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Bomb Swat Sop v5

Bomb Swat Sop v5

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Published by Intel Tech
How to write SOPs for SWAT and bomb disposal teams
How to write SOPs for SWAT and bomb disposal teams

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Published by: Intel Tech on Dec 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Law Enforcement Sensitive
Guide to WritingStandard Operating Procedures For Operations Involving the Combined Resources of Bomb Squads and SW! !eams
This document is being offered as a recommended model for an SOP governing “Operations Involving the Combined Resources of Bomb Squads and SWT Teams!" It is not designed nor is it e#pected to be all inclusive! It is designed as a model from $hich portions of the document can be used and information added and deleted $hen $riting an agenc%&s SOP!
This guide will provide general considerations for writing an SOP for operations in which the combined resources of bomb squads and tactical teams are required. The following are some of the current and emerging threat situations that will involve combined SWAT and Bomb Squad resources:.Person Borne !mprovised "#plosive $evices %PB!"$&' including Suicide Bombers: %The four situations listed below are e#tracted from the
 'irst Responder (uide to Person Borne and )ehicle Borne  Improvised *#plosive +evices, Categories of Situations and Strategies for *ach Categor%
' which is attached in its entiret( as an appendi# to this document' and includes specific recommended strategies for each.&a&)nrestrained * +on,compliant- or )nrestrained * mentall( disturbed b&ostage ta/er with bombc&Suicide bomber in moving vehicled&)nrestrained: )naware that law enforcement /nows of the bomb0.1ultiple simultaneous attac/s involving firearms and e#plosives2.3ehicle Borne !mprovised "#plosive $evices %3B!"$&4.5hemical6Biological67adiological6+uclear6"#plosive %5B7+"& $evices8.7adio 5ontrolled !mprovised "#plosive $evices %75!"$&9.Standoff Weapons.5riminal activit( involving e#plosive threats' including !"$s' boob(,trap situations' high ris/ warrants' drug labs' etc.
$"!I#S %$ R#SPO%SIBI&I!I#S
 +efinitions - 'or the purposes of this document. the follo$ing terms are used to describe bomb squad resources in combined SWT/Bomb Squad operations,
 Bomb Squad +irect Tactical Support Capable Team , Bomb squad personnel $ho move $ith the tactical team during the tactical phase! The% must be able to efficientl% and effectivel% move $ith the SWT team $ithout compromising operations!
Law Enforcement Sensitive
Law Enforcement Sensitive
 Bomb Squad (eneral Tactical Support Capable Team , Bomb squad personnel $ho provide  support to the SWT team from the command post level and conduct bomb squad operations upon completion of the tactical phase! *#amples of general support are, robotics. communications. breaching. counter surveillance. and use of speciali0ed equipment!
.;oint 7esponsibilities :a.Special "vents Support b.$ignitar( Protectionc.Protective Sweepsd."#plosive Breaching 5apabilit
ies %optional&0.SWAT responsibilities during combined Bomb6SWAT operations include the following items' in addition to their normal SOP:a.Assume the lead status' providing overall mission planning and e#ecution. b.Provide tactical training to agenc( members and other agencies as requested.
c.1issions assigned to SWAT teams shall include: hostage rescue' barricade' sniper' high,ris/ warrant service and high,ris/ apprehension' dignitar( protection' terrorism response' special assignments and other incidents which e#ceed the capabilit( and6 or capacit( of an agenc(<s first responders and6or investigative units.
2.BO1B S=)A$ responsibilities during combined Bomb6SWAT operations include the following items' in addition to their normal SOP:a.1aintain the forward momentum of the SWAT operations as best as possible b.Support SWAT when and where !"$s' militar( ordnance' e#plosives' labs' or boob(,traps are /nown to be present or possibl( present. c.7ender safe and6or remove suspected improvised e#plosive devices %!"$s&' incendiar( devices' e#plosives' p(rotechnics' flares' ammunition' e#plosive chemicals and other ha>ardous situations' i.e. items classified b( the ?B! as Weapons of 1ass $estruction in accordance with title @ )S5 0220.d.Provide for proper and safe transportation' disposal and6or storage of e#plosives and other items as referred to above.e.Assess and evaluate suspicious obects6pac/ages6vehicles.f.Provide liaison with other state and local bomb squads' 1ilitar( "#plosive Ordnance $isposal %"O$& units' ?ederal agencies' and professional associations. g.Provide robotic support. h.Provide bomb related training to agenc( members and other agencies as requested.
The importance. if not R*12IR*3*4T. for interoperabilit% training $ith the SWT operators and bomb techs B*'OR* the% respond to an incident cannot be overstated!
.Training for SWAT personnel:
a.Basic SWAT Training as determined b( the agenc(' consisting of but not inclusive of movement' cover and concealment' noise discipline' bac/ lighting' immediate action drills' office down drills' mar/smanship and weapons handling' etc.
Law Enforcement Sensitive
Law Enforcement Sensitive
 b.!nteroperabilit( training: "nsure that SWAT operators are trained to recogni>e potential mission ha>ards' such as: area denial devices6boob( traps' e#plosives6e#plosive components and !"$s' e#plosives manufacturing equipment %common to 1"&' unusual  behavior that ma( indicate area denial devices are present %i.e. avoiding obvious entries and6or egresses&' or 5B7+ is present %i.e.' respirator( protection6decontamination equipment&' or alarm s(stem components.c.7ecommended additional training:i.W1$ for Tactical 5ommandersii.W1$ for Tactical Operators iii.Suicide Bomber Trainingiv.!nitial aw "nforcement 7esponse to Suicide Bombing Attac/ %!"7SBA&0.Training for Bomb Squad personnel: a.$S Basic 5ourse and additional requirements mandated b( the
 4ational (uidelines for  Bomb Technicians!
  b.Training considerations for Bomb Squad $irect Tactical Support 5apable Teami.Bomb technicians providing direct tactical support and moving with the team must undergo training as determined b( the agenc(' including the following tactical related subects: .1ovement0.5over and concealment2.+oise discipline4.Bac/ lighting8.!mmediate action drills9.Officer down drills.?irearms mar/smanship' and weapons handlingii.The following are additional bomb technician training areas that should be considered:.and entr( 0.Advanced Threat Assessment2.Advanced "lectronics 4."lectronic 5ountermeasures8.Tactical movement9.ow light2.The following training areas are appropriate for either SWAT or Bomb Squad personnel:a.Covernment sponsored or commerciall( available Bomb6SWAT !nteroperabilit( Training focused on mission obectives.  b."#plosive Breacher Training: Bomb technicians or SWAT operators who have successfull( completed a formal e#plosive breaching program of instruction ma( serve as the primar( or assistant breacher.4.1anagement Training:a.?B! $S "#ecutive 1anagement 5ourse b.Tactical 5ommand and $ecision 1a/ing 5ourse
Law Enforcement Sensitive

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