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B-Values of Abraham Maslow

B-Values of Abraham Maslow

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Published by John Uebersax
B-values (Being-values) of Abraham H. Maslow, as revised in The Farther Reaches of Human Nature (1971)
B-values (Being-values) of Abraham H. Maslow, as revised in The Farther Reaches of Human Nature (1971)

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Published by: John Uebersax on Dec 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Maslow's Being-Values (B-Values) satyagraha.wordpress.com 1
Maslow's B-values as Revised in
The Farther Reaches of Human Nature
Source: Maslow, Abraham H.
The Farther Reaches of Human Nature
. New York: 1971; Ch. 9.
 Notes on Being-Psychology. (cf.
Toward a Psychology of Being
, 1962, 1968, Ch. 6. Cognition of Being in the Peak-Experiences.)
The Being-Values (as Descriptions of the World Perceived in Peak Experiences)
: honesty; reality: (nakedness; simplicity: richness; essentiality; oughtness;  beauty: pure; clean and unadulterated completeness ). 2.
: (lightness; desirability; oughtness; justice; benevolence; honesty); (we love it, are attracted to it, approve of it). 3.
: (lightness; form; aliveness; simplicity; richness; wholeness, perfection; completion; uniqueness; honest). 4.
: (unity; integration; tendency to oneness; interconnectedness; simplicity; organization; structure; order, not dissociated; synergy; homonymous and integrative tendencies). 4a.
: (acceptance, resolution, integration, or transcendence of dichotomies, polarities, opposites, contradictions); synergy (i.e.. transformation of oppositions into unities, of antagonists into collaborating or mutually enhancing partners). 5.
: (process; not-deadness; spontaneity; self-regulation; full-functioning; changing and yet remaining the same; expressing itself). 6.
: (idiosyncrasy; individuality; noncomparability; novelty; quale; suchness; nothing else like it). 7.
: (nothing superfluous; nothing lacking; everything in its right place, unimprovable; just-rightness; just-so-ness; suitability; justice, completeness; nothing beyond; oughtness). 7a.
: (inevitability; it must be
 that way; not changed in any slightest way; and it is good that it is that way).

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