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King Tut Couldn't but Paul Desmarais Converted Money to Thin Air

King Tut Couldn't but Paul Desmarais Converted Money to Thin Air

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Published by Frank Gallagher
Taking with him all he needs as he moves on to thin air
Taking with him all he needs as he moves on to thin air

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Published by: Frank Gallagher on Dec 04, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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King Tut couldn’t but Paul Desmarais converted money to thin air Taking with him all he needs as he moves on to thin air For 2500 years they have been giving democracy a boost  Now beyond belieheavens above out o sight encroaching on disbelie sus!ension so high out o reach or any stretch o imaginationPaul Desmarais held in high esteem "see video below#$t would a!!ear alien’s !u!!ets have great diiculty !ainting the !icture o what it is to be human % & natural at the onset that go strange when enslaved to !rovide !arty goldDemocracy is a orm o government in which all citi'ens have an e(ual say in the decisions that aect their lives) $deally* this includes e(ual "and more or less direct# !artici!ation in the !ro!osal* develo!ment and !assage o legislation into law) $t can also encom!ass social* economic and cultural conditions that enable the ree and e(ual !ractice o  !olitical sel+determination) The term comes rom the ,reek - ./13464 7 "d8mokrat9a#
"rule of the people"
which was coined rom .1= "d>mos#
 and 3?1= "Kratos#
* in the middle o the 5th+@th century AB to denote the  !olitical systems then eCisting in some ,reek city+states* notably &thens ollowing
a popular uprising in
 50 AB):2< &ccording to some theories o democracy*  !o!ular sovereignty is the ounding !rinci!le o such a system):E<  owever* the democratic !rinci!le has also been eC!ressed as Gthe reedom to call something into being which did not eCist beore* which was not given% and which thereore* strictly s!eaking* could not be known)G:@< This ty!e o reedom* which is connected to human Gnatality*G or the ca!acity to begin anew* sees democracy as Gnot only a !olitical system% :but< an ideal* an as!iration* really* intimately connected to and de!endent u!on a  !icture o what it is to be humanHo what it is a human should be to be ully human)G:5<
www)&men)com Po!ular sovereignty or the sovereignty o the !eo!le is
the belief 
 that the legitimacy o the state is created by the will or consent o its !eo!le* who are the source o all  !olitical !ower ) $t is closely associated to the social contract !hiloso!hers* among whom are Thomas obbes* ohn Vocke and ean+ac(ues ousseau) Po!ular sovereignty eC!resses a conce!t and does not necessarily relect or describe a !olitical reality):;<
 It is often contrasted with the concept of 
  !arliamentary sovereignty* and with individual sovereignty) & !o!ular u!rising todayBritical thinking PW Political eligious W!timismDue Process$I& lea backstroking with reserved erection calling orth or the draw bridge to be raised2
T&TTruth always remains to ee&&ight ya are obin& uman &chievementwww)DamageBontrol;E)com PPolitical cienceE

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