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Fundamental Design and Instinct of the Quantum System

Fundamental Design and Instinct of the Quantum System

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Published by John Paily

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Published by: John Paily on Aug 23, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Fundamental Design of the Quantum System – The BuildingBlock and its Quantum Dance
By John Paily
The fundamental reality of nature is perpetual flow and motion. This necessitates theexistence two parts a left and right and non-equilibrium between the two. This nonequilibrium facilitates the flow. The flow is guided by the principle or instinct to seekequilibrium. However equilibrium should be non-existing for perpetual existence of flow.A perpetual flow system can be figured from a number 8, with one of the arm beingsmaller than the other in a quantum manner, say a 4:3 ratio. This would have slightlybent structure See Fig- Quantum Dance. This picture can be brought into existenceby asymmetrical twisting of one sphere from out side. This means two quantum of opposite twisting force, which has non-equilibrium leads to one quantum observedasymmetry [first critical point or first order of creation]. The system is asymmetricalbut an external symmetry [perfect 8] can come when another quantum step of twisting is effected [second critical point]. See Fig – ‘Quantum Dance’. However, thisexternal symmetry is balanced by two asymmetrical opposing Spiritual forces insidethe system. See Fig-4
Two aspect needs to be noted here
1] The two asymmetrical twisting forces were external to the system in the initialstate2] They are internal after second step of winding. With the second step, a systemthat is externally balanced results. The internal asymmetrical Spirit acts as the
balancing aspect. In this state the system is relatively stable for external and internalforce acting on it. It can wind and unwind by a unit. See Fig – 4

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