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General Path Program

General Path Program

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Published by uagmed2012

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Published by: uagmed2012 on Aug 21, 2009
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. Sem. 2009-02CONTENT:- Introduction- Professor - Program, learning objectives & references- Lectures (power point)- EvaluationI.- Introduction: The Pathology course is one of the most important subjects inmedicine and is composed of two major sections:General & Systemic pathology. The first is oriented to the study of the basis of disease (formerly anatomical, currently genetic, immunologic, molecular, etc.). Thesecond is related with the study of the most important diseases by organs andsystems.II.- Professor: This section (general pathology) is on charge of R. Hugo Martínez Lozano, M.D. and pathologist.III.- General pathology program, learning objectives and references:Room: 109 Time: 13:00 15:00.#:
Welcome July 20Introduction to pathology
Cellular responses to stressCellular adaptations of growth & differentiationCell injury & death. Part I
-Introduction-Causes-MechanismsRef: pp. 4-18 & lecture’s information2
Cell injury & death. Part II July 21
- Reversible & irreversible- Apoptosis- Intracellular accumulationsRef: pp. 19-32, 34-40 & lecture’s information3
Inflammation I (Acute & chronic) July 23
General featuresHistorical highlightsAcute inflammation-Stimuli-Vascular changes-Cell eventsEnd of acute inflammationRef: pp. 48-62 & lecture’s information
Inflammation II (Acute & chronic) July 24Chemical mediators
-General features-Origin-Types 
Outcomes of acute inflammation
Ref: pp. 63-76 & lecture’s information5
Inflammation III & some aspects of tissue repair July 28Chronic inflammation
- Causes- Morphology (cells)- Granulomatous 
Systemic effects of inflammationConsequences of defective or excessive inflammation
Ref: pp. 78-85, 88-94, 107-114 & lecture’s information6
Hemodynamic disorders I July 29
General featuresEdemaHyperemia & congestionHemorrhageRef: pp. 119-124 & lecture’s information7
Hemodynamic disorders II July 31
ThrombosisD.I.C.EmbolismInfarctionShockRef: pp. 130-142 & lecutre’s information8
Genetic disorders I Aug 03 
General featuresMutationMendelian disorders-Transmission patterns-Biochemical & molecular basis-Disorders asociated with defects in:- Structural proteins- Receptor proteinsRef: pp. 145-158 & lecture’s information9
Genetic disorders II Aug 04
Disorders associated with defects in-Enzymes-Regulators of cell growthMultifactorial disordersRef: pp. 158-170 & lecture’s information
Genetic disorders III Aug 05
Cytogenetic disorders-Types of ch. Rearrangements-Disorders involving:- Autosomes- Sex chromosomes- Single disorders with nonclassic inheritance- Triplet-repeat mutations- Mitochondrial genes mutations- Genomic imprintsRef: pp. 173-187 & lecture’s information11
First workshop Aug 06
First workshop (cont...) Aug 07First partial exam of pathology (topics 1-12) Aug 10
Disorders of immunity I Aug 11
General features of the immune system-Innate & adaptive-Cells & tissues-Mechanisms (HLA)Disorders of the immune system:-Hypersensitivity reactions: I, II, III, IV.Ref: pp- 194-217 & lecture’s information14
Disorders of immunity II Aug 12
Autoimmune diseases-Immune tolerance-Mechanisms of autoimmunity-SLE-RA-SS-SclerodermaRef: pp. 223-239 & lecture’s information15
Disorders of immunity III Aug 13
Immunologic deficiency syndromes-Primary-Secondary- AIDSRef: pp. 240-258 & lecture’s information16
Neoplasia I Aug 14 
General featuresDefinitions, nomenclatureBiology of tumor growth (characteristics of benign & malignant nature)EpidemiologyRef: pp. 270-287 & lecture’s information

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