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Find Hot News in Glyphsoate China Monthly Report 1311

Find Hot News in Glyphsoate China Monthly Report 1311

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Published by CCM Intelligence

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Published by: CCM Intelligence on Dec 03, 2013
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Find Hot News in Glyphsoate China Monthly Report 1311Tag:
Glyphosate, price, volume, export, revenue, profit, operating performance, registration,operating rate
Summary: Glyphsoate China Monthly Report offers timely update and lose follow up of China!s "arious #ind of Glyphsoate mar#et dynamis$
Published on the 20
 every month, Glyphsoate China Monthly Report is a monthly publication released by CCM. t offers timely update and close follo! up of China"s various #ind of Glyphsoate mar#et dynamics, analy$e the mar#et data and trends. Ma%or columns include the latest information and in&depth analysis on mar#et trends, supply and procurement opportunities in ra! materials and intermediates, technology process, price updates, ne! policies and company dynamic, etc. 'ollo!ing are headline ne!s of the latest issue of Glyphsoate China Monthly Report(
China to strengthen glyphosate registration management
C)M) released the exposure draft of the )dvice on the Registration Management of Glyphosate and ts *alt Products on + ct., 20-. 'rom the perspective of positive influence, this registration management advice is expected to be !idely accepted by glyphosate companies in China and the clauses in the advice are also expected to be the formal registration clauses of glyphosate.
Glyphosate tehnial prie #eeps dereasing in No"$ %&13
/he ex&!or#s prices of glyphosate technical and four glyphosate formulations continued to decline in mid&ov. 20-.
'(port "olume of glyphosate tehnial dereases )y 1*$%+, in Sept$ %&13
/he *ept. 20- export volumes, !ith an exception for PM1), suffered MoM declines. /he export volumes of glyphosate technical and glyphosate formulations decreased by -.234 and 2.354 MoM respectively in *ept. 20-. 6o!ever, the export prices of glyphosate technical, PM1) and glyphosate formulations all recorded a 7o7 gro!th in *ept. 20-.
Re"iew of Chinese glyphosate e(ports in -3 %&13
/he total ).. volume 8-004 glyphosate acid e9uivalent: of China;s export glyphosate related products in < 20- increased by =4 and -+4 compared !ith < 20-- and < 20-2 respectively. /he total export value in < 20- !as up by -=-4 and 04 compared !ith < 20-- and < 20-2 respectively.
.he/iang 0yna to introdue parauat %&, 0G and parauat 2&, 0G
>he%iang ?ynca exhibited para9uat 204 ?G and para9uat =04 ?G at the -th )groChem@x, sho!ing its potential to produce para9uat non&li9uid formulations.

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