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Selling Hot Dogs, Getting Ticketed - Gotham Gazette - March 20 2004

Selling Hot Dogs, Getting Ticketed - Gotham Gazette - March 20 2004

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Published by: Street Vendor Project on Aug 21, 2009
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Gotham Gazette - http://www.gothamgazette.com/article//20040322/200/921
Selling Hotdogs, Getting Ticketedby Anwar Hussein22 Mar 2004
 I'm from Bangladesh, and I have anaccounting degree. I worked for the telephonecompany there, but I can’t get the same jobhere because I don’t have a diploma from thiscountry. Vending is the best for me, becausethere is no education requirement, and withmy family, I don't have time to take courses.In 1991, I got a food vending license from theHealth Department. If somebody has legaldocumentation, it’s not that hard, they can geta license. I don't make much money sellinghotdogs, $350 to $400 a week. I live with mymom, my wife, my four daughters and my son.I'm able to take care of my family, but I worklong hours.But my license doesn't give me a right to aspot. Every person, when they get a license,finds themselves a spot. Once I got thelicense, I went to the hot dog company, Irented the pushcart, and I looked at the areaaround Canal Street. I saw this guy on oneblock, this guy on another block, and I saw aspot with nobody there.I set up my cart and started working -– oneday, two days, one week. If somebody wouldhave come, and said, "This is my spot, myfriend, you have to move," I would havemoved. But nobody came, and I've beenworking this spot for over 10 years. Not onlyme, but my mom also used to work there, mywife, my uncle. It’s a family business. Now, Ihave two different spots, and my uncle hasanother, all near each other.Every day at nine or ten, I pick up mypushcart from the garage downtown, buymerchandise from another garage, and pushmy cart to my spot on Broadway and CanalStreet. I work from 10 to 7 -- longer hours inthe summer -- every day of the week.Maybe 60 percent of my customers areregulars. They come, they talk. They knowme, they know my mom, my wife, becauseI’ve been working here so many years. Everybody knows me. For the first eight years,everything was good, until the 11 of September.Anwar Hussein, 34, has been vending in NewYork for 13 years
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Page 1 of 2Gotham Gazette: Selling Hotdogs, Getting Ticketed2/13/2006http://www.gothamgazette.com/print/921

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