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Spirituality and Science Bridging the Gap

Spirituality and Science Bridging the Gap

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Published by InLak'ech

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Published by: InLak'ech on Aug 22, 2009
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 Science and spirituality in the new millennium
 A research into integrative philosophy
Free ebook, first edition, 2006 ©2001, 2006, 2007 Martin Euser 
Section 1: Theosophy
The seven jewels of wisdom.A concise intro to the main points of TheosophyThe psychological key to man.What humans really are and how to help change this world for the better What happens to us after death?Invaluable information about life and deathTowards a modernization of theosophy 
Section 2: Vitvan
The book you are now reading is the result of many years of dedicated study andapplication of the
Ancient teachings that are known under various namestoday: Gnosis, Theosophy, esotericism, and perennial philosophy, to name a few. Theemphasis on the practicality of these teachings will appear again and again in this book.The background for this is that the goal of this book is not just to present the highlightsof the Ancient philosophy in a modern form, but especially to show you
how to use thisknowledge in your everyday life
.Tools and techniques are described that will enable you to transform your vision on lifeand society and help you to gradually transform yourself,
your innermost self!Thus, this book is a do-it-yourself book in the category of self-improvement, but it ismore than psychology alone that is being presented here. The essence of the holistic paradigm, the idea that the whole of nature is a tightly interconnected web of relationsand interactions is elaborated and illustrated.Elements of Buddhism, Vedanta, Kabbalah, Platonism, Pythagorean teachings, andAlchemy are also perceptible in this work. The author regards all these philosophies asaspects of one Truth that can be paraphrased as "the natural order process". To thosethat study the human being and his place in the macrocosm it is abundantly clear thatthere can be only one Truth, but many aspects ("truths"). I won’t claim that I dodescribe ultimate Truth (nobody can do that), but I do claim to describe some aspects("truths") of the natural order process.To acquire some understanding of the overall cosmic structure, function and order means to experience a joy that transcends anything else.It is my sincere hope that the reader will be able to pick up some of this joy and that hewill find a way to express this joy in his or her everyday life.This book is actually a collection of articles and essays of mine that have appeared onthe worldwide web, during the period of 1994-1999, on the now defunctspiritweb(butsee www.archive.organd on my own domain (1999-2006), now hosted onTripod  You can still find these articles at these places, but for this book I have added anintroduction and edited the complete text to make it more readable.In the appendices and in the sections on Arthur Young and John Bennett you will findmore on
holistic science
integrative philosophy
, including some attempts to clarifythe relation between the Ancient esoteric teachings and science. This is an ongoingeffort of mine, in order to bridge the gap that, for many, seems to exist between scienceand spirituality.Finally, I would like to express my thanks to D.J.P. Kok, the deceased leader of theDutch Point Loma Theosophical Society, whose work has been a continuous inspirationto me. His writings and lectures served as a template for part of the Theosophy Basicsseries and to some degree for my article on the afterlife. Also, the School of the NaturalOrder has been so kind to give me permission to use the diagrams and graphics
 pertaining to Vitvan’s writings in my articles.Enjoy your study. November, 2000.June, 2006Martin Euser Discussion & feedback boards
Introduction to "
 Science and spirituality in the new millennium
You have just started to read a book that has the potential to change your life forever. Itcontains excerpts of some of the most interesting books and lectures on the hidden sideof human life as well as results from my own investigations into the realm of esotericism.Esotericism (a Greek word) pertains to that knowledge that is meant for a limited circle,the ones initiated into the mysteries, only. Today, much of the formerly esotericknowledge has become available to the public at large, especially that knowledge thatwas once taught as the "lesser mysteries" (preparatory instructions) in the ancientmystery-schools. It has become exoteric knowledge. The greater mysteries, however, pertain to the real experience of that what has been taught and is available on the
level, for those that make themselves ready to receive the Gnosis, theunderstanding by experience of all that is holy, i.e.
. Engaging in such a process isa decision that you will have to make for yourself. None will do that for you. It is adecision that will bring pain and bliss, as the purificatory process you have to engage inwill expurgate the impure elements in your nature.The first steps, however, are study and meditation on the thoughts like those offeredhere and is less demanding, although involving a reorientation on this world and your  place within it.The goal of this book is to help you make this world a better place. How can weaccomplish such an ambitious goal? Well, by offering you the tools and techniquesnecessary to transform
! This is the only way to effect permanent changes for the good, because it gets to the root of the matter: ignorance and selfishness. Byignorance you can hurt others and yourself inadvertently, so, it would be great if wecould diminish it, isn't it?One of the best ways to do this is by studying the principles of the creative process, theway nature works. Therefore, I have compiled material from two esoteric traditions inthe West, namely Theosophy and Vitvan's Gnosis, that are essential to theunderstanding of the human being, its place in the natural order and the possibility of spiritual evolution. It is to be understood that both Theosophy and Vitvan's Gnosis can be classified as examples of esotericism and deal with the same topics, albeit indifferent ways as you will discover.When you get understanding through practice of the techniques described in this book you will be able to transform yourself, bit by bit, and thus help to change this worldsince you are an integral part of this world.

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