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Resume Sept.doc

Resume Sept.doc

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Published by ebmchale

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Published by: ebmchale on Dec 04, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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116 Wentworth Drive, Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922Cell: (90! 2"1#79$9e%&h'le)*+e*
Experience:The Alternative Press,
New -rovien&e, NJ 0797$
Student InternMay 2013-Auust 2013
Covere lo&'l news stories on ' reg*l'r )'sis+
.ook /hotogr'/hs or /hoto &ontests 'n news stories+
C'lle lo&'l /oli&e e'&h 'y or inor%'tion to */'te the /oli&e )lotter with+
!atavia "a#e,
*%%it, NJ 07901
"$unter %$r&er May 2013-Auust 2013
H'nle orers o &*sto%ers 't the &o*nter+
 W'ite on t')les 's neee+
'e &oee, te', 'n s/e&i'lity rinks or &*sto%ers+
3/ene 'n &lose the &'e when neee+
%$'en(s "enter #$r Entrepreneurship "$rp$rati$n,
Ch'th'%, NJ 0792
S$cial Media Intern
 )uly, 2012 * Auust, 2012
4ese'r&he '//ro/ri'te &h'nnels or the WC5C 'n /rovie re&o%%en'tion to rive gre'test 'w 'renesse/os*re or the Center+
5st')lishe the sites or e'&h so&i'l %ei' &h'nnel 'n &re'te /'ges or the WC5C+
Develo/e 'n eitori'l &'len'r with s*ggestions or &ontent %'n'ge%ent or the st'+
.r'ine the st' on the o/er'tion 'n %'inten'n&e o the sites 'n /re/'re ' written %'n*'l or their *se+
"le'ente(s Pieria,
Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922
May, 2012 * Auust, 2012"$unter Pers$n April, 2011 * Auust, 2011
H'nle 'll /hone orers or the rest'*r'nt+
.r'ine new &o*nter hel/+
Colle&te %oney ro% &*sto%ers 'n /ro&esse 'll &o*/ons+
 W'ite on &*sto%ers 't t')les 's neee+
"$nsultants 2 $
New'rk, NJ 07108
 )une, 2010 * )une, 2011Student Intern
*%%er ntern or %'rketing &ons*lting ir%+
4ese'r&he to/i&s 'n inor%'tion or weekly )log e't*re on &o%/'ny we)site+ Dr'te sever'l )logs th't were /oste to site+
4es/onsi)le or iling, oi&e '%inistr'tion 'n gener'l *ties+
A.ards, Activities and "$''unity Service
New Jersey sso&i'tion o Wo%en B*siness 3wners; B*siness Co%/etition Winner or )est )*siness /l'nie'+ w're ' <"00 s&hol'rshi/ 'n 'tten'n&e 't )*siness &'%/+
e%)er o ='%%' -hi Bet' orority > Delt' Ch'/ter, Boston ?niversity+
e%)er o @'shion Cl*) 't Boston ?niversity+
 Aol*nteer 't 3verlook Hos/it'l, *%%it, NJ (0 ho*rs o servi&e! 'n DD > t*ents g'inst Destr*&tive De&isions+
Educati$n and /uali#icati$ns:
!$st$n niversity, !$st$n, MA
B'&helor o &ien&e in Jo*rn'lis% > e/e&te gr'*'tion 'y 201"
=- in %'or > 8+2

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