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The Awful Truth

The Awful Truth

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Published by rustle49
Screenplay for the classic screwball comedy starring Cary Grant and Irene Dunne, directed by Leo McCarey.
Screenplay for the classic screwball comedy starring Cary Grant and Irene Dunne, directed by Leo McCarey.

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Published by: rustle49 on Aug 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Awful Truth
Screenplay by Vina DelmarDirected by Leo McCarey
FADE IN:1 INT. ATHLETIC CLUB–GYMNASIUM – MEDIUM SHOT An attendant is piling up towels on a shelf as Jerry Warriner, attired in trunks, enters. Jerry’s body is as white as snow. He throws himself full length upon the table andaddresses the attendant. JERRY: Turn on the sun lamp, Hank, and give her all it’sgot.2 CLOSER SHOT BY LAMP.HANK:
(adjusting lamp
) About fifteen minutes on each sideis all I’d advise, Mr. Warriner. JERRY:Fifteen minutes nothing. I’ve got to have a deepFlorida tan if it takes all afternoon.HANK:But JERRY:Give her the gun.3 WIDER ANGLE As the light ray floods over him he speaks again. JERRY:All aboard for Miami, Palm Beach and points south. A man in shorts with a squash racket in his hand enters. It is Frank Randall.FRANK:H’ya, Jerry. Heard you were in here. How goes it?The attendant exits as the two men shake hands. JERRY:Fine. Sit down.FRANK:Thought maybe you’d play a little squash.He watches Jerry in puzzlement for a moment.4 CLOSE TWO SHOTFRANK: Say, you’re awfully white skinned for a guy who just had two weeks in Florida. JERRY:You know that’s what I thought, too.FRANK:What did you do down there, carry a parasol?
Say, I get it. You didn’t go to Florida. JERRY:Hush. Don’t let any idea like that get around.FRANK:Oh, putting one over on the little wife, huh? JERRY:No, I’m not putting one over on the little wife.FRANK:Who are you trying to fool then? Your office boy?
5 ANOTHER ANGLE HONORING JERRY  JERRY:I’m not trying to fool anybody. Not the way youmean, anyhow. It’s just that—Oh, I don’t think you’dunderstand.FRANK:Try me. JERRY:(
in sudden burst of confidence)
Well, don’t you everfeel that you’d like to fly off the handle? Don’t youever get days when you feel like walking out of youroffice and looking up the kind of people you used tochase around with before you were married?FRANK:Sure, I do.6 CLOSEUP JERRY  JERRY:So do I. They weren’t a bad bunch and there’ssomething swell about eating when you’re hungryand drinking when you’re dry. Every once in a whilea man has to get away from the conventional routine.Dinner promptly at seven night after night is enoughto drive a man daffy.FRANK’S VOICE:Oh, I can understand that, but when you feel thatyou got to break training, why don’t you take Lucywith you. Maybe she’d enjoy—7 TWO SHOT JERRY:No, Lucy wouldn’t enjoy knowing the people I takemy outings with. Lucy’s not much of a mixer, youknow, Frank. She’s particular who she knows andshe never takes a drink and she’s so darn proper—not that there’s anything wrong with my crowd butshe’d think that they were pretty common, I’mafraid. Some of the boys didn’t pick their brides fromthe social register.FRANK:Well, Lucy’s no snob. JERRY:Of course not, but just the same she wouldn’t likethem and then we’d get to arguing. It’s best this way.FRANK:Particularly when you have a better time withoutyour wife along.8 ANOTHER ANGLE JERRY:I don’t like your tone, Frank. I’ll tell you what I didon this last trip—played poker practically all thetime. (
They invited a girl up for me but shedisappointed.FRANK:You’re a fool, if I ever saw one. You have the mostperfect wife any man ever had. JERRY:I know it, Frank. Lucy’s perfect. You never said atruer word. Sometimes I wish she wasn’t so perfect.
Her behavior is always correct, her ideals are thehighest, her perfection is unquestionable and some-times I wish she would be a little human for a change.FRANK:You’d soon squawk if she developed any imper-fections. JERRY:Oh, no, I wouldn’t. Say, a person doesn’t have tostop being an individual just because he or shemarries. I’d like to see Lucy have a little life of herown instead of just sitting around waiting for me tocome home. I wouldn’t even mind if she went outnow and then with someone we know—FRANK:I’ll remember that. JERRY:
 You have a fat chance. She just sits homeand waits for me and I don’t like it. It makes me feellike a rat.FRANK:Well, maybe you are one. But anyhow, what aboutcoming by my house. We were all out late last nightand some of the gang are coming by for a latebreakfast. JERRY:I have a much better idea—Everybody over to myhouse—I’ll have some eggnogs made up—then we’llhave a swell breakfast and maybe later we’ll leave thewomen flat and play some golf—what d’ye say?FRANK:You’ve got me convinced.DISSOLVE TO:9 INT. HALLWAY–JERRY’S APARTMENT– MEDIUM CLOSE SHOT Jerry, Frank, the Barnsleys, and Viola Heath at the doorway of Jerry’s apartment. Jerryfits the key into the lock and opens the door. He gestures to the others and they followhim into the apartment.10 EXT. NEW YORK HOME–MEDIUM SHOTCar pulls up–characters get out.DISSOLVE TO:11 INT. HALLWAY 9-B As characters enter.12 INT. JERRY’S APARTMENT–MEDIUM SHOT Jerry is now as dark as a Kanaka boy. As they all enter the foyer, he calls: JERRY:Yoo-hoo, Lucy. Surprise! A dog comes out and leaps joyously about at sight of him. JERRY:Hello, fellow. How you been? Jerry is plainly as pleased to see the dog as the dog is to see him. JERRY:Where’s Mamma? Where is she?The Warriner maid comes into the foyer.

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