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Published by prabakaran

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Published by: prabakaran on Aug 21, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. A chart of accounts ( Multi Choice)A. can be allocated to multiple company codeB. can be defined as the group chart of accountsC. only contains definitions for G/L accountsD. can only allocated to one company code.2. A client. ( Single Choice)A. may only contain a single chart of accountsB. may contain multiple charts of accountsC. may only use one currency typeD. may only have one controlling area3. Identify the correct statement(s) relating to how the main business processes areintegrated in the SAP R/3 System. ( Multi Choice)A. A purchase requisition is a documented request to purchase goods or services. InSAP it can be created manually or automatically.B. A goods receipt is the recording of the movement of materials into thewarehouse. In SAP, a financial document which updates the inventory account andan accrued liability account is createdC. The Invoice receipt and verification process compares the vendor invoice with thepurchase order and goods receipt. However, the corresponding financial transactionmust be entered through the financial module of R/3.D. In SAP, payment processing reduces the liability to a vendor and a company'scash balance, records discounts taken and disbursespayment.E. A customer delivery is the transfer of the ownership of goods. A customerdelivery includes, creation of a delivery document, picking the goods for shipment;physically transferring the goods to the customer and financially recording thegoods issue.
4. Identify the correct statement(s) regarding organizational elements within the R/3System. ( Multi Choice)A. The Sales area combines the sales organization, distribution channel, anddivision.B. The Purchasing Organization is responsible for the purchasing for the only oneplant.C. A plant is a location in which inventory quantities and values are stored ormanufactured.D. A Controlling area can comprise several company codes using different chart of accounts but must operate in the same currency.E. A profit center is used to generate income statements and operating profitstatements.5. Which of the following statements is true ? ( Single Choice)A. A Company code can belong to more than one controlling area.B. A plant must be allocated to a company codeC. A controlling area and a company code must have the same local currency.D. A business area and a company code are assigned to each other in the corporatestructure IMG6 . Which of the following statements about year-end closing are correct?(Multi)A. You carry out year-end closing before the fiscal year change.B. During year-end closing, the program checks if the year-end closing can becarried out.C. Once the year-end closing was successfully completed, the system automaticallychanges certain entries in Customizing (closed fiscal year)D. You cannot create and post to new fixed assets until The year-end closing issuccessfully completedE. You can only conduct year-end closing on June 30 or December 31 of each year.
7. What steps have to be completed before you can generate asset classes form G/Laccounts? (Multi)A. Account selectionB. Account determinationsC. Number range intervalsD. Screen layout variantsE. Asset classes8. For each depreciation area you need to specify whether you want to (Multi)A. post depreciation at periodic intervals to the general ledgerB. post asset values at periodic intervalsC. automatically post values onlineD. use index classesE. post to business areas9. Please click on the button next to the correct answer.(Multi)A. The business area can run across many company codes, i.e. all company codescan post in all business areas.B. A company code may belong to more than One Controlling Area.C. Each company codes uses exactly one chart of accounts and one chart of depreciation.D. Business areas are used to create internal balance sheets and incomestatements.

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