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Spirituality & the Professionals

Spirituality & the Professionals

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Published by William Wilkie
Dr. William Wilkie callenges professionals to view all their work as HOLY. Bill Wilkie was an academic and business person who is concerned about the fact that we separate the sacred and secular.
Dr. William Wilkie callenges professionals to view all their work as HOLY. Bill Wilkie was an academic and business person who is concerned about the fact that we separate the sacred and secular.

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Published by: William Wilkie on Aug 21, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hearty, heroic, compassionate, fearless martyrs must the men and women be who take hold of and shape a generation for God. If they be timid time servers, place seekers, if they be men pleasers or men fearers, if their faith has a weak hold on God or his Word, if their denial be broken by any phase of self or the world, theycannot take hold of the Church nor the world for God.E.M. Bounds, “Men of Prayer Needed,p. 1
“...educate and empower professionals to activate people ofpeace, engage in the global conversation, disciple their professionand turn their world right-side-up.”
Assisting professionals in the market-space and market-place who are called by God to not onlydisciple but also transform their own organization will shape the 21
century as God’s “laborers”move from the “ordained to the ordinary.” We are also collecting fact based research rather than just anecdotal research on the affects of intercessory prayer on policies, practices, values andnew product development in various work domains.This essay has several themes:
Intercessory prayer affects patient health:
 We have some evidence that prayer cansignificantly affect surgical success rates and reduces recovery times for patients.
Intercessory prayer can affect and transform organizations:
 If intercessory prayercan affect patient health, could intercessory prayer also affect organizational health inmarket-spaces and market-places including commerce? 
Work is Holy:
 Work in Genesis chapter 1 is defined as “...multiply, fill, subdue andrule...” the world that God gave to them (mankind). This was not only mankind’s holywork but God gave them the talents, gifting and resources to accomplish this mission.We call it the “Original Commission.” It was never withdrawn and the “GreatCommission” complements it with its charge to “...disciple the nations...”
Professionals as nation builders:
If intercessory prayer can transform our professionalwork and market-space setting, could God also expect us to transform 21
centurynations much as God transformed Western Europe. God is resourcing a few to disciplethe nations. 
Global Conversation and neutral platforms:
Christians have often been adversarial intheir relationships. We propose creating neutral platforms in the market-space andmarket-place as well as engaging people in the emerging global conversation about“...how best to live life on planet earth.” 
The Templeton Foundation funded ICIHS (International Center for Integration of Health &Spirituality) in the 1990’s. Dr. David Larson, formerly a researcher with the National Institutesof Heath, led the effort to integrate “Spirituality and Medicine” into the American scene.From 1998-2000, Dr. Bill Wilkie engaged Dr. Larson in a series of conversations regarding theunderlying principles that Dr. Larson and the Templeton Foundation relied upon to achieve theirgoal of “integration.” Integration into the medical education scene has been partly achieved bythe creation of a course on “Spirituality & Medicine” in many top 25 medical schools.Medical research shows that prayer made a difference in surgical success rates and rate of recovery. * Dr. David Larson was successful in introducing this perspective into the generalpublic awareness through articles in various local, regional and national publications.What can we learn from their success with patients that we could apply to broader aspects of themedical profession including medical partnerships, hospitals and the health care system? Whatwere the underlying principles that brought about integration? How might they be applied to“Spirituality & Medical Practices?”
Established fact based research,
Published research findings on the impact of prayer in small cities first,
Published research finding in prestigious medical publications later,
Created neutral platforms rather than adversarial platforms in major medical schools and
Believed that fact based truth would ultimately win out.First, we need cases studies and fact based research that demonstrates the effects of prayer onboth patient as well as medical organizations. Are there Biblical operating principles which if applied produce new value added services that are superior and increase the number and type of patients in a practice or partnership? Can prayer produce value added services to meet patient’sneeds and still support superior wages and benefits for all partners and employees?Communities have “intercessors” who meet periodically to prayer for various needs. In thetradition of Rees Howells ** in Wales from 1930 to 1950, could a segment of these intercessorsbe called by God to intercede for surgical success rates and patient recovery short term. Later,they could be asked to pray for a medical practice including its systems, values and policiesdirected toward patients, employees and the partners._______________________________* Faith, Medicine and Science: A Festchift in Honor of Dr. David B. Larson, by Jeff Levin(editor) and Harold Koenig (editor), Harworth Pastor Press, 2005** Rees Howells: Intercessor, Norman Grubb, Christian Literature Crusade, 1952.Review written by Bill Wilkie at

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