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The true story of how a Jewish man came to accept Jesus (Yeshua) as his Messiah.

The true story of how a Jewish man came to accept Jesus (Yeshua) as his Messiah.

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This is the true story of how Doug Carmel came to faith in Yeshua (Jesus) at the age of 21 years old in New York City.
This is the true story of how Doug Carmel came to faith in Yeshua (Jesus) at the age of 21 years old in New York City.

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Published by: Rock of Israel Ministries on Aug 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Jewish Young Man Meets His Messiah -The Testimony of Doug Carmel
I was born in New York City in 1964 to a newlyimmigrated Israeli man and a first generationAmerican born Jewish woman. Their marriagelasted only two short years. Under the threat of domestic violence, my mother left and went backto her mother's house. It was under the care of these two Jewish women that I received much of my traditional Jewish upbringing.My mother had to find work to support us whichmeant that much of my time was spent with a dearJewish immigrant from the old countryaffectionately known as my grandmother. Shespoke fluent Yiddish and as a result I learned tounderstand much of the old country language.My grandmother's sense of traditionalism burnedbright against the gentile background I'd grownaccustomed to in earlier years. We kept two sets of silverware: One for milk, and one for meat. We litannual Yortzit candles in memory of her husband,my grandfather. We also observed special days theJewish holidays in the Spring and Fall. We were avery typical Jewish home in New York City!
While most of my friends were allowed to play ballon the street almost every October day, however,there were two specific days during that monththat I was not to participate. It was not under thethreat of violence that I abstained, but rather froma sense of belonging to my people. On the HolyDays of Yom Kippur and Rosh HaShanna we simplydid not act as the gentiles did. I was told that YomKippur was the day that we were to fast so Godwould forgive us of our sins. We were not toengage in any normal activities that day - not eventurning on a light switch! You can imagine howdifficult this must have been to this ten year old,but we were Jewish! And if this is what Godwanted us to do...As I entered my teens, however, I began to ponderthe meaning and value of these and othertraditional observances. This idea of just fastingone day a year for the forgiveness of my sinsraised perplexing questions in my heart and mind.How could I fast just one day a year and the restof the year do whatever I wished? And then thequestion of forgiveness began to loom greater andgreater as time passed and I progressed into areasof life that I inherently knew were not pleasing toGod.I graduated from High School at the age of sixteenand went on to college, becoming fascinated by alifestyle that would eventually shape all of myactivities during that period the life of wine,women and song. Rock music and my large
collection of albums and tapes became a kind of inner haven as the rock musicians seemed to strikechords deep within my soul. I was also lured bythe beauty of women in different girlfriends andvery sexually explicit pictures – all the time tryingto keep things hidden from my parents.I recall one day noticing a button on a girl's jacketwhich stated, "Sin now, pray later.", the impact of that statement I will never forget, because Ithought, "That's me!" My religious upbringing wasstill there, buried deep under outer layers of sin. Istill feared God, and in retrospect, I believe that byhis Holy Spirit the button on that rebellious girl's jacket was used gently by God to convict me of mysin.I graduated from college in 1985 at the age of 21.In May of 1986, I was up in the late hours of theevening watching television (as was my habit then)when I heard a slight rumbling sound outside. Iwent to our seventh floor apartment window andstuck my head out, but saw nothing. A fewmoments later, the strange noise outside occurredagain. I went over to the window once more butsaw nothing in the sky... I wondered what it was.And then a brief thought crossed my mind…. Whatif it was the sound of approaching hoofbeats?Then I thought, "This is it... The Christians wereright! JESUS IS COMING BACK and it's tonight!!"For a few seconds, my eyes were riveted to thesky as I waited for the horses to appear through

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