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KEYES v OBAMA - Wavey Davey Report on Keyes v Obama Hearing 13-JUL, 2009_1

KEYES v OBAMA - Wavey Davey Report on Keyes v Obama Hearing 13-JUL, 2009_1

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Published by Jack Ryan

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Published by: Jack Ryan on Aug 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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11 * * * * * * *2 WAVEYDAVEY'S REPORT OF THE MOTION TO SHOW CAUSE HEARING3 IN KEYES V OBAMA 7/12/094 AS DICTATED TO ME BY BB5 I received a call from waveydavey who attended6 today's hearing in the Central District of California.7 The outcome is not what we expected, but it is clear8 that the judge wants to position the case so that he can9 rule on the merits.10 The judge had stern words for Orly a number of11 times, although he showed a lot of patience. She kept12 going off on her litany regarding the hundreds of Social13 Security numbers, and the judge let her bather on for a14 while. She also repeatedly asked the Court, "Why are15 the United States attorneys here? They have no16 standing, they're not allowed to be here," and the Court17 corrected her on that.18 She wanted to talk about the merits of the case19 and the court said, "Today is not about merits, it is20 about procedure."21 The court made clear, several times, that he22 wants this case to go forward on the merits but he did23 say that proper service had not been achieved on Obama.24 The U.S. Attorney's office was represented by25 DeJute. At first Mr. DeJute said that he was not
21 authorized to accept service on behalf of the2 United States but it was determined that the U.S.3 Attorney for the district could accept service and so4 the court ordered Orly and DeJute to confer and to march5 downstairs together to properly serve the United States6 Attorney.7 Charles Lincoln was present as a "law clerk."8 Waveydavey described him as "short, dumpy, early9 middle-age, balding."10 Orly continually argued with the judge. The11 judge responded, "I'm giving you a gift." When she12 continued to want to argue the merits and that she had13 achieved service the judge said, "I think you must be14 deaf. You aren't listening. You're stubborn."15 The judge kept saying that he wanted "what gets this16 case into court on the merits."17 So what was agreed was that the service would be18 achieved on the United States Attorney, the19 United States would have 60 days to respond, and the20 United States many not ask for any extensions of time.21 Orly still wasn't even satisfied with this result22 and the judge kept saying, "If you want this expedited23 I'll do this, but we need to get this resolved for once24 and all."25 At one point then Orly said she wanted mediation.3
1 The judge's response was, "What's to mediate? Either2 Obama is president or he is not."3 At one point Orly started to read the motion that4 she filed today. The judge cut her off saying, "I can5 read." He noted that he had worked all weekend and6 would have been available to read this had she filed it7 earlier. "I've seen it. It's not relevant, you're8 wasting your time reading it into the record."9 Waveydavey did note that, as expected, Orly10 exhibited that she really does not have the11 socialization skills of others in the legal community.12 He said it was rather funny, when she first came into13 the courtroom she was beaming at her Orlybots -- there14 were a number of them there -- he was the only Obamabot15 or Obot there -- she had a huge bag stuffed full of16 things, as well as her purse, and she marched right up17 beyond the gate and sat down at counsel table.18 The courtroom deputy to whom she had not entered19 her appearance, spoke to her and told her, "It's not20 your turn. Go back to the gallery and sit down. Your21 case will be called," and Orly was quite flustered22 because she obviously doesn't know the custom of a23 docket call.24 Waveydavey also described her as being very pushy25 and that the judge, on a number of occasions, cut her4

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