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Information Search Assiment Report

Information Search Assiment Report

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Published by Keiryn Bailey

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Published by: Keiryn Bailey on Aug 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Student number 3678191
Due Date 20
of August
DIGC Information Search A ssignment Report
Identify a current political social or cultural issue._________________________________ Issue;
Marketing and manipulation of youththrough teen commodities.
Sub issue:
Is Miley Cyrus unethical media Teen Idol?Beginning the search with working through opinionated views on network searches and web blogs. The different views across the internet where mainlyrelating with the Miley Cyrus pole dancing stunt which brought up how mediarole models have such a big impact on the structure of youth today. Starting off on twitter, delicious then from there created question which were able to besearch by newspaper articles scholarly and document searches on net works suchas scibds to present a move academic form of information on the social issue.“Is Miley Cyrus really a
role model?
Pole dancing role model, If anything...
Does she even deserve to be on DC anymore
?” (twitter 2009)“ Sorry, but that is
NOT pole dancing
People need to chill out.”(delicious 2009)
(just funny)
PenLlawen: "Miley Cyrus on astripper pole dancing in hell with cat"http://bit.ly/d4t3L(ebay.com) It's the Internet.Things are weird here >>>>>>>> Selling for onebay current bid 13 US dollars.(Twitter/ebay)
Student number 3678191
Due Date 20
of August
Sex in the Media: Causes of the Past, Effects on the Present, and Implications for the Future by Scott David Ruzal COMM 409H: News Media Ethics Professor John Sanchez found onscibd.com, gave an outline of the notion of mass media and the gender roles, sexuality andappearance additionally showed that young people spend 6-7 hours a day with forms of massmedia. That has these structured views thus affecting their self identities. (Brown, MassMedia Influences on Sexuality pp. 42).”Fromwww.howtosaveyourframily.comfounded through delicious it is up to themothers to protect their little ones from being a tool in manipulation of those “trampy idols”Published books “30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family” ‘is designed to help you do justthat’ (L.A 2009)Found of the search engine of dogipile the newsday.com article that stated“Disney channel won’t be commenting on the performance.” (L. smith 2009)Disney being the company that Miley Cyrus is associated with, also Disney being one of the world’s largest T.N.C’s by them keeping their mouth shutsecured their stock finances.The academic scholarly of the book “Handbook of Self and Identityby Mark R.Leary and June Price Tangne” was found on Google scholarly. This Helpedestablish the view of the teenage role model being used as a manipulation tool.The individual identities are greatly represented over marketing and they areindividuals that define themselves by their clothing style, commodities andmedia idols (Miley Cyrus and so on). Thus having the overall effect of peoplewho end up falling for this consumer lifestyle will have a complicating self identity such the fast track move from innocent girl to older teenager to stripper.(Mark R, et al.2005) By having Miley develop publicly in the media eye over time it will also develop the process of complication of adopting identities”(Mark R, et al.2005)Throughout the overall research there has be an overall change in the type of information obtained. From what the topic was first focusing on then giving avast outline of the issue from opinions and views on all levels and types of sources.

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