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Goverment Shutdown

Goverment Shutdown

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Published by jkoehle3

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Published by: jkoehle3 on Dec 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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John Koehler Ms. Fuentes English 1101 12/3/2013 The Current Government Shutdown The current government shutdown is the topic that is discussed in all three articles. Each of the articles is written differently based on the intended message of the piece. Each article is written a bit differently
“47 Fun Thing’s You Must Do During The Government Shutdown” is
written as a list and has a humorous under 
tone. Compared to “This is what they want” which is
written as an informative opinionated article with a cynical tone. The last article
Shut Down-
Show down” is also an informative opinionated article
 but on the opposite side of the argument. All three articles seemed to have taken a different viewpoint on the government shutdown. I do not personally have much of an opinion on the issue so no one article swayed me any certain way.
The article “47 Fun Thing’s You Must Do
During the
Government Shutdown” is
simply what it sounds like it is a list. The article written by
 Funny or Die
 has a sarcastic undertone thro
ughout that is even obvious from the first line that says “The government may be
shut down,
 but here are some ways you can live it up!”
 Funny or Die
) The whole piece on
 Funny or Die
 indirectly pokes fun at the fact that our government has been shut down by old white men who
can’t seem to come to an agreement.
This article was intended for an average American who
doesn’t even have to know much about the politics behind the shutdown to get a laugh and som
e information about it. Because of this it had a more simplistic vocabulary; unlike both of the other articles. The article also may have been written for a different reason than the others also
 because unlike the other articles this piece had a different intended message. It was not attempting to choose a political side.
 Now “This is what they want”
 it is a more informative piece with very strong opinions and language. This article written by Charles P. Pierce maybe intended for an audience that is more educated about the government shutdown. This piece discusses the reasons why the government is shutdown. It is opinionated saying that the Republican Party is committing public vandalism. (Pierce) Using this intense language the rhetor tells the reader exactly what he is thinking really showing his feelings of distaste for the Republican Party. This article was opinionated and informative.
The article on fox news written by Clint Henderson titled “Happening Now Shutdown
 is an opinionated piece about the government shutdown. Since the writer is taking the view point of the Republican Party he has a very negative vibe throughout his paper; criticizing the government using negative terms like furloughed and fears. (Henderson) This  piece like the previous piece is also intended for an audience that knows a bit more about the  politics behind the shutdown. Since the piece was intended for an audience that is more diverse in the politics the author uses more advanced vocabulary and references some more famous  political figures.

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