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Find Hot News in Insecticides China News 1311

Find Hot News in Insecticides China News 1311

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Published by CCM Intelligence

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Published by: CCM Intelligence on Dec 03, 2013
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Find Hot News in Insecticides China News 1311Tag:
insecticides price, neonicotinoid insecticides, chlorantraniliprole, Guangzhou Lonkey, imidacloprid export
Summary: Insecticides China News offers timely update and close follow up of China’s arious !ind of Insecticides mar!et dynamics"
Published on the 10
 every month, 
 is a monthly publication released by CCM !t o""ers timely update and close "ollo# up o" China$s various kind o" China%s insecticide market, kno#ing current market situation #ill "acilitate you to search "or commercial opportunities in China%s huge market& closely "ollo#'up o" government policies, natural disasters and area dynamics #ill de"initely help you make (uicker and #iser decisions)ollo#ing are headline ne#s o" the latest issue o" !nsecticides China *e#s+
China#s insecticide technical output increases $"%& '(' in Sept" )$13
China%s insecticide technical output increases 0- ./. in ept 012
China#s e*port olume of acetamiprid technical hits 1+1$, tonnes in -an"to .ugust )$13
China%s acetamiprid technical export volume hit 1,103 tonnes in the "irst eight months this year 4hile in 51 012, export volume o" China%s acetamiprid "ormulations #as 6 tonnes
China#s e*port olume of acephate technical increases 1)"1/& in H1 )$13
!n 51 012, the total export volume o" acephate technical in China #itnessed an increase o" 116- year on year to about ,761tonnes, according to China Customs and CCM
China#s e*port olum of emamectin 0enoate soars in H1 )$13
!n 51 012, the total export volume o" emamectin benzoate technical and "ormulations in China #itnessed an increase o" 1383- year on year to about 1,93 tonnes, according to China Customs and CCM
Shanghai port prices of ma2or insecticides in No" )$13
hanghai port prices o" ma:or insecticides in *ov 012
F( Shanghai prices of ma2or insecticides in No" )$13
)/; hanghai prices o" ma:or insecticides in *ov 012
4*5wor!s prices of ma2or insecticides in No" )$13
<x'#orks prices o" ma:or insecticides in *ov 012
China increases import Thai rice
China increases import =hai rice
Chinese enterprises register three metho*yfenoide mi*ed formulation products
Chinese enterprises register three methoxy"enozide mixed "ormulation products
Technology seminar for insecticide resistance of rice pests held
=echnology seminar "or insecticide resistance o" rice pests held
Noposion retains first among China Top 3$ 6esticide Formulation 7anufacturers in )$13
*oposion retains "irst among China =op 20 Pesticide )ormulation Manu"acturers in 012
Tangshan City 0ans sales and use of highly to*ic pesticides in (cto0er 31+ )$13
=angshan City bans sales and use o" highly toxic pesticides in /ctober 21, 012
Nine agrochemical wor!ers honoured )$13 national outstanding scientific and technological wor!ers
*ine agrochemical #orkers honoured 012 national outstanding scienti"ic and technological #orkers
.. Chemicals#operating income rises 0y %3")3& 'o' in 83 )$13
 >;> Chemicals%operating income rises by 22- .o. in ?2 012
9reen control area of pests and diseases reach ,$ million ha in China
Green control area o" pests and diseases reach 30 million ha in China
4ucalyptus diseases and insects happen in 9uangdong
ince early ept 012, "e# eucalyptus "orests in Guangdong Province has been seriously a""ected by diseases such as lea" purple spot blotch and eucalyptus dieback and insects such as ;uzura suppressaria Guenee, >nua indiscriminate Moore, trepsicrates coriariae /ku
ist of )$13 China Top 1$$ 6esticide 7anufacturers released
List o" 012 China =op 100 Pesticide Manu"acturers released
Sinochem to 0ecome new controller of 'angnong 9roup
=he tate'o#ned >ssets upervision and >dministration Commission o" the .angzhou Municipal People%s Government @.angzhou >>CA decided to trans"er its 003- stake o" .angnong Group to inochem Group @inochemA "or "ree >"ter the trans"ormation, inochem #ould become the ne# controlling o#ner o" .angnong Group
ianyungang Hetian 0ecomes third domestic company to o0tain flufeno*uron TC registration
/n 13 eptember 012, Lianyungang 5etian obtained a ne# registration o" "lu"enoxuron =C, becoming the third domestic enterprise #hich has obtain registration o" "lu"enoxuron =C >lthough the demand "or "lu"enoxuron is small in domestic market at present, it is estimated to have a bright prospect
New pest control pro0lems emerge in large5scale cultiation
4ith the progress o" the urbanization and the promotion o" land circulation, large'scale cultivation is in rapid development speed, #hich simultaneously brings some ne# problems to the control o" diseases and pests
Highly to*ic pesticides with restriction for use to end in China
Local governments at various levels are pushing "or strict regulations and restrictions on the use o" highly toxic pesticides =hese pesticides are predicted to be banned gradually
Fipronil;chlorpyrifos: new pesticide to control soil pests of peanut
=he promotion o" "ipronilBchlorpyri"os C) on peanut is very success"ul this year =his product has a broad application prospect and can be extended to other types o" crops in the "uture
Ter0ufos to completely withdraw from the Chinese mar!et on 31 (ct" )$13

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