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President Uhuru Kenyatta's Speech During the Green Schools and Commercial Tree Growing Programme for a Green Economy at Michinda Primary School, Nyandarua

President Uhuru Kenyatta's Speech During the Green Schools and Commercial Tree Growing Programme for a Green Economy at Michinda Primary School, Nyandarua



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Published by State House Kenya
President Uhuru Kenyatta's Speech during the Green Schools and Commercial Tree Growing Programme for a Green Economy at Michinda Primary School, Nyandarua
President Uhuru Kenyatta's Speech during the Green Schools and Commercial Tree Growing Programme for a Green Economy at Michinda Primary School, Nyandarua

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Published by: State House Kenya on Dec 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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  Your Excellencies Ambassadors and High Commissioners present,Distinguished Representatives of Development Partners present,Cabinet Secretaries present,Principal Secretaries present,All ocal eaders present,!" fello# $en"ans,adies and %entlemen,& am pleased to be here toda" on this auspicious occasion of the launch of the%reen Schools and Commercial tree gro#ing for a green Econom" '' one of the(e" events as #e celebrate $en"a)*+As #e commemorate this landmar( milestone in the histor" of our -ation andreflect on our achievement, #e should at the same time re'focus our energies andresources on one of the most important aspects of the continued prosperit" of our%reat -ation&t is a #ell'established fact that our environment and its conservation are theanchor and pivot upon #hich all our economic activities depend on &ndeed, our ver" survival as a human race solel" depends on the sustainable useand management of our environment &ndeed, there is no sector of our econom"that does not depend on the environment .hese include the provision of foodand ra# materials such as timber, fuel #ood, medicines and a list of otherproducts, besides other benefits such as climate amelioration, biodiversit" sin(s,#ater and carbon se/uestrationDespite all this (no#ledge, #e as a people have been guilt" of plundering ournational #ealth and treating our environment as chattels, #hose functions areoften exchanged for agriculture, social amenities and infrastructure development&n the past, a stand'alone approach #as adopted in the management of thevarious sectors of the econom", #here the intricate lin(ages bet#een one and theothers #ere largel" unappreciated
adies and %entlemen,As a result, the environment #as not valued for the fundamental role it pla"s inthe continued #ell'being of our citi0ens and #as not accorded re/uisite resourcesfor conservation and development in tandem #ith the emerging needs of thecountr"1e are no# #iser having learnt the harsh but unforgettable lessons as aconse/uence of our past actionsEnvironmental conservation must be seen against the bac(drop of economicdevelopment, #hose targets are clearl" embedded in our economic blueprint, the2ision 3+4+, as #ell as the $en"a Constitution 3+5+ .hese national aspirationsmust be bro(en do#n into specific programmes #ith clear and high impactdeliverables under the !edium .erm Plans 6!.Ps7adies and %entlemen,1e are committed to conserving the environment to deliver our gro#th ob8ectivesas enshrined in 2ision 3+4+ &t #ould not be simplistic to sa" some of that gro#this anchored in our trees9irst 1e envision a robust, diversified and competitive manufacturing sectorthrough use of local ra# materials A significant proportion of this sector relies on #ood fuel for energ", besides theproduction of man" tree'based productsProviding the re/uired #ood andnon'#ood tree'based ra# materials is, therefore, critical for the continuedperformance of this sectorin(ed to this is the search for rene#able sources of energ" and efficient use of this scarce resource, as #ell as alternative sources of energ"Second 1e aspire to achieve and maintain a clean, secure and sustainableenvironment.he place of trees and forests in ensuring a sustainableenvironment cannot be over'emphasi0ed &ndeed, as #e 8oin in the global #ar against climate change, #hose negativeimpacts have been felt far and #ide in terms of increased human diseases,declining agricultural "ields and reduced #ater stream flo#s, tree planting andforest conservation remains a (e" element of the mitigation strateg", as #eendeavor to reverse this undesirable phenomenon .hird &t is our dut" to provide ade/uate, decent and affordable housing solutionsto the nation in a sustainable environment.he construction industr" is heavil"dependent on #ood as a building material :ur envisaged target of delivering
3++,+++ housing units per annum #ould be unachievable unless concerted effortsare made to ensure that the suppl" of timber from sustainable sources is at par#ith this target .hird 1ater is life; (e" to all our conservation measures must be the provision of portable #ater for all our citi0ens, as #ell as for other economic activitiesAnd fourth Conflict bet#een communities is often precipitated b" the scramblefor scarce resources such as #ater and pasture 1e #ill ensure participator" andsustainable management of these resources as an important aspect inguaranteeing lasting peace to pastoral communitiesadies and %entlemen, .o address the rampant forest destruction occasioned b" encroachment, irregularallocation of forest land, brea(do#n of professional forestr" practice andundervaluation of forest products from state forests, the %overnment has put inplace various interventions $e" among them is the creation and strengthening of 9orest Conservation Committees and Communit" 9orest Associations  .his has ensured that communities have no# embraced the concept of beingco'managers &ndeed, these communit"'based structures are at the forefront of forest protection and pla" a #atchdog role, often #histle blo#ing #heneverthreats to forest conservation are detected, and & than( them for thisAnother milestone is the completion of a comprehensive #all'to'#all forestresource assessment #hich informed the nation that tree cover no# stands at 8ustunder <= .his and a further indepth inventor" of all ga0etted industrial forestplantations sets the stage for investors to engage in the sector, thereb"generating much needed 8obs and creating #ealth, #hile enhancing sustainablemanagement of these forests & urge the custodians of this sector to deepen these reforms, so that theenvisioned gains can cascade further do#n to all echelons of societ":n conservation of our #ater to#ers and other important natural forests, #e arecogni0ant of the fact that these closed canop" forests, #hich account for 8ust 5<=of our countr", pla" (e" roles in the conservation of #ater catchments for theprovision of #ater for domestic, industrial and agricultural use, support h"droelectricit" generation, habitats to our #orld famous #ildlife and pla" an invaluablerole as biodiversit" sin(s and in soil conservation

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