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Bison Courier, December 5, 2013

Bison Courier, December 5, 2013

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Published by: surfnewmedia on Dec 05, 2013
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Free will soup supper
at Bent-ley building, December 7, from 5- 7 p.m. to help defray expensesfor Carrie Schalesky, she will betraveling to South Africa.
Highlights & Happenings
Pictures with Santa
will beSunday, December 8 at he Ma-sonic Lodge from 2 - 4 p.m. FreeWill offering.
Schalesky to attend International Leadership Seminar
Carrietta Schalesky is the 19year old daughter of TW andFaye Schalesky. She is a 2012Graduate from Bison Highschool. One of her favorite thingsthat she has gotten the chance tobe involved with is the Bison FFA Chapter. She has said that sinceFFA had given her so many op-portunities throughout highschool she wanted to take herFFA experience to the next level.In April of 2013 she went throughthe interview process at theSouth Dakota State FFA Conven-tion where she was chosen toserve as the 2013-2014 SouthDakota State FFA Reporter.Carrietta stated, “I wanted totry and become a state FFA offi-cer because I wanted to give backto FFA for everything that Igained through experiences andto be able to show that a smalltown girl can accomplish any-thing and reach big dreams aslong as you’re willing to work forit. I want to represent my hometown of Bison well and share theway of living in the agriculturalcommunity that I call home. Iwas lucky enough to be chosen asone of the South Dakota StateFFA officers. As state officers our job is to influence FFA membersto be active and improve on lead-ership skills, be advocates foragriculture and to inform peopleon how important agriculture isfor everyday life.Since being selected, my sched-ule with the other State officershas been very busy. We havebeen working hard to put on lead-ership camps and activities, helpa variety of associations wherehelp is needed at events, meetwith other state officers to getsome ideas to help improve theSouth Dakota FFA association,and put on an animal nursery forthe public, as well as, help withlivestock shows at South DakotaState Fair. All in all, it has beena successful year so far. The next big opportunity that Iam looking forward to is the In-ternational Leadership Seminarfor State Officers. The trip will begoing abroad to South Africa. Iwill be traveling there this nextJanuary with state officers fromother states. We are travelingabroad to widen our knowledgeabout the many aspects of agri-culture by visiting a crocodilefarm, an embryo transplant re-search center, an agribusinesscompany in South Africa, go on asafari, and many different farmsand villages that raise a wide va-riety of domestic and exotic cropsand animals. I see it as a greatopportunity and to experience dif-
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Bison Courier
Official Newspaper for the City of Bison, Perkins County, and the Bison School District A Publication of Ravellette Publications, Inc.
 P.O. Box 429 • Bison, South Dakota 57620-0429  Phone: (605) 244-7199 • FAX (605) 244-7198 
Volume 31Number 25December 5, 2013
Includes Tax
Rancher Relief Fund reminds producers applications are open
During this Thanksgiving sea-son, the Rancher Relief Fund ad-ministrators remind livestockproducers that applications arestill being accepted for financialassistance.Bob Fortune, SD StockgrowersPresident said, "Thanks to many,many donations large and smallfrom within South Dakota andfrom all across the country, theRancher Relief Fund has nearlytwo million to distribute to thoseimpacted by the devastating Oc-tober blizzard. As we take time togive thanks this week, we'rethankful for those who have do-nated to the Rancher's Relief Fund."If you are a livestock produceror know a livestock producer whowas affected by the October bliz-zard, please visit www.rancher-srelief.org to complete the onepage application or nominationform. The application and nomi-nation deadline is December 31,2013."Our goal is to provide financialassistance as quickly as possibleto livestock producers who wereimpacted by the storm. Eligibleapplicants will have a lot of flexi-bility to determine how best toput money they receive from theRancher Relief Fund to work inrebuilding their livestock opera-tions," said Cory Eich, SD Cattle-men's Association President.Funds will be distributed bythe SD Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters (SDVOARD)based on criteria established bythe founding livestock organiza-tions. A second funding roundmay be made available to appli-cants who have signed up beforethe deadline, depending on con-tinued contributions to theRancher Relief Fund and thenumber of qualified applicationsreceived. Tax deductible donations canbe made online by going to theBlack Hills Area CommunityFoundation's website atwww.giveblackhills.org. For an-swers to frequently asked ques-tions or for more information onthe Rancher Relief Fund, pleasevisit www.ranchersrelief.org.
