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16156557 Seventy Times Seven

16156557 Seventy Times Seven

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Published by vaibhavpandey

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Published by: vaibhavpandey on Aug 21, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Seventy times Seven
 Allan Kardec SpiritistSociety of Massachusetts52 BroadwaySomerville, MA, 02145
INTRODUCTIONThis is the story of a Turtle, its friend Shark, a Denis fish,and four other Fish Friends. All of our characters live in theSea of Galilee. The Turtle, the oldest, has learned many thingsabout the happenings of that sea from its family, which haslived in the same sea for two thousand years. As our little FishFriends and the Denis live their adventures, we will learn sto-ries about the life of a fisherman called Simon Peter, the sonof Jonas.The story happens in a school. Today they will sing a song aboutSimon Peter, but many things happen during the day.MR. FRANKLIN (TURTLE)Play and sing the song about Peter.1.TURTLE AND ITS SHARK FRIEND As the music fades out, the Turtle and the Shark are talking.FRANKLIN (TURTLE)I love this song. It reminds me of mygreat-grand-mother, who used to tell mebeautiful stories about Simon Peter andJesus, which happened here by the seaof Galilee, more than two thousandyears ago.Bruce, the Shark passes by, he is sad and walks with his eyesdown.FRANKLINHey, Bruce. How are you?BRUCE (SHARK)Oh! Hey, Frank. I am fine...FRANKLINThis must have been the weakest fine Ihave ever heard.Maybe, the Turtle could play with the kids and ask if they arefine, and wait until they give a very energetic answer.BRUCE Ah..., Frank. Who am I trying to fool?You know me very well.
BRUCE (CONT.)I had an argument with my friend at work yesterday, and I am embarrassed to meet with him today.I know I should forgive him -- he is agood friend -- but he always does thesame thing.How many times am I supposed to for-give?2.PETER LEARNS TO FORGIVE 70 TIMES 7The Turtle will begin to tell the story of how Peter learned toforgive seventy times seven, but from behind of the “stage”, thereal characters will appear and re-enact the story.FRANKLINOh, Bruce. I think I can cheer you up with a little story about Peter and Je-sus that I learned from my great-grand- mother.BRUCEHooray! I feel better already. I lovethe stories that you tell about Jesus.FRANKLINOne day, Jesus was walking by thebeach, and Peter and James were walkingtogether right behind him, when a poor woman tried to pass in front of them tospeak with Jesus.Peter and James walk from behind the “stage” and the woman comesright after them.JAMESStop! What do you want, woman?WOMAN(With a suffering look)I... I want to speak with Jesus!JAMESGet out of here, woman.What could you possibly understand ofthe Master’s teachings?

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