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Van Dreams

Van Dreams

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Published by livingonabreath

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Published by: livingonabreath on Aug 21, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vancouver Dreams Hay
INT. POTTERY BARN - DAYBRIE WILLIAMS is aimlessly walking through Pottery Barn, toofocused on her rant to acknowledge where she is. KAYLASCOLEDARIO is following behind her looking around the store.BRIEI swear, I’m like never ever goingto a Sherald Hills party again.They’re like all scenesters andstuff.Kayla looksKAYLALet me guess, none of them wouldhook up with you?BRIEOne of them told me I wasn’t, like,hardcore enough for me too hookupwith him.KAYLABrie.BRIEI can totally be hardcore! I mean,there was this one night where--(beat)Wait, where the hell are we?KAYLAPottery barn, you led us in here!BRIEOh.(beat)Anyway. There was this one nightwhere, like, all I listened to wasParamore.KAYLAWhat possessed you to do that? No,when did you do that?BRIEIt was like last week and I watchedan episode of Bromance afterward towash all the, like, emo off me. SoI’m not sure if I was hardcore theentire night but for a whilethere--
2.KAYLAOkay, I get it.CAMERON HAWKSEMORE sees Kayla and Brie from outside thewindow of the store, Brie sees him and waves, he walks intothe store.KAYLA (cont’d)(under her breath)Oh God.BRIE(trying talk under her breath)What?KAYLANothingBRIEOh my God, Come on.KAYLAForget it.Cameron is right in front of the two, Kayla turns around andbegins to look at candles. True.BRIEHey you.CAMERONHey yourself.(beat)Hi Kayla.Kayla turns around, gives him a slight wave with two of herfingers then looks back to the candles. So awkward.BRIEWhere did you head off to the othernight? I, like, barely saw you.Kayla looks up to Cameron, their eyes catch, she thinks fora moment he’s going to say something. His eyes stay glued toKayla as do hers to him.CAMERONDad was on a rampage, says mygrades aren’t good enough for alate curfew.

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