After the Storm: What's Next? Meetings begin Dec. 17
SDSU Extension is workingwith South Dakota Stockgrowers,South Dakota Cattlemen's, SouthDakota Department of Agricul-ture and local veterinarians tobring educational programmingto producers in some of the hard-est hit areas following the Octo-ber blizzard.The meetings are scheduled tolast two hours and will include ameal. The topics covered will in-clude; Financial Tools and CowLeases-What's Fair, CattleHealth and Nutrition After theStorm and Emotional Well-being.Meetings will be held in Faith,New Underwood, Union Centerand Newell.
Date & Time Details
Dec. 17 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30p.m. at the Faith Legion HallDec. 17 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30p.m. at the New Underwood Com-munity CenterDec. 18 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30p.m. at the Union Center Com-munity CenterDec. 18 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30p.m. at the Newell School Multi-purpose RoomFor questions or more informa-tion, contact Adele Harty orShannon Sand at 605-394-1722.
Perkins County 4-H Awards
Back row: Ethan Harpster, Jacob Schalesky, Wrangler Weishaar, Kyler Carmichael, DryeannSchuelke. Front row: Elijah Harpster, Dustin Wells, Everett Paul, Iver Paul, Kaia Day, Kenley Day. See page 3
December 8th, 5 p.m. Christ Evan-gelical Lutheran, Preschool Christmas program.December 15th, Blessed Sacrament CatholicChurch Christmas program .December 18th, First Presbyterian ChurchChristmas program .December 21st, American Lutheran ChurchChristmas program. . Alcoholics Anonymous
is meeting weekly in Bison.The group meets every Thursday at 7:00 p.m. in thebasement of the Presbyterian Church. Everyone is wel-come.To have your NON-PROFIT meeting listed here, please submit them by calling: 244-7199, or e-mailing to:courier@sdplains.com. We will run your event notice thetwo issues prior to your event at no charge.
 T h is 
Periodicals Postage Paid at Bison, SD 57620POSTAL PERMIT #009-944
Published weekly every Thursday by Ravellette Publ., Inc.at PO Box 429, Bison SD 57620-0429
 Telephone: 605-244-7199 • Fax: 605-244-7198
E-mail Addresses: courier@sdplains.comcouriernews@sdplains.comSUBSCRIPTION RATES:
Bison............................................................................$36.04 Meadow, Shadehill, Prairie City, Reva & Lodgepole........$35.36Lemmon........................................................................$36.04in state........................................................$39.00 + sales taxout of state (
Includes all Hettinger addresses.) 
...$39.00 (no tax)
Send address changes to  The Bison Courier, PO Box 429, Bison SD 57620-0429
Display and Classified Advertising: Mon-days at 12:00 p.m. Legals: Fridays at 12:00 p.m. 
Don Ravellette
 Editor/Office Manager:
Arlis Seim
Asst. Editor/Reporter:
Lita Wells
 Ad Sales:
Beth Hulm
(605-244-5231), Beth@sdplains.com
Ravellette Publications, Inc. All rights reserved. Nothing may bereprinted, photocopied or in any way reproduced from this publication, in wholeor in part, without the written consent of the publisher.
Nutrition SiteMenu
Thursday, December 5
Mandarin orange chickenparsley potatoesbroccolibanana
Friday, December 6
Hot beef on whole grainmashed potatoes w/gravygreen beanspeaches vanilla ice cream
Monday, December 9
Meatloafboiled potatoesbroccolibutterscotch puddingapricots
Tuesday, December 10
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Baked hamscalloped potatoesglazed carrots1/2 cup cranberry saucered velvet cake
Wednesday, December 11
homemade tomato soupbeef sandwich whole wheat crackers jello w/strawberries orange
“Our sales are every day”
CC Flooring 
Highway 12 • Hettinger • 701-567-2677 carpet • vinyl • hardwood • ceramics 
2 • The Bison Courier •
Thursday, December 5, 2013
Christmas in the great outdoors
by Gov. Dennis Daugaard
Christmas is a time when all of us, young and old, are free to be-come children again, if only for awhile.Laura Ingalls Wilder, the au-thor of the “Little House on thePrairie’’ series, said it this way:“Our hearts grow tender withchildhood memories and love of kindred, and we are betterthroughout the year for having,in spirit, become a child again atChristmas-time.’’Wilder, who spent a good partof her life in the De Smet area,used the term “kindred,’’ which isan old-fashioned way of sayingkinfolk or family. That’s appropri-ate, because Christmas is allabout family, the spirit of givingand the joy of being together. As a child, I could hardly waitfor Christmas to arrive and thegifts to be passed around andopened. Now that I’ve grown up,I find that my enjoyment of theseason is more about watchingothers open their gifts. My enjoy-ment of the season is also aboutthe sights and sounds and smellsthat carry the Christmas mes-sage of peace and good will. I’lladmit that on Christmas, I do be-come in spirit a child again, antic-ipating the expressions of surprise and joy on the faces of family and friends as we sharegifts. It’s a wonderful feeling, andit is meant to be shared. You know, I’m one of the lucki-est people in South Dakota thesedays. The annual Christmas treedisplay is ready for viewing in theCapitol. When I walk into theCapitol building each morningfrom now until after ChristmasDay, I will be greeted by the richaroma of pine trees and thesparkling reflection of Christmaslights on the ornaments that dec-orate those trees. Just walkingdown the hallway to my office isan opportunity to re-experiencechildhood memories of this joyfulseason.In the spirit of the season, Ivery much would like to sharethat rich experience with each of you. This year’s theme for Christ-mas at the Capitol is “Christmasin the Great Outdoors.’’ Many vol-unteers have devoted precioushours to create the annual holi-day display. As always, they havedone a great job.Each of you is invited to visitthe capital city anytime duringthe Christmas season to enjoyChristmas in the Great Outdoors.The display, which includesnearly 100 trees, is open to thepublic from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. dailyfrom Wednesday, Nov. 27 throughSaturday, Dec. 28.I invite you to take the oppor-tunity to visit your Capitol thisseason. Bring your family orfriends. Enjoy the display and, fora little while, become in spirit achild again.
