no weight in a Child Custody case.The Child Custody Court is only interested in what can actually be proven to themto be the best environment for the children
s physical and emotional stability.

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