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The Unsaved Saviour

The Unsaved Saviour

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F. B. Meyer.

" Save Thyself." " He saved others ; Himself
He cannot save." — Matt, xxvii. 40, 42.
F. B. Meyer.

" Save Thyself." " He saved others ; Himself
He cannot save." — Matt, xxvii. 40, 42.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Dec 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE UNSAVED SAVIOUR F. B. Meyer." Save Thyself." " He saved others ; Himself He cannot save." — Matt, xxvii. 40, 42. Our Lord probably stood for the first time before Pilate at six in the morning, and the final order to lead Him to the Cross would have been about eight. The scourging must have taken some twenty minutes, so that it would be about 8.30 on the day of the Crucifixion when the procession left the Hall of Pilate. An entire cohort of soldiers was probably set apart for the closing tragedy of His life, four of them being detailed to accompany Him, and four to guard each of the malefactors that followed Him. The centurion of the whole company generally preceded the cohort. It is not difficult to imagine that procession along the " Via Dolorosa/' as it is called
88 THE WIDENESS OF GOD S MERCY  — the centurion first, on each side a line of soldiers in single file, in the centre the three who were to be crucified. It was a holiday — the shops were all closed, and from every street the crowds poured until they stood in one vast concourse to watch the procession, for Jesus was well known. The details of His life had been carefully followed, and many were under a deep debt of obligation, and desired to see Him for the last time. He had not been refreshed by sleep, had taken no nourishment since the Paschal meal, had passed through paroxysms of emotion and conflict in the meantime, had experienced the bitterness of scourging and mocking. We cannot, therefore, wonder that His emaciated body, worn and wan, sank beneath the
Cross, eliciting from the women of Jerusalem groans and tears of pity as they wept for Him. A countryman who happened to be passing by, and whose appearance indicated that he was not a THE UNSAVED SAVIOUR 89 citizen of Jerusalem, Simon of Cyrene, was arrested, and compelled to bear the Cross ; and there are words that seem to suggest that our Lord was almost carried in a fainting condition for the remainder of the way. The procession descended into the most busy and crowded thoroughfare of the whole city, and so out, through the northern gate, to a place which by its configuration approached as nearly as possible to the likeness of a skull — as we speak of the brow of a hill, so they spoke

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