The Bison Courier •
Thursday, December 5, 2013
• 3
Monday, December 9
Hamburger gravymashed potatoeswax beanssalad barfruit & milk
Tuesday, December 10
Tomato souptoasted cheese sandwichsalad barfruit & milk
 Wednesday, December 11
Chicken alfredowhole grain rollsalad barfruit & milk
Thursday, December 12
Chilicornbreadsalad barfruit, milk
 Antelope 4-H ClubParticipation Certificate:
Braden Kopren-4 years; JacobSchalesky-6 years; Tessa Kopren- 8years; Lane Kopren-10 years.
Jolly Ranchers 4-H ClubCloverbud:
Dustin Kolb-Cloverbud.
 Year Pins:
TaytonScholfield-2 years; Everett Paul-3years.
Foods & Nutrition, Visual Arts, Community Service:
IverPaul-3 years; Jacob Kolb-6 years;Joshua McKinstry-7 years;Stephanie Kolb-9 years; LenaeMcKinstry-10 years.
Participa-tion Certificates:
Willie Ander-son-1 year; Dryeann Schuelke-1year; Shawna Kolb-2 years; AspenPulver-2 years; Wade Pulver-3years; Chantel Kolb-3 years; NicoleHafner-6 years; Deaundra Kolb-6years; Trevor Pulver-7 years.
Rough & Ready 4-H Club Year Pins:
Kaia Day-1 year;Kenley Day-2 years; Ian Arneson-2 years; Macy Schiley-2 years;Kyler Carmichael-4 years; LindseyWilken-4 years; Susan Wilken-5years; Kaeli Carmichael- 6 years;Tricia Wilken-7 years; Reed Arne-son-8 years; Karisa Carmichael-8years; Kenny Carmichael-8 years;Sydney Arneson-9 years, Rodeo;Shaley Lensegrav-11 years.
Par-ticipation Certificate:
 AnnaHatle-10 years.
Thunder Butte Valley 4-H ClubCloverbud:
Dustin Wells.
Garrett Holzer-1 year; Tay-lor Fisher-1 year; Corbin Mack-aben-2 years; Ashtin Gerbracht-2years; Hannah McKinstry-2 years;Gavin Nelson-3 years; Josh McK-instry-7 years; Dodge Weishaar-8years; Wrangler Weishaar-8 years.Participation Certificates: GraceHolzer-1 year; Caden Fisher-1year; Morgan McKinstry- 2 years;Joshua Beckman-2 years; KadenGlover-2 years; Dylan Beckman-3years; Jaren Beckman-3 years;Dylan Beckman-3 years; JarenBeckman-3 years; Ty Collins-8years; Dalton Gerbracht- 9 years;Dillon Collins-9 years.
Perkins County Independent Year Pins:
Elijah Harpster-3years; Ethan Harpster-3 years;Jenna Kari-6 years; Julianna Kari-6 years.
