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Grade2 1st Q Science

Grade2 1st Q Science

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Scientific Method, Five Senses, Growth and Development
Scientific Method, Five Senses, Growth and Development

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Published by: flower.power11233986 on Aug 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Q_SCIENCEI.WHAT IS SCIENCE/ THE SCIENTIFIC METHODDIRECTIONS: Write the correct answer on the blanks. Choose fromthe given words.Temporary Answertasting Conclusionscientific methodSciencetouchingsensesobserverFindings
1._________________ is the study of the world around us.2.A scientist finds answers to problems by using the _________________________.3.Being a good ____________ is a good step to being a scientist.4._________________ is the step of the scientific method where yougive a possible answer to the problem.5. _________________ is the step in the scientific method where yourecord the results of your experiment.6.Making observations requires the use of our _____________.7-8.Our five senses are seeing, hearing, smelling ___________________ and __________________.
FLOATERS OR SINKERS. Write the objects in their proper columns.
hammerpapeplastic plate5 peso coinrubber bandfeathegold watchcellphonecorkpencil
II.THE FIVE SENSESA.DIRECTIONS: We have learned that we can use our body partsto observe different things. Which parts of your body will you use toobserve the objects in Column 1? Write a √ under the column of thecorrect part/s.
Column 1
EYESEARSNOSETONGUEHANDSalcogelmaporangecaketissuemarblepianorattlePoster B.DIRECTIONS: Which sensory organ will you use in making thefollowing observations? Write only the letter of your answer on theblank. You may repeat an answer.
a.eyesb.earsc. nosed. tonguee. skin ______1.My leg is itchy. ______2.The car is big and black. ______3.The dogs are barking loudly. ______4.The candy is sour. ______5.The roses are fragrant. ______6.The jeeps are noisy. ______7.Snow is cold and powdery. ______8.Coke Light is very sweet. ______9.The dead rat stinks. ______10.The postcard is colorful and shiny.
C. DIRECTIONS. Look at the following pictures. What sense or senses is/are being used for safety?
1. _______________________ 2. _______________________ 3. _______________________ 4. ________________________ (hot pan)5. _________________________ (earthquake)6. ______________________ 

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