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Saratogian Rate Card

Saratogian Rate Card

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Published by jrc

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Published by: jrc on Aug 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 T bsTTs  T mkT
eaching an audience of over 800,000 reader withover 8 pulicationand weite in theCapital itrict.
20 Lae venuesaratoga spring, Y 12866
michael O’sullivan
518-584-4242 ext.201barara Fignar
TL FsT sLs m
518-583-8718Louie kilara
sssTT TL FsT sLs m
518-583-8715scott stapleton
TL sLs m
CPTL sTO m
CO ssL, LTm, mCCLL, sTLLT, TFO,sTO sPs, TOY, TLT, COOs, bLLsTO sP, mLT, LTO,CLFTO Pk, OT  sT bUs, sCUYLLL & bUsCk 
The Saratogian and The Record are daily morning newspapers published365 days a year.20 Lake AvenueSaratoga Springs, NY 12866518-584-4242www.Saratogian.com
Commission/Payment Terms
Local retail/classifed rates are non-commissionable. Capital-Saratoga areaJournal Register Company publications bill monthly. Payments are due15 days rom the end o our billing cycle. Failure to make timely paymentas provided or in the invoice may result in rejection o advertising copyand/or immediate cancellation o a contract. We do not accept sequentialliability.
Policy - All Classifcations
The subject matter, orm, size, wording,illustration and typography o all advertising copy received by our publica-tions shall be subject to approval, revision, classifcation, cancellation orrejection at any time by all Capital-Saratoga area Journal Register Com-pany publications in its sole and absolute discretion. Previous acceptanceo any advertising copy in our publications will not operate as a waiver o our company’s rights hereunder to edit, revise, classiy, cancel or reject anyadvertising copy at any time.
The advertiser agrees to indemniy the newspaper(s)or all expenses incurred in connection with the collection o amounts pay-able, including court costs and attorneys’ ees. I an advertiser’s contractis canceled due to the advertiser’s ailure to make timely payment, theadvertiser will be rebilled or the outstanding balance due at the open orearned contract rate, whichever is applicable. I an advertiser utilizes anagency, the advertiser and the agency shall be jointly and severally liableor complying with all the terms o the advertiser’s contract, includingpayment or advertising. The advertising rate schedule may be revised atany time upon 30 days’ written notice; the advertiser may without penaltycancel an advertising contract at any time prior to the time the new ratesbecome eective upon prior written notice to the newspaper(s). I, at theend o an advertiser’s contract, the advertiser shall have purchased more orless volume (inches/pages) o advertising than agreed upon in the contract,the advertiser’s rate or all space used during the contract term shall bereduced or increased to the appropriate rate indicated on the rate schedule;the advertiser shall pay or receive a credit/rebate to the appropriate contractlevel.
In the event that any ederal, state or local taxes are imposed onthe printing o advertising material or on the sale o advertising space, suchtaxes shall be assumed and paid by the advertiser.
Capital-Saratoga area Journal RegisterCompany publications do not accept brokered advertising.
Political ads must carry the name o theperson(s) or organizations(s) responsible or payment. All political adver-tising must be prepaid.
All going-out-o-business advertisingmust be prepaid.
Display Rates
The Saratogian, Community News, Wilton-Gansevoort Lie, Ballston SpaLie and Saratogian.com deliver Saratoga County, which leads the CapitalDistrict area in population growth.
Repeat the same ad within 7 days, and you’llget 20% o the second ad, 30% o the third, and 40% o the ourththrough seventh ads.
Reserved Position Premi-ums: 15% or a specifc page; 7% or a specifc section. Capital-Saratogaarea Journal Register Company publications will not guarantee a specifclocation in the paper. In the event a reserved position is not available, theposition premium portion o the ad cost will be reunded.
15% Rush Ad Premium will be charged orany order received ater deadline. (See section 14 or deadlines.)
Daily & SundayPer Inch .........................................$28.3010 - 30k Agreement .......................$26.8631 - 100k Agreement .....................$25.95Pick-up Rate into:The Saratogian $25.58Community News $12.75Greenbush Lie $12.75WG Lie $12.75Ballston Spa Lie $12.75Weekly Display Program:13 consecutive weeks $16.7526 consecutive weeks 15.4052 consecutive weeks 12.82Group Advertising Rates: A cost-eective way to reach your targetaudience. Ask your sales representative to tell you about these op-portunities:Nonproft Organizations $16.75
Fine living in Saratoga and beyond. Full color, glossy monthy magazine.2012 rate card available at www.thespiritosaratoga.comSeasonal Publications:
Saratoga’s exclusive art, entertainment and style publication. Distributedree at nearly 100 locations bi-weekly during summer season. 2012 ratecard available at www.thesaratogascene.com.
Saratoga’s no. 1 source o racing news since 1889. 2012 rate card availableat www.saratogian.com/sports/pinksheet.
Daily SundayNot-or-Proft Organizations 25.10 30.18
All political advertising must be paid in advance, and indentiy the party ororganization responsible or payment. Rates per column inch:Daily Sunday Community News WGL / BSL / GBL$23.26 30.18 $17.36 $7.54
Group Combination Rates
Available or those advertisers who wish to run in all Capital-Saratogaarea Journal Register Company publications: The Saratogian, CommunityNews, Lie Publications, Spirit o Saratoga, The Scene, The Record, www.Saratogian.com, www.CNweekly.com, www.TheSaratogaScene.com,www.TheSpiritoSaratoga.com, www.TroyRecord.com.
Color Rates
