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Understanding News Item

Understanding News Item

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Published by Anna Andany Lestari

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Published by: Anna Andany Lestari on Dec 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1.Understanding News Item The new news that has the time and place of occurrence 2. Understanding Narrative Text It is important to know that the social function of narrative text is to inform and entertain. Narrative text will tell the story of a funny way. Aesthetic experience of literature to the reader. Narrative text is ased on life experience. In literary terms! the experience is what we do! feel! hear! read! and even what we dream.  Narrative text is organi"ed to focus on character#oriented. It is uilt using descriptive language and dialogue. There are several genres of literary texts that match to e classified as narrative text. $ome of them are% & 'olktales! it includes fales! legends! myths! or stories realistic & (ystery! fantasy! science fiction or realistic )enerally! the narrative texts held y the story aout grammar. This will e a  eginning! middle and end of the story. This story is to uild a grammar! narrative text to the plot. This plot will determine the *uality of the story. +lot is a series of episodes which holds readers, attention when they read the story. -onflict is the maor important elements in the plot. This conflict etween the characters will encourage progress. In this conflict! the reader will e shown how the characters deal with prolems and how they have the aility to handle  prolems./. 0ecount text understanding Tell ectives% The purpose is to recount the events recounted. +refix re#means again. $o for a recount is another country. $tructure% There is often an opening or set a scene. .g. I went to the park. vents in a recount fre*uently in the order they happened 3chronological order4% I went to the park and I saw a pond. $itting duck pond on that side. A recount will often have a closing statement. .g. I left the park and go home. 5anguage features% tell written in the past tense. They can e written in the first or third person 1 This person happens to someone writing a recount that I went to the park. / people. servers say that. Tom went to the park! where he saw a pool. The connectives in a recount often% Next! and then! after that. Told to focus on what the person or group of people do. The following are telling examples.  Newspaper diary
6. 7efinition of 7escriptive Text Text rgani"ation% Identification 3mention special participants4 7escription 3mentioned parts! *uality! and characteristics of suects descried4 Text $tructure% 8 Identification of identifying things! people! places! phenomena that will e explained. 8 7escription provides information aout certain things! people! or places that are discussed or descrie the parts! *ualities! or characteristics. )rammatical features% 8 9ho: 9hat: 8 Using 5inking vers and $imple +resent Tense 8 nickname% adective or adective phrase 8 attriutive 3the4 8 The use of attriutive and the process of identifying 8 'ocus on specific participants 8 're*uent use of the nickname and the nominal group classifier ;. Understanding 0eport text Text report is a text that convey information aout something 3oects! living things! natural events4 is what it is! as a result of systematic oservations and  ased on facts. -haracteristics that distinguish the text report and descriptive text is a way of writing. Text report descries only the general topic of the text! while the descriptive text to tell the text topics in more detail. $tructure of report text is% & )eneral statement% initial statement that conveys to the reader aout the general topic of text & 7escription% general description of the topic text <. xposition Text 7efinition 1. xpository means to explain something using facts rather than opinions. =ere are some of the characteristics of various types of expository writing% & they can explain how to do something & they can analy"e something # an event! a situation! idea! oect! or the words & they can descrie how the process happens & they can explain and > or descrie historical events & they can compare and contrast one thing to another & they can define words and terms & they can provide an example of something

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