Participation Certifi-cates:
Quirt Beer-1 year; KelliEvans-1 year; Justin Schopp-1year; Shyanna Seidel-1 year; TreyDonovan-2 years; Shay Oliver-2years; Trevor Olson-2 years; BrittOliver-3 years; Kelsey Pierson-3years; Cody Thompson-3 years;Billy Larson-3 years; Meza Ham- 4years; Morgan Ham-4 years; SamLarson-4 years; Bailey Oliver-4years; Krista Schopp-4 years;Chance Escott-5 years; Duce Es-cott-5 years; Kelly Schopp-5 years;Collin Palmer-6 years; HallieKocer-7 years; Kasey Larson-7years; Paden Sexton-7 years; PaigeLarson-8 years; Tyus Olson-9years; Brianna Sexton-9 years.
Livestock AwardsRancher’s Special:
The cashaward for this event is sponsoredby Dacotah Bank of Lemmon andBison. This year’s winner was Ju-lianna Kari for Junior Divisionshowing a cow/calf pair.
Round Robin:
Trophy winnersfor Beginner Round Robin was EliHarpster sponsored by Cindy’sCrop Insurance; Junior RoundRobin Winner was Jacob Schaleskysponsored by Len Hofer Family;Senior Round Robin Winner wasEthan Harpster sponsored by Greg Veal and Kandi O’Neal Families
Livestock ShowmanshipHorse Showmanship:
Begin-ner winner- Tayton Schofield; Jun-ior winner- Jacob Schalesky. Eachwinner received JoEllen MemorialHorsemanship Buckles sponsoredby Larry Schuelke and family.
Goat Showmanship:
Beginner-Eli Harpster won a trophy; Junior-Jacob Schalesky won a duffle bag;Senior- Ethan Harpster won asweatshirt.
Sheep Showmanship:
Junior-Jacob Schalesky won a duffle bag.
Beef Showmanship:
Beginner-Dryeann Schuelke won a trophy;Junior- Jacob Schalesky won a duf-fle bag.
Dairy Showmanship:
Junior-Jacob Schalesky won a duffle bag.
Hog Showmanship:
Beginner-Eli Harpster won a trophy; Senior-Ethan Harpster won a sweatshirt.The goat, sheep, beef, dairy, hogawards were sponsored by thePerkins County 4-H Leaders.
Small Animal ShowmanshipRabbit Showmanship:
Begin-ner- Eli Harpster won a trophy.
Chicken Showmanship:
Be-ginner- Eli Harpster won a trophy.
County Fair Awards
Special awards given to the mostoutstanding exhibit in each divi-sion. Beginner’s received $5 spon-sored by the Town and CountryCFEL club. Most OutstandingFoods: Everett Paul; Most Out-standing Horticulture: EverettPaul; Most Outstanding Visual Arts: Everett Paul; Most Outstand-ing Family Resource: Everett Paul;Most Outstanding Ag Related proj-ect: Everett Paul; Most Outstand-ing Photo: Taylor Fisher.Junior’s received $5 sponsoredby Jolly Ranchers 4-H Club. MostOutstanding Foods: Macy Shiley;Most Outstanding Horticulture:Iver Paul; Most Outstanding Vi-sual Arts: Tie between TaytonScholfield and Iver Paul; Most Out-standing Family Resource: TaytonSchofield; Most Outstanding Dis-play: Susan Wilken; Most Out-standing Ag Related project: IverPaul; Most Outstanding Photo:Iver Paul; Most OutstandingPoster: Macy Shiley.Seniors received $10 sponsoredby Jolly Ranchers 4-H Club. MostOutstanding Visual Arts: ShaleyLensegrav; Most OutstandingFamily Resource: Shaley Lenseg-rav; Most Outstanding Display:Ethan Harpster; Most OutstandingPhoto: Anna Hatle.
Outstanding Leather Project
 A $50 cash prize donated by theLarry Schuelke family in memoryof JoEllen Schuelke. This year’swinner Kenneth Carmichael.
Carrie Creativity Award
 A $25 cash award and engravedplaque sponsored by Rough andReady 4-H Club in memory of Car-rie Flatmoe. This year winner was Anna Hatle.
Special County Awards Adria Sudlow Memorial Award
is given to both Junior andSenior members. Each purple rib-bon winner will have their nameand year engraved on a gold plateand placed on the public speakingplaque displayed in the BentleyMemorial Building and also re-ceived a 4-H t-shirt. This year’swinners were Eli Harpster, EthanHarpster, Taylor Fisher, MacySchiley.
Homemaker of Tomorrow Award
This is awarded to a Junior orSenior in the Foods and Nutritionproject; the winner received a Bet-ter Homes and Gardens cookbook.This year’s winner was Macy Schi-ley.
Curtis Vollmer MemorialBelt Buckle
is awarded to the topSenior in Livestock Judging. Thisyear’s winner Ethan Harpster.
Perkins County 4-H Awards

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