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Fred Shore Ph.D. (b. 1942)

Fred Shore Ph.D. (b. 1942)

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Metis professor Fred Shore is profiled. He is a long time board member of the Louis Riel Institute.
Metis professor Fred Shore is profiled. He is a long time board member of the Louis Riel Institute.

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Published by: Lawrence J. Barkwell on Dec 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Shore, Frederick John. Ph. D.
(b. 1942)Metis historian Fred Shore is is executive director of the Office of University Accessibity and for!er "e#art!ent $ead and #rofessor of %ative Studies at the University of Manitoba. &reviousy he has 'ored for the Manitoba Metis Federation in the South'est Manitoba e*ion. +n 19,- he 'as eected to the oard of "irectors of the Manitoba Metis Federation fro! south'est e*ion. For !any years he has been the University of Manitoba/s re#resentative on the board of the 0ouis ie +nstitute. Fred is aso on the oard of "irectors of &e!!ican &ubications a non#rofit Metis #ubishin* house. $e has coedited one boo and contributed nu!erous artices to other  #ubications. $e is a Metis fro! 3ubec. "r. Shore 'as born and raised in Montrea and s#ent !ost of his eary years in 3uebec 'here he tau*ht *rade and hi*h schoo. $e !oved to Manitoba 'ith his fa!iy in 1955 'here he 'ored for the Manitoba Mtis Federation as senior housin* deveo#!ent officer and ater as e!#oy!ent deveo#!ent director. $e 'as aso eected to serve for one ter! on the federation6s board in 19,-.Since 19,- "r. Shore has been a student and teacher at the universities of Sasatche'an randon and Manitoba. $e *raduated 'ith a A fro! randon University in 19,2 an MA in history in 19,7 fro! the University of Manitoba8 and a &h" in history in 1991 fro! U of M. $e oined the %ative Studies de#art!ent at the U of M in 19,4."r. Shore has been a'arded the U of M Outreach A'ard the Oive eatrice Stanton A'ard for :xceence in ;eachin* and the "r. and Mrs. Sanderson A'ard for :xceence in ;eachin* 2--<.1

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