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Our Enhanced Ecology Minded Renewable Energy Inventions

Our Enhanced Ecology Minded Renewable Energy Inventions



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Published by FRANCIS FUNG

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Published by: FRANCIS FUNG on Jan 29, 2008
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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OUR ENHANCED ECOLOGY MINDED RENEWABLE ENERGY INVENTIONSINTRODUCTION IN ENGLISH AND CHINESEhttp://www.worldharmonyorg.net/To put it in a meaningful way, I can venture to say that my inventionsare the cumulative experience and wisdom of many years and manypartners in appropriate renewable energy development with enhancedenvironmental considerations.. The fact that the inventions weresubmitted for patent applications recently by me only means that theawareness to harmonize with nature has finally come of age be lately.Our three green energy inventions include the use of atmospheric,geothermal, hydro, solar, wave, wind and waste heat energies forelectric generation. Our inventions are low cost, easy to manufactureand suited for rural and developing world applications.In each case, in the case of VPTG (an all in one venturi 360 degreeVAT turbine that can harness atmospheric, wind, geothermal andwaste heat energy), HACG (hydraulic compressed air power electricgenerator) and AWEG (an induced wave power electric generatorpowered by alternate gravity and buoyancy forces), we minimize theperturbation of nature compared to conventional way of usingrenewable energies. The VPTG VAT turbine is multidirectionalcompared to uni- direction. The VPTG can funnel wind from the bottomupwards along the venturi tube to the throat area for maximum powerutilization. My inventions can be readily scaled up or down to suitcommunity electricity use. We use natural environments without theneed to build elaborate civil structures. In all cases we also minimizethe use of precious space. Think about the implications.For conventional wave electric generators their size is determined bythe length of the natural wave in each locality. Our AWEG can bescaled up and down independent of the wave length of the body water.We induce the waves according to our design (note the word induce).In a close system, using cryogenic fluid as working media, the AWEGinvention is uniquely suitable as a superconducting electric generator.The beauty of super conducting phenomenon is that large amount of electricity can be generated in small cylindrical spaces.For Julia, Lin, and Leon who have heard my inventions presentationmany times over, most likely appreciate the sweeping statementabove. For those who have not heard my presentations often I will be

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