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Saturn Through the Houses

Saturn Through the Houses



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Published by Moonlightshadow
Understanding the transit of Saturn through houses.
Understanding the transit of Saturn through houses.

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Published by: Moonlightshadow on Aug 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Saturn through the houses.With so much activity on the economy and Job loss, the system as we know it beingdestroyed so to speak and will affect everyone, but how we react to this newbeginning will show in our individual chart.Saturn being the lawmaker and Lord of karma we will face our inner fears, all ourinsecurities and anxieties, fear of our own inabilities, failures, and success. Withsuccess comes responsibility. We all want success but do we really want theresponsibility that goes with it?How would we hold on the pass habits and that comfortable feeling that we are souse to. All the habit patterns of the past now come forth to be dealt with and finallylet go. We must face the music and embrace a new beginning, which scares theheck out us, for the fear of the unknown. A place we have not yet ventured intobefore. Those with strong Aquarius and Uranus, the rebels of the zodiac will see this as achallenge of a lifetime for they do not care of the status quo.As Saturn rebuilds our egos, regardless of which area of life he is in we will walkaway better individuals with a few scares left behind. The battles scares will be areminder of a bitter lesson well earned. The more we let go of our ego the easierthis lesson will be. However, like most creatures of habits we choose the hard wayand fighting, kicking and screaming. The house that Saturn is your will show us the area in our life that we need to startwork on. Wherever Saturn is, is where our Karmic lesson begins.Saturn builds one brick at a time with a solid foundation to last.Saturn's nature is slow and cunning, unlike other planets that march right in andwham. Saturn is more discreet in his arrival, but his energy is very potent. Themajority of individuals will feel Saturn with their first Saturn return, usually in theirearly 30's depending on the motion of the planet. This is the time in our life whenwe have some bases to build on. We have to have some structure in order torebuild. As Saturn is rebuilding us and the world so to speak, We have the choice tomake, either fight this change and make it harder on us or go with it , let go and letGod.Saturn always leaves us in a much better place then when he found us. We willlearn that growth may be very painful but worth it in the end as things beginning tosettle down for us and the world as a whole. This change will not happen over night,as we did not build our own selfish ego overnight.Saturn's influence will bring stability, conservatism, ambition, discipline and carefulplanning. How we accept this influence will be up to us, for we have the free will inplay as with all planets.We all know that Saturn is in Libra now, and those of us who have this placement at
birth will be going through a Saturn return, in the coming years as Saturn,progresses further in this sign. Some for the first time and others the second return.Saturn is exalted in this sign of Libra, which can emphasize the positive qualities of Libra.With Saturn soon to enter into this sign of Libra, we will be reinventing our ability torelate to others. The scales of justice will balance our insecurities of our self we aswe are faced with the image we reflect to others in our relationships. We wantapproval from others, due to our own inabilities to approve of our self. We have thebeauty and grace of Libra but we also inherit the indecisiveness of this sign. Makinga stand for our beliefs will be difficult for we can see both side of the realm, whenwe do make a stand no one will talk us out of it. Our insecurities will come to face usalong with our fears of being inadequate. Saturn will build on our own relationshipwith our higher self. Virgo is the last of the personal signs and Libra is the first signof our journey back to the higher self. Here is the midpoint between the personalityand the soul. Let the battle begin for the soul must out weight the personality. There is a constant battle between feelings and emotions as their feelings areshifted through their mind. Saturn will be a challenge, in this sign of Libra for it is anair sign Saturn will discipline the relationships it will restrict and even delay, but notdeny. Saturn's task will be to teach us to cooperate with others and not becompletive in nature that comes so easily with Libra. Libra's crave companionship,for they hate to be alone.Saturn though the houses,First houseBeing on the first house will be important for this shows how we will look at theword and how we react in the personality form. Most of us will want to withdrawfrom society, depression will be in play with this placement, in turn will feed us thenegative outlook in life.Our insecurities from childhood will be in the play here, misplaced guilt andanxieties can create a false outlook on life. People around you are very dominatingforcing us to deal with them along with our fear of failure and success for they feelthey do not deserve it. Anxieties and trauma from both physical and spiritual will beforced to deal with. Being 1rst house and angular will give this energy morestrength in his influence. With this placement, the hard work and determination willbe helpful, for Saturn is rebuilding the personality, to withstand the storm coming.By confronting the demons and fears of our past gives us strength for the future,and replaces anxieties and traumas with determination and open to the truth andout of the past that we live in so comfortably. Just a tidbit of info here. Those who have Saturn in the first house close to the ascendant, in their natal chartshows the birth was hard for the mother for the soul was reluctant to enter at thistime. This can be used to rectify a chart.Saturn in the second house here is the house of finances and the lesson of learning
the true value in life. Saturn is saying there is more to life then materialpossessions. Here we will need to re-evaluate our need to operate in the outer worldand the way we live in it. This all so will be rebuilt one brick at a time last for alifetime, but not in a material value, in a spiritual mater. The more we give our self the more we receive. The more we can help others with our wealth and ask nothingin return the more we receive. If we can flow with his energy, and stay out of thepast habit that we are so comfortable in, then Saturn can guide us into the new lifepattern. Saturn is the teacher of the universe if we have the willingness to learn theeasier this lesson will be. The financial structure for those with this placement cangive opportunity for real estate, and a disaster for others. Others may have thebreaks of Saturn when it comes to investing and invest very cautiously. When wechoose love of material matters, we will always lose. When we have love of theuniversal kind, we will be successful. The more we fight this change the harder it will be on us. The change is happeningand we cannot stop it nor should we, but accept the change and learn from our pastmistakes and move on.Saturn in the 3rd houseHere we have the mental energy and the way we communicate to siblingsMay feel loneliness or separation from relatives. May find themselves responsible forsiblings, Interruption from education, or may have the opportunity to return to theireducation.Early environment and how we reacted in early years as we replay the painfullessons that have held us hostage all this time. The mind can be very fragile andour attitude will be important in this placement. Depression and mental instabilitywill be a key factor here. Can stabilize the mind power and give more mental energyto seek and absorb knowledge. With Saturn in the third house of the mind, otherswill see us, as the way we communicate, may be a person of few words, but theywill be powerful. Some may see you as being cold or reserve in your manor of communicating.Saturn in the 4thSaturn will operate in a later part of life when we have established the indicators of the 4th house. We have to have an ego to rebuild and the dark side of our ego andhome will show in this placement. Here is the ability to nurture others or the lack of,and with Saturn, being the restrictive planets and a planet of Karma, our lessonbeings here. Can gain through real estate or lose, again the attitude of this Karmiccondition will play a big role here, the more we give the more we receive. Saturnonly breaks up what has stopped us from growing in a spiritual manor. Saturn doesnot deny only delay; we are the ones responsible for denial, by actions. Here we willface our own insecurities and inabilities to mother others. Will come across cold anduncaring for this placement forces us to see the inner depths of our ego, the side wehide so deeply from others. The same side we must face unwillingly.Here is the house of the mother, home, and Saturn will add more responsibility with

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