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PPT Names Panel of Judges to Hear Genocide Case Against Sri Lanka

PPT Names Panel of Judges to Hear Genocide Case Against Sri Lanka

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Published by Thavam

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Published by: Thavam on Dec 03, 2013
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[TamilNet, Monday, 02 December 2013, 23:51 GMT]
The Permanent Peoples Tribunal (PPT) in Rome has announced the names of 11 judges, who would be hearing the longawaited case on the accusation of genocide against !e"ham Tamils to be heard b# an independent panel$ %Like in the first session, a respected panel of judges consisting of e&perts in 'enocide studies, former officials, e&perts in international law and renowned peace and human rights acti*ists will hear the e*idence that is presented and make a determination,+ a press statement signed b# r 'ianni Tognoni, the secretar# general of the PPT, stated$ The first session held in -anuar# ./1/, known as the 0ublin Tribunal, was the first independent international undertaking that recognised the need to look into the case of genocide in the island of Sri Lanka$ The second session is to take place between 0ecember / 1/, ./12 in 3remen, 'erman#$
Press Statement by te Peo!les" Trib#nal $PPT%Since ten, te PPT as a!!ro&ed te s#bmission o' te Germany(based )nternational *#man +its -ssociation .remen $)M+/% and te )ris or#m 'or Peace in Sri ana $)PS% tat s#bstantial ne e&idence necessitate a second ro#nd o' in&estiations to determine eter Genocide as been and is bein committed aainst te Tamil !eo!le in Sri ana4 Te !lainti'' oranisations a&e also acc#sed )ndia, 6 and te S- 'or orcestratin te enocide on 7e8am Tamils4
D#blin ar(crimes trib#nal 'inal re!ort)n te 'irst session eld in 2010, te D#blin trib#nal 'o#nd Sri anan o&ernment 9#ilty o' ar(;rimes9 and 9#ilty o' ;rimes -ainst *#manity49 7ye itnesses incl#ded se&eral esca!ees 'rom te 'inal ee o' te enocidal onsla#t on te 9No ire <one9 in /anni ere to#sands o' Tamil ci&ilians ere sla#tered by te S military4 )n te meantime, te re!resentati&es o' te !lainti'' oranisations, Nicolai =#n $!one: 00>? 1@@ >0A 2220, email: imr&bremenBmail4com% o' te )M+/ .remen and =#de al ernando $!one: 00353 C51 5A 2?C0, email: iris!eace'or#mBmail4com% o' te )PS D#blin, told TamilNet on Monday tat tose o is to attend te e&ent co#ld contact tem by email or 'a to reister temsel&es it te oranisers, be'ore midnit T#rsday 05, December 20134
irst session eld in D#blin in =an#ary 2010 [ibrary Poto]
4ollowing are the names of judges selected b# the PPT5'abriele 0ella orte
 is a researcer and Pro'essor o' )nternational a at te ni&ersitE ;attolica di Milano4 *e as also associate !ro'essor in )nternational system, instit#tions and r#les, ;arF de co#rs at te -cadFmie de droit international #manitaire et des droits de lomme o' Gene&a $200@(200C%, co#nsel 'or te )nternational ;riminal Trib#nal 'or +anda $);T+% $2003(200>%, a ;ler 'or te Prosec#tor H''ice o' te )nternational ;riminal Trib#nal 'or te 'ormer I#osla&ia $2000% and member o' a o&ernment deleation 'or te establisment o' te )nternational ;riminal ;o#rt $1??C%4
-os6 !l7as !ste*e olto
, international layer and leal e!ert on Tibet4 *e is te main layer o researced and dra'ted bot las#its 'or international crimes committed in Tibet and a recent one 'or crimes in .#rma4 *e is a Pro'essor in )nternational a at te ni&ersity o' /alencia4
0aniel 4eierstein
Director o' te ;entre 'or Genocide St#dies at te ni&ersidad Nacional de Tres de ebrero, Pro'essor in te ac#lty o' Genocide at te ni&ersity o' .#enos -ires and a member o' ;HN);7T $;onseJo Nacional de )n&estiaciones ;ienti'icas y Tecnicas ( Te -rentine  National ;entre 'or Scolars%4 *e as been elected as te !resident o' te )nternational -ssociation o' Genocide Scolars4
S6*ane 'aribian
-n e!ert on Genocide and )nternational a4 Se is an -ssistant Pro'essor at te ni&ersity o' Gene&a and ect#rer at te ni&ersity o' Ne#cKtel, ere se teaces eal Piloso!y and )nternational ;riminal a4 *er or 'oc#ses on iss#es related to la 'acin State crimes4

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