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Zahra's Personal Statement

Zahra's Personal Statement

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Published by Daniel Herrera

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Published by: Daniel Herrera on Dec 04, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The human mind is a powerful tool which no computer can exceed its brilliance, depth and diversity. It is this brilliance which has built and shaped the very world in which we live in and the way every individual lives their existence. Psychology the science of behaviour, unlocks the secrets of the human brain; from understanding our development to discovering how and why mental illnesses occur. Psychologists learn how to predict, understand, explain and control behaviour. Personally, I am intrigued in the areas of mental health and cognitive neuropsychology. I am not only interested in the social aspects, but also highly interested in the biological side of psychology. I believe that both nature and nurture are both important in the occurrence of many mental illnesses such as depression and schizophrenia as well as behaviour. This is not important ... Talk about what college and course you did with psychology as the main factor of explanation .!or the last " years I have worked at Tesco Pharmacy as a #ispensing $ssistant alongside my education.  This has fuelled my curiosity in not only the roles and mechanisms of pharmaceutical drugs in treating mental illnesses such as !luoxetine, %italopram and &isperidone but also progressive neurological diseases such as $lzheimer's and Parkinson's,  this is brilliant this can come after you talked about what you have learnt from psychology  or instead of this talk about areas in psychology which interest you .  Talk about your work at Tesco and how you deal with with customers and solving (resolving issuesreading thier actions and comming out with solutions to tackle them . obviously communication ,interpersonal skills and observant is a main factor here . you can also use our relationship as an example of studying behaviour.In your paragraph next talk about your leisure time , why you do it ,how often you do it . what is for .  )e honest  Talk about why you want to do physcology in the university and why its important for you to do it the university level I went to the *niversity of +ast $nglia to do a cience !oundation year. $fter thoroughly en-oying the experience , it has affirmed the fact that university is where I want to be. nowing what to expect when I return to university, I am under no illusions as to the amount of work and dedication I need to put into my studies to reach my goal of earning a first class degree and avoiding common student pitfalls. I have taken the past year out of university to carefully choose which degree I would like to embark on; taking into consideration -ob prospects and my own interests and strengths. &eading psychology is the right path for me. To me, my psychology $ /evel has only touched the surface in what I yearn to learn in the area. !urthermore, I look forward to gaining desirable skills for the -ob market such as interpreting data and statistics which will compliment my ability of being able to use several research methods
$fter finishing my undergraduate degree, I intend on doing a %linical Psychology 0asters. )ecoming a clinical psychologist will not only engage my interest in psychology

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