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Atheism, Violence and Religion

Atheism, Violence and Religion

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Published by Mark
This article explores aspects of atheism, violence, and religion.
This article explores aspects of atheism, violence, and religion.

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Published by: Mark on Dec 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Atheism, Violence, and Religion:
 Atheists often claim that "religion" is the cause of most of the world's problems. For example, well known atheist hristopher !itchens' book title: "od is #ot reat" has the subtitle: "!ow Religion $oisons %&erthing."(r consider the title of popular atheist Richard )awkins' tele&ision series about religion: "*he Root of All %&il." *oo man modern atheists seem to ha&e an obsession about blaming all of the world's problems on "religion." +hile man's religions ha&e certainl caused problems caused b man, not od-, we also need to examine the results when societies ha&e adopted atheism as their belief. *he clearest example of a societ adopting atheism is the former o&iet /nion, which adopted atheism as a central component of communism.#obel pri0e winner Aleksandr ol0henitsn, who grew up under the atheistic communism of the o&iet /nion, stated the following about the influence of atheism as a central component of communism:"1ilitant atheism is not merel incidental or marginal to ommunist polic2 it is not a side effect, but the central pi&ot. *o achie&e its diabolical ends, ommunism needs to control a population de&oid of religious and national feeling, and this entails a destruction of faith and nationhood. ommunists proclaim both of these ob3ecti&es openl, and 3ust as openl put them into practice."Alexander ol0henitsn-
ol0henitsn, Acceptance peech, *empleton $ri0e for $rogress in Religion, 45672 Russkaia 1sl', no. 789, 45 1a, 4567, p. 9 R-.
 Atheism is a fundamental component of communism. (b&iousl, not all atheists are communists2 there are atheists of &arious political persuasions. ;ut it is undeniabl true that atheism is central to communism.  Aleksandr ol0henitsn was asked to account for the great tragedies that occurred under the brutal communist regime he and fellow citi0ens suffered under.
!e stated the following in relation to atheism:" (&er a half centur ago, while < was still a child, < recall hearing a number of old
people offer the following explanation for the great disasters that had befallen Russia: "1en ha&e forgotten od2 that's wh all this has happened.""ince then < ha&e spend well=nigh > ears working on the histor of our re&olution2 in the process < ha&e read hundreds of books, collected hundreds of personal testimonies, and ha&e alread contributed eight &olumes of m own toward the effort of clearing awa the rubble left b that uphea&al. ;ut if < were asked toda to formulate as concisel as possible the main cause of the ruinous re&olution that swallowed up some 9> million of our people, < could not put it more accuratel than to repeat: "1en ha&e forgotten od2 that's wh all this has happened."?@6 "
B from %dward %. %ricson, Cr., "ol0henitsn = Voice from the ulag," %ternit, (ctober 456, pp. @7, @8, Duoted in http:EEwww.conser&apedia.comEAtheism
 Atheism is a foundational cornerstone of communism. Regarding atheistic communism, and the resulting casualties:")r. R. C. Rummel, professor emeritus of political science at the /ni&ersit of !awaii, is the scholar who first coined the term democide death b go&ernment-. )r. R. C. Rummel's mid estimate regarding the loss of life due to communism is that communism caused the death of approximatel 44>,@69,>>> people between 454 and 456.?@9 "
B Guoted from: http:EEwww.conser&apedia.comEAtheismHAtheismIandIommunism
*his is a mid=range estimate. %stimates &ar considerabl. asualties from war would be added to this total. ;ut in an case, the numbers are simpl staggering. For a full discussion see:
*his represents an incredible loss of human li&es, brought about b atheistic communism.
*his occurred because an o&erriding principle of atheistic communism is that the ends 3ustif the means. <f there is no od, and humans e&ol&ed from algae, then "sur&i&al of the fittest" can logicall and &er easil become the standard for people's beha&ior. Lou can then 3ustif stepping on people, killing people, and using an means to achie&e our ends. *his is precisel what the communists did. *he used the means of killing, ling, sping, intimidation and war, to tr to achie&e their end = the atheistic communist utopia.
*he official 3ournal of the o&iet Academ of $edagogical ciences published a go&ernment directi&e, Atheistic %ducation in the chool, as a resource on how to separate od from human societ. *he opening paragraph is re&ealing:"*he o&iet school, as an instrument for the ommunist education of the rising generation, can, as a matter of principle, take up no other attitude towards religion than one of irreconcilable opposition2 for ommunist education has as its philosophical basis 1arxism, and 1arxism is irreconcilabl hostile to religion.M1arxism is materialism,' sas V. <. Nenin2 Mas such, it is as relentlessl hostile to religion as the materialism of the %ncclopedaists of the eighteenth centur or the materialism of Feuerbach.'" Another excerpt reads:"MReligion'," 1arx said,"is nourished not on hea&en but on earth, and with the annihilation of that per&erted realit, of which capitalism is