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Grammar Packet

Grammar Packet

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Published by paratrans

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Published by: paratrans on Aug 21, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Principles of English IIMr. Paap
Parts of Speech description
Noun – a word that names a person, place, thing, or an idea.EX: student, community, poem, hungera.
Proper Nouns are
names.EX: Mr. Paap, Arizona, Carson Junior High School, Sears2.
Pronouns – words that take the place of nounsEX: he, she, me, I, we, they, who, them3.
Adjectives – words that DESCRIBE nouns & pronounsEX: young, beautiful, blue, tall, old, goofya.
ARTICLES – a, an, & the are adjectives4.
Verbs –a.
Action verbs – words that DO.EX: run, yell, scream, cry, hop, write, listenb.
Linking verbs – words that link/join the subject & the predicate – noactionEX: be, feels, was were, are5.
Adverbs – words that describe verbs, adjectives or other adverbs.EX: today, well, carefully, intensely, never, almost, next6.
Conjunctions – CONNECT words to show how they are relatedEX: and, but, or, nor, yet, for neither, both7.
Interjections – words that show strong emotionEX:
! I forgot my homework 8.
Prepositions – a word that introduces a phrase and shows the relationship betweenthe object of the phrase and some other word in the sentence.
aboutaboveacrossafteragainstalongamongaroundatamidbeforebehindbelowbeneathbesidebetweenbeyondbutbydownduringexceptforfromininsideintolikenearoroff onontooutoutsideoverpastsincethroughthroughouttotowardunderunderneathuntilupuponwithwithinwithout
lovesadhappyfearanger joydespairsurprisetrustserenitygrief somberexcitementselfishconfusionhopestressdisappointmentcouragehatredsombergratitudepridegenerousfrustrationkindnessisolationcontemptsuspenseshame
expectationgreatnesstrustloyaltyobedientcheerfulreverentleadershipfellowshiprelationshipfragilehonestyfriendship justiceignoranceknowledgeyouthsuccesshelpfuldishoneststrengthdexterityfeeble
religionchoicemysteryprejudiceexpectationspirityouthlifedeathconflictcharacterluck valuesmiraclelabordesireserendipidy

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