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Grade3_1st Q Science

Grade3_1st Q Science

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What is Science, Senses and Sense Organs, Skeletal System, Joints, Muscles
What is Science, Senses and Sense Organs, Skeletal System, Joints, Muscles

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Published by: flower.power11233986 on Aug 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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on the blank if the phrase describes acharacteristic of a good scientist and an
if it does not. ______1.believes in superstitions ______2.uses senses in observing things ______3.records his observations ______4.makes guesses based on rumors ______5.thinks in logical manneB. DIRECTIONS: What would a good scientist do in the followingcircumstances? Circle the letter of the correct answer.1.Anton has been wondering marine life. Until he is old enoughto go scuba diving and explore, he can…a.read books and magazines about marine life.b.keep on wondering until he is old enough.c.watch Finding Nemo.d.keep a pet fish.2.Ben wants to find out how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. Todo so, Ben should…a.watch National Geographic.b.catch a caterpillar, feed it and observe.c.ask his yaya to figure it out.d.ask the palm reader.3.Carlo tried to do an experiment he read about in the magazine.However, his results were different from that in the article. Carloshould…a.throw away his experiment.b.forget about the whole thing.c.try to do the experiment again.d.ask his science teacher to do it for him.
4.Dan saw a strange insect in the garden. He shoulda.take a picture of the insect.b.observe it well then get his insect book to find out what itis.c.step on the insect because it might bite.d.leave it.5.Ethan saw a steaming pot and wondered if the steam is hot or cold. Ethan should…a.ask the cook if it is hot or cold.b.keep on looking at the steam.c.pass his hand through the steam to find out.d.draw the steam in his drawing book.
A.DIRECTIONS:Write T if the sentence is true and F if it is not. _____1.Scabies is caused by parasites in the skin thatcan cause itching. _____2.Tinea flava and athletes foot are caused by fungiinfections. _____3.Deafness results when the eardrum in the middleear is broken. _____4.A sty is a small boil on the eyelids. _____5.Acne or pimples form when the skin has too muchsebum or oil. _____6.A person with red, watery and swollen eyes haseye boils. _____7.An ear discharge happens when water gets in theears. _____8.Boils are eye infections caused by pus. _____9.Sinusitis is a nose ailment that causes headache.ache. _____ 10.A furry tongue can be caused by biting one’stongue.
 _____ 11.A mouth sore results from lack of vitamin B or C,a cheek injury or germs. _____ 12.A nosebleed can be caused by hot weather or strong sneezing. _____ 13.Colds are caused by the clogging of the sinus withmucous and symptoms include headache or painful cheeks. _____ 14.Tongue cracks are caused by allergies. _____ 15.A person has ear discharge when yellowish liquidcomes out of the ear because of a pus thatdeveloped in the middle ear.C. DIRECTIONS: Fill in the missing word. Choose from the wordsin the box.nose hairstaste budsnerve endingbrainsensory cellsnostrilsinner eartongue1.Your ____________ and nose work together to help you enjoyfood.2.The tongue has ______________ that gather information aboutdifferent tastes.3-4.The _____________, which are connected to the ____________________, can be found inside the nose.5.The smells that we sense are also accurately identified throughthe help of our _________________.6.From the middle ear, vibrations move through the fluid that fillsthe _____________________.7.Air enters your nose through openings called ____________.8.Most __________________ are found in the dermis.

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