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Field Poll: Gov. Brown's High Approval Ratings

Field Poll: Gov. Brown's High Approval Ratings

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Published by KQED News
Fifty-eight percent of Calfornia voters think Brown is doing a good job and would vote for him again.
Fifty-eight percent of Calfornia voters think Brown is doing a good job and would vote for him again.

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Published by: KQED News on Dec 05, 2013
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Field Research Corporation
601 California Street, Suite 900 San Francisco, CA 94108-2814 (415) 392-5763 FAX: (415) 434-2541 EMAIL: fieldpoll@field.com www.field.com/fieldpollonline
Field Research Corporation is an Equal Opportunity Employer  
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IMPORTANT: Contract for this service is subject to revocation if publication or broadcast takes place  before release date or if contents are divulged to  persons outside of subscriber staff prior to release time. (ISSN 0195-4520) By Mark DiCamillo and Mervin Field Governor Jerry Brown is currently riding high in voter popularity. Nearly six in ten registered voters (58%) statewide approve of the job he is doing, with just 33% disapproving. This represents an increase of seven points in the Governor's approval rating since July. Brown has not indicated whether he will run again for governor next year. However, when listed in a field of four possible candidates in a simulated June open primary election, Brown is the overwhelming choice. In this setting, Brown receives 52% of the preferences, followed in order by former Lt. Governor Abel Maldonado (11%), State Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (9%), and former Assistant Treasury Secretary Neel Kashkari (3%). Another 25% are undecided.
These are the findings from a new statewide
Field Poll
 survey completed this week.
Brown's job performance
In March 2011, less than three months after Brown assumed office,
The Field Poll
 found 48% of voters approving, 21% disapproving and a relatively large proportion (31%) having no opinion. Since that time more voters have formed an opinion of his performance. In the current survey the  proportion of voters unable to rate Brown has declined to just 9%. At present, 58% of voters say they approve of the job Brown is doing as governor, his highest approval rating of his tenure, while one in three (33%) disapprove. More than three in four Democrats (78%) offer a positive evaluation of how Brown is handling his  job and just 14% give a negative assessment. About six in ten Republicans (63%) disapprove of Brown’s performance, while 27% approve. Among independent voters 58% approve and 33% disapprove.
The Field Poll #2453 Thursday, December 5, 2013 Page 2
Table 1 Trend of job performance ratings of Jerry Brown during his current term as Governor (among registered voters) Approve Disapprove No opinion December 2013 58% 33 9
July 2013 51% 33 16 February 2013 57% 31 12 October 2012* 46% 37 17 September 2012 46% 37 17 July 2012 44% 42 14 Late May 2012 43% 40 17 February 2012 45% 38 17  November 2011 47% 36 17 September 2011 49% 32 19 June 2011 46% 31 23 March 2011 48% 21 31 Party registration
(December 2013)
Democrats 78% 14 8 Republicans 27% 63 10  No party preference/others 58% 33 9
* Survey conducted among likely voters in the November 2012 general election.
Image ratings of the potential gubernatorial candidates
There will be an open primary election for governor next June. While Brown, a Democrat, has not indicated whether he will seek re-election, most of the state's political community believes that he will be a candidate. Two Republicans, Maldonado and Donnelly, have already formally announced that they will be candidates, while a third, Kashkari, has been reported to be seriously considering a run. However, each of these potential challengers are largely unknown to majorities of voters. When asked whether they have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of each man, 62% of voters report having no opinion of Maldonado. With Donnelly 80% have no opinion, and in Kashkari's case this increases to 83%. By contrast, just 7% do not have an opinion of Brown. Below are the proportions of voters who have a favorable or unfavorable of each man, and in the case of Brown and Maldonado, the trend of prior
Field Poll
 image ratings for each man.
The Field Poll #2453 Thursday, December 5, 2013 Page 3
Table 2 Image ratings of the four potential gubernatorial candidates (among registered voters) Favorable Unfavorable No opinion Jerry Brown
December 2013 56% 37 7
June 2011 58% 31 11 Late October 2010* 47% 47 6 September 2010* 44% 47 9 July 2010* 42% 40 18 March 2010* 41% 37 22 January 2010* 44% 32 24 October 2009 44% 29 27 March 2009 50% 25 25
Abel Maldonado
December 2013 18% 20 62
October 2010* 39% 19 42 September 2010* 36% 17 47 July 2010 25% 12 63
Tim Donnelly
December 2013 12% 8 80
Neel Kashkari
December 2013 9% 8 83
* Survey conducted among likely voters in the 2010 statewide elections. In that election, Maldonado was a candidate for Lt. Governor and Brown was a candidate for Governor.
Preferences in a simulated June primary
In next June's open primary election, candidates from all parties – Democrats, Republicans and others – will be listed together on one ballot and voters can chose to vote for a candidate from any  party. The two candidates who receive the most votes will then proceed to the November general election, regardless of party. When all registered voters are offered these four gubernatorial possibilities and asked who they would prefer if the election were being held today, Brown at 52% leads the field by a wide margin. Maldonado and Donnelly are well back, receiving 11% and 9% of the preferences, respectively, while Kashkari is at 3%. One in four voters (25%) are undecided.

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