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Rose McKay Boyer

Rose McKay Boyer

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A profile of Saskatchewan Metis Elder Rose Boyer.
A profile of Saskatchewan Metis Elder Rose Boyer.

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Published by: Lawrence J. Barkwell on Dec 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Rose McKay Boyer
Rose Boyer comes from a large Metis family. With 17 children in the family, Rose, the first girl, played an important role in helping to raise her younger siblings. Her father, Colin McKay, as originally from the Red Ri!er settlement area in Manitoba. Her mother, Mar"orie #lant, came from $reland and as adopted by a Metis family hen she as only fi!e months old.Rose "oined the %as&atchean 'ati!e Women(s )ssociation *%'W)+ in 171. %he ser!ed as local president for three terms and as pro!incial president in 17-. With Rose(s help the #rince )lbert %'W) opened Ki&inoResidence a home for 'ati!e omen ho reuired accommodation and assistance. )s director of the %W') Referral Centre for 'ati!es Rose deli!ered Community )areness programs and or&ed ith the omen in the #ine!ie Correctional Centre for Women. %he as also acti!e in the #rince )lbert $ndian and Metis /riendship Centre. $n 170 she as the #rince )lbert %W') Woman of the 2ear.3Rose proudly calls herself a 4road alloance Half5Breed4 from the 6len Mary istrict in %as&atchean. 6len Mary as a community formed by ousted Metis trying to re5establish homes on land set aside for future road de!elopment. 4$t as a caring and lo!ing home,4 Rose e8plained. 4We ould say our prayer9s in the morning and at night. Mom and ad passed on the importance of respect and ha!ing morals in the home.4 Rose li!ed in hat she calls a 4shac&4 on the road alloance until she as 1- years old. )t this time, the pro!incial go!ernment decided to relocate families li!ing on road alloances to a Met
is colony5farming  pro"ect at 6reen :a&e, %as&. Rose remembers the terrible disappointment Metis families e8perienced hen the %as&atchean go!ernment said Metis families could ha!e a house, -; acres and a co. When they arri!ed at 6reen :a&e, Rose remembered, 4<here as no house. #eople li!ed in a big bo85li&e building ith no indos.4 $t asn9t long before the family mo!ed to Meado :a&e, %as&. Rose li!ed there for 17 years. 4$t as hard but it as a good life,4 remembered Rose.Rose en"oys preparing traditional Metis food. %he started ma&ing bannoc& hen she as eight. Rose no has nine of her on children, = grandchildren, and >7 great5grandchildren. %he !alues children, e8plaining 4children are on loan to us for a short time.4 /or many years Rose and her family prepared all of the meals for the ?lders at the Bac& to Batoche,3 /esti!al. %he is no retired and spends her time crocheting, &nitting, and loo&ing after grandchildren.Rose Boyer and her mother ere good friends. uring the school year she li!ed ith her aunt and uncle. %he learned many things from both of the omen in her life. $n
The Words of Our Ancestors: Métis Health and Healing 
.Rose tells us@My aunt loo&ed after us during the school months and e ould go bac& on holidays to stay ith my mom and dad in the bush camps. $t as my aunt ho taught me ho to iron, to embroider, and ma&e brea&fast. My brothers, to of my brothers and myself, ent to li!e ith my aunt and uncle. $ as eight, and my to brothers ere se!en and si8 years old. We ent to li!e ith them. <he boys had to saddle and harness the horse in the morning to a buggy or a cutter in the intertime. <hey ere only si8, se!en years old. $ had to ma&e the porridge and the lunches. uring those years of groing up in school, learned to se on mom(s seing machine. $t as gi!en to my mother hen she turned A0 and my grandmother as 1;0. <hat seing machine as !ery, !ery old then. My mother ga!e me that seing machine. $ learned to ma&e a pair of pillo cases and $ ga!e those to my aunt. <hose ere my to most important teachers, my aunt, ho as li&e a second

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