A study by the Newspaper Advertising Bureau showed that color sells 75%more merchandise in the frst week! Rates are per ad.DailyOne color plus black $386Three color plus black $536
Save with an annual color agreement:
6 times 15% o 12 times 20% o 24 times 30% o 48 times 40% o 60 times 50% o 
Minimum: 5 3/4” olded edge x 4
Maximum: 15 3/4” olded edge x 12 1/2”
Reservations must be made 10 days prior to date o publication. Preprintsmust be delivered no later than 7 days prior to date o publication. Preprintsmust be shipped on pallets or in boxes, clearly labeled with advertiser’sname, date o insertion, and total quantity delivered. Delivery will be ac-cepted Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the loading dock locatedat 501 Broadway, Troy, NY 12180.Due to variances in newspaper circulation draws on a day-to-day basis thequantity you send us may be over or under what we need to ulfll yourdistribution instructions on a given day. To assure efcient coverage wewill, depending on whether your supplied quantity is over or under ourneed or that day, add distribution closest to each store or subtract urthestaway based on your buy in home-delivery. In addition we will subtractrom or add to single copy distribution based on variances in draws. Inboth cases, we understand that home delivery is most valuable and will actaccordingly.Preprint rates expressed as cost per thousand:
4 Tab 8 Tab 12 Tab 16 Tab 20 Tab 24 Tab 28 Tab 32 Tab2 Std 4 Std 6 Std 8 Std 10 Std 12 Std 14 Std 16 StdOpen 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 716x 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 7013x 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 6326x 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 6139x 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 5852x 45 46 47 48 49 50 52 5378x 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48
81/2”x11” card stock yer inserts: Minimum of 64 lb. weight paper 
Open $476x per year 4112x per year 37
Mechnical Requirements
Minimum display ad size is one column wide by two inches deep.Columns Width in inchesRetail & Classifed1 1.56”2 3.22”3 4.89”4 6.56”5 8.22”6 9.89”
Contract & Copy Regulations
COPY CORRECTIONS/ERRORS: In spite o our best eorts, errorsoccasionally occur in material we typeset or our advertisers. I it happensin your ad, we will adjust the charges or the frst insertion only, based onthe actual value o the space occupied by the incorrect copy. Please be sureto read your ad on the frst day, and let us know i there is an error. Theadvertiser’s contract cannot be invalidated and all Capital-Saratoga areaJournal Register Company publications will not be liable or typographicalerrors, incorrect insertions, or omissions in advertising published by thenewspaper(s), or any resulting loss.INDEMNIFICATION: The advertiser agrees to indemniy, deend, andhold harmless the newspaper(s) rom all claims, whether valid or invalid,suits, judgments, proceeding, losses, damages, costs and expenses o anynature whatsoever, including reasonable attorneys’ ees, or which thenewspaper(s) or any o its afliates may become liable by reason o thenewspaper’s publication o the advertiser’s advertising.CONTRACTS: Advertising contracts may not be assigned or transerredby the advertisers. All contracts are conditional on strikes, fres, acts o God or the public enemy, war, or any cause not subject to the control o thenewspaper(s) excluding the advertiser’s ailure and or inability to perorm.OWNERSHIP OF ADVERTISING COPY: All advertising copy whichrepresents the creative eort o the newspaper(s) and/or the utilization o creativity, illustrations, labor, composition or material urnished by it, isand remains our property, including all rights or copyright therein. Theadvertiser understands and agrees that it cannot authorize photographic orother reproduction, in whole or in part, or any such advertising copy oruse in any other medium without prior written consent.
Closing Times
To allow adequate time or your sales representative to prepare your adver-tising message, all copy, artwork and photos should be in our advertisingofces no later than the day and time specifed below:Daily: Two business days in advance at 5pmCommunityNews: Monday at 4pm; GreenbushLie: Friday at 5pmWG & Ballston Lie: Tuesday at 5pmWeekender: Monday at 5pm
Technical Specifcations
Press quality PDF fles with embedded onts are preerred.JPEGS or logos, art and photographs. Microsot Word documents are ac-cepted with text only- any pictures or art inserted in a word document maynot be visible when opened (onts may not be the same).
: 170 dpi or newsprint, 300 dpi or magazine and Print &Delivers.
Color space should be CMYK (color) or Grayscale(black & white), not RGB.
EMAIL: Ads are accepted via email i under 2mb in size. Contactyour account representative to obtain e-mail address.FTP: Ads larger than 2mb can be uploaded to tp.capitalcentral.com.WEB-BASED AD SERVICES: The Saratogian can receive flesrom the ollowing web-based ad services: AdSend, AdPerect,AdTransit and Fast Channel.ETERNAL MEDIA: Clients may provide fles on CD or USBdrives to their account representatives. No oppy disks. Media willbe returned at clients’ requested.
Online Advertising
www.Saratogian.com, www.TroyRecord.com,www.TheSaratogaScene.com,www.TheSpiritOSaratoga.comEach o our Web sites oers our print advertisers unique and cost eectiveways to reach potential customers online. Call your sales representative oronline sales manager or more inormation.Leaderboard ATF ....................................................$15.00 CPMLREC ATF ..............................................................$15.00 CPMPencil Billboard ......................................$250 Daily 100% SOVVibrant Tool Bar/LREC ...................................$350 100% SOVIn banner Video ......................................................$18.00 CPM
Other rates and packages also available!

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