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Times Online Nurses 18082009

Times Online Nurses 18082009

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Published by Sikainfluenssa

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Sikainfluenssa on Aug 22, 2009
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August 18, 2009
One in three nurses does not wantswine flu vaccine
(Francois Lenoir/Reuters)
Frontline health and social care workers will be offeredthe H1N1 vaccine from October David Rose
One in three nurses say they will not be immunisedagainst swine flu, despite being offered the vaccineas a priority to protect patients.Concerns about the vaccine’s safety and a perceptionthat the infection is mild are among reasons that NHSstaff gave for refusing to have the jab, a survey of nearly 1,500 staff found.Frontline health and social care workers will beoffered the jab from October, along with patients inat-risk groups — such as those with diabetes, asthmaor pregnant women.In the online survey for 
Nursing Times
magazine, 30per cent of nurses said that they would not getimmunised when the vaccine for H1N1 becameavailable; 37 per cent said they would. Thirty-threeper cent were undecided.Of those who said that they would not be vaccinated,60 per cent cited concern about the safety of thevaccine as the main reason.Thirty-one per cent said they did not consider therisks to their health from swine flu to be greatenough, and 9 per cent did not think they would beable to take time out of work to visit their GP to beimmunised.Two possible vaccines are being tested in trials runby the University of Leicester and the HealthProtection Agency to assess immunity levels andidentify side-effects.A decision on licensing is expected at the end of September, with nearly 55 million doses expected tobe delivered to Britain by the end of the year.David Salisbury, the Department of Health’s director of immunisation, said it was unfortunate that nurses
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Swine flu
The Times
One in three nurses does not want swine flu vaccine - Times Onlinehttp://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/health/Swine_flu/article67992...1 of 421/08/2009 17:31
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you solve those responsibilities by being vaccinated,”he said.He added: “The evidence that we’ve had is sufficientto persuade the regulators that these are vaccinesthat will be licensed.”Professor Salisbury’s comments follow a warningfrom Sir Liam Donaldson, the Chief Medical Officer for England, that swine flu could leave up to 12 per cent of the NHS workforce on sick leave at any onetime.Low vaccination rates among NHS staff havepreviously been blamed for causing disruption toservices and illness among patients during typicalwinter flu seasons.Transmission by staff of contagious viruses wasblamed for some hospital outbreaks of flu last winter,when fewer than one in seven NHS staff received theannual flu vaccine, while shortages of workers alsoput pressure on accident and emergencydepartments.Reported cases of swine flu this summer havealready surpassed the levels typically seen during awinter flu season, and the figures are expected tosurge in the coming months.George Kassianos, the immunisation spokesman for the Royal College of GPs, said: “More than any other year, this year it is extremely improtant that peopleget vaccinated against flu. It is very important thatnurses, doctors and healthcare workers do not getinfluenza themselves and have to go off sick, andalso that we do not give it to our patients.“We are lucky that we will have enough doses of thisvaccine in Britain, and we as health professionalsneed to put it in our own arms first to better protectour patients.”Dr Kassianos added that it was understandable thatpeople were unsure about having a new vaccine, “butits ingredients and the way it's being manufacturedare almost exactly the same as the annual fluvaccine. I see no reason why this vaccine should beany different to the flu vaccines of the past. People’sconfidence should rise as the programme gets under way.”
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One in three nurses does not want swine flu vaccine - Times Onlinehttp://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/health/Swine_flu/article67992...2 of 421/08/2009 17:31
August 19, 2009 8:46 AM BST
August 19, 2009 7:56 AM BST
August 19, 2009 12:44 AM BST
August 18, 2009 8:39 PM BST
 judy kemp wrote:
.. safe .. because of majority versus minority and their 'balance of risks'.. rick andrews must be a politician ..look at the 'ingredients' that are in the 'swine flu' vaccine ..and now in the U.S. and the U.K. three (3) 'shots' arebeing advocated .. go to www.medicalvoices.org andread what the hundreds of Doctors there are saying .. itcertainly isn't in tune with what 'scurrilous rick' isadvocating ..
Rick Andrews wrote:
What baffles me is the emphasis on the 1/3rd that say noto the vaccine. That means 2/3rds, the vast majority of nurses, are quite happy to take the vaccine. My daughter has swine flu. She's not at death's door but she hassuffered a secondary chest and throat infection, running afever for over 6 days continuously and is signed off workfor at least two weeks.Vaccines for rapidly mutating infections which are strainspecific, like influenza, are always untested because timedoes not allow the testing and clinical trials in thesecases. There is a balance of risks to be made. We musteach make our own but to condemn the vaccine on aminority opinion is a bit scurrilous
Alan Johnston wrote:
I will not have this vaccine, nor take tamiflu. In all cases itshould be a matter of well-informed individual choice. Weshould all be aware of the potential danger of allowingourselves to be herded. I say get as much information asyou can about the origin of this flu and the actions of thedrug company set to benefit.
Kadiyali Srivatsa wrote:
The WHO is also concerned that the virus will develop aresistance to Tamiflu, According to the CDC, in the fluseason of 2007-8 only 12% of circulating H1N1 viruseswere resistant to Tamiflu. This season 98% of them are,for reasons not yet understood.The prospect of swine flu developing a spontaneousresistance to Tamiflu, or swapping genes with an existingresistant H1N1 strain, is alarming officials at the WHO.UK Governament & health department dished outTamiflu. We also know the virus is often spread bypeople who are asymptomatic and have no fever.The vaccination was developed in a hurry with no proper clinical trial. We know the swine flu vaccination in the pastresulted in Gullian Barrie Syndrome which resulted in lngterm illness. Most death after contracting swine flu werecaused by Staphylococcus (Now MRSA).Why then is this Govt bent on imposing vaccination?What happens if a GP refuses to use this becausehe/she feels it is un-ethical.I can understand the anxiety of people but am suredoctors like me are also debating and wondering what todo.
Lucy Lu wrote:
I am pregnant and will NOT be having the vaccine
One in three nurses does not want swine flu vaccine - Times Onlinehttp://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/health/Swine_flu/article67992...3 of 421/08/2009 17:31

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