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KEYES v OBAMA - Waveydavey's Addendum to Original Report of Motion Hearing of July 13, 2009

KEYES v OBAMA - Waveydavey's Addendum to Original Report of Motion Hearing of July 13, 2009

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Published by Jack Ryan

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Published by: Jack Ryan on Aug 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hi All,I finally got my act together and wrote up my notes from the Orly show in Santa Ana onJuly 13th. It it more or less as I wrote it at the time, and is rough and incoherent in places.It can be hard to get everything down when the fur is flying! But here it is, warts and all.Santa Ana District Court. July 13th, 20097:50 Am – I enter the courthouse and make my way to courtroom 9D. There are a dozenor so people waiting outside the courtroom. Most are elderly or middle aged and dressedcasually. This is excepting a couple who appear to be lawyers, all in dark suits. No sign of Orly. There is no way to determine if any other Obots are present, but I am guessing thenon-lawyers are Orlybots. Wait – there’s an Orlybot proselytizing and brow beating some poor lawyer who listens politely. It is the usual set of lies we’ve heard so many times.8:10 – The courtroom doors are opened and people begin to enter. I get a good seat in thesecond row on the left side of the gallery – should be a good view of Orly. The variouslawyers dribble in. They announce their presence to a clerk seated in front of the judges bench.8:20 – A group of 6 young people, professionally dressed, enter the courtroom. They donot appear to be lawyers or Orlybots. They are in the 20-something age range, 3 men and3 women. They are smiling and enjoying themselves – I wonder who they are?8:25 – Orly enters the courtroom. She is carrying a large purse and a huge black bag thatis stuffed full. She smiles and waves to some Orlybots. She then goes through the gateand sits down at the plaintiffs table (desk? What is the proper term?). The clerk noticesher and asks who she is. (Orly, unlike ALL the other lawyers did not approach the clerk tosign in). The clerk tells Orly that she is not first; she is to go sit down and she will becalled. Orly has been in the courtroom less than a minute and has already committed afaux pas – the first of the day! Nearly all of the spectators can now be identified as Orlybots. She seems to know them.She beams brightly, talking with her supporters. (Does she need to touch up her peroxide pouf? It looks a bit grey.) She scans around the gallery to see who is there. She glances atme but I don’t react – I should have smiled warmly to her (hah). She does have anengaging and confident smile. Maybe she thinks that this is her day?8:30 – Orly waits quietly, reviewing some documents, as are the other lawyers. I now seethat the huge black bag contains 2 large overflowing notebooks.8:40 – Judge Carter enters and calls the first case, which is dispensed with in about 3minutes. The second case takes around 6 minutes, and the third takes about 10. Thefourth case takes longer, and there is a brief pause while the Judge left the courtroom tocheck on something. While he was out, some late arriving Orlybots take the opportunityto greet her. Am I the only Obot?
9:35 – The Judge reenters the courtroom and continues the fourth case. Right behind me,one of the Orlybots has a cell phone that is quietly but incessantly ringing. Are cell phones allowed? Why doesn’t she turn the dang thing off? Then, the Orlybot next to her has her phone go off as well, but much louder. They are both admonished by the bailiff.9:50 – Orly’s case is called. The judges asks Orly and her companion who they are. Her companion identifies himself as “Law Clerk Charles (?)”. (The last name wasunintelligible but we now know he is Charles Lincoln.) He is very overweight, earlymiddle aged and balding.On the other side is David DeJute, representing the U.S.Orly begins to speak. She looks and sounds very nervous. She speaks rather quietly witha kind of emotional tremor in her voice. She has to be told how to use the microphonecorrectly,Orly objects to the representation of Obama by DeJute. She then launches into her usuallitany.- She invokes the “affidavit” of Sandra Lines alleging sings of forgery in Obama’s BirthCertificate (e.g., the serial number missing). She claims that other document expertsconcur.- She mentions Steven Coffman (?) of Texas in connection with the supposed SelectiveService document forgery.- She alleges that multiple subpoenas for various documents have been quashed byObama.- She implies he is a hypocrite when he speaks of transparency while hiding everythingregarding his eligibility.- She refers to Sankey and the 140 addresses and 39 social security numbers, especiallyone starting with “046” which belongs to a man 119 years old.- Then, it’s on to the suspicious nature of the Dunham grandmother’s work in an agencythat provides social security numbers.- Obama has “refused” to release his birth certificate.- Mention is made of HR-338, which allows out of state births to be recorded asHawaiian.- The online COLB has no signatures of the hospital, doctors, etc.10:00 – Judge Carter interrupts Orly’s recitation of the Birther Catechism. (Finally!)He tells her we are not on the merits of the case yet – we’re on the procedural part of the process. He asks her about the controversy regarding McCain’s birth, the suggestion thatObama was born in Kenya, and is it not the case that Obama’s mother was American.Orly refers to the McCain resolution, and goes on to the topic of a natural born citizen.She admits that it is not defined (!), but goes next to Vattel and the claim that both parentsmust be citizens.
10:05 – David DeJute speaks. He says “there is no factual validity” to any of Orly’sclaims, but that we’re not here to discuss the facts of the case, but was Obama properlyserved. He was not served on inauguration day, but rather Feb 10th.Judge (to Orly): Why was he not served before the inauguration?Orly: I filed numerous cases before then.Judge: Why didn’t you go to D.C.?Orly: (claims the Supreme Court agreed to hear her case, but then there was the docketerasure problem)DeJute: We could talk all day about the facts, but no proper service has been made. Weare permitted to be properly served under Rule 4i. In his official capacity, service hasnever been made.(While council is speaking, Orly, seated just 3 feet away, turns and gazes at him in raptattention. She is channeling all of her energy through her mascara and garish fake eyelashes. It looks pretty creepy to me, but I have no way of knowing whether DeJute foundit un-nerving or not.)Judge: Service could be made here. There has been no forum for this discussion.(Orly attempts to interject, and the Judge firmly cuts her off)Judge (to Orly): Believe it or not, I was not speaking to you. I’ll smile at you when I wantto speak to you and you will notice that I am not smiling right now.Judge (to DeJute): Why can’t you accept service?DeJute: I am not authorized.Judge: Well who is authorized? Find someone. Service can be downstairs and then moveon to the merits. (Refers to problems of procedural runaround and wanting to get todiscussion of the merits.)Judge (trying to explain things to Orly in order to help her serve, but she is sparring withhim, finally he cuts her off with the following): You are so used to battle you are trying to battle me. I am going to call a recess and you are going to go outside to calm down.10:15 – Judge Carter calls a recess.During the recess, the Orlybots are discussing things amongst themselves, repeating allthe lies about Obama (the millions of dollars spent hiding all his records, he’s a dualcitizen, therefore can’t be president, the Obama/Biden meeting with SCOTUS – can’t dothis, biggest crime in 230 years, yada yada yada, blah blah blah).Orly returns to the courtroom and confers with Charles Lincoln. She looks VERYagitated and dejected. She is propping her head with her left hand, shaking her head andmuttering to herself.10:25 – Judge Carter re-enters the court room.Judge: He suggests a process to get to the merits. He restates the suit claims and says“But we’ll never get there – it will take years.”Judge: I am showing you a kindness.Orly(interrupting): May I respond?

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