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True Blood Season 2 Ep7 Subtitles

True Blood Season 2 Ep7 Subtitles

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Published by: True Blood in Dallas on Aug 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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100:00:14,334 --> 00:00:16,301Pig!200:00:33,067 --> 00:00:34,600Just give in.300:00:34,633 --> 00:00:37,633It feels so good.400:00:37,667 --> 00:00:40,533Tara, what's she done to you?500:01:07,934 --> 00:01:09,101What the--?600:01:19,800 --> 00:01:22,800Stop, Sam.700:01:34,201 --> 00:01:37,234<i>I'm here, Sam.You're gonna be the one.</i>800:02:03,034 --> 00:02:06,700<i>* When you came inThe air went out *</i>900:02:10,434 --> 00:02:12,900<i>* And every sdow</i>1000:02:12,934 --> 00:02:15,567<i>* Filled up with doubt</i>1100:02:18,134 --> 00:02:20,533<i>* I don't knowWho you think you are *</i>1200:02:20,567 --> 00:02:23,867<i>* But before tonightIs through *</i>1300:02:26,101 --> 00:02:28,700<i>* I want to do bad thingsWith you *</i>
1400:02:32,567 --> 00:02:36,001<i>* I'm the kindTo sit up in his room *</i>1500:02:39,767 --> 00:02:43,767<i>* Heartsicknd eyesFilled up with blue *</i>1600:02:47,301 --> 00:02:50,067<i>* I don't knowWhat you done to me *</i>1700:02:50,101 --> 00:02:52,834<i>* But I know this muchIs true *</i>1800:02:55,267 --> 00:02:58,301<i>* I want to do bad thingsWith you *</i>1900:03:16,633 --> 00:03:20,967<i>* I want to do real bad thingsWith you *</i>2000:03:30,667 --> 00:03:33,500Hey! Nobody move!2100:03:36,767 --> 00:03:39,700I said don't fuckin' move!2200:03:41,867 --> 00:03:43,800Terry?2300:03:43,834 --> 00:03:45,867What the hell are you doin'?2400:03:47,667 --> 00:03:49,267Put on some goddamn pants.2500:03:52,301 --> 00:03:54,034What the hell?2600:04:04,134 --> 00:04:08,834Godric! Godric,
can you hear me?2700:04:08,867 --> 00:04:10,134Isabel and Eric sent us.2800:04:10,167 --> 00:04:12,001Godric!2900:04:12,034 --> 00:04:13,667I know he's down here somewhere.3000:04:13,700 --> 00:04:16,001I heard the awful thingsthey're plannin' to do to him.3100:04:16,034 --> 00:04:18,034Remember how I saidI was claustrophobic?3200:04:18,067 --> 00:04:19,734I wasn't makin' that part up.3300:04:19,767 --> 00:04:21,034It's bad.3400:04:21,067 --> 00:04:24,267Okay, I can't take elevators,walk-in closets.3500:04:24,301 --> 00:04:26,667You know, hotels where they tuckthe sheets in all tight?3600:04:26,700 --> 00:04:28,167Just thinkin' about that3700:04:28,201 --> 00:04:30,067makes me want to scream.3800:04:30,101 --> 00:04:32,734Jesus Christ,Vampire Exterminator?3900:04:32,767 --> 00:04:34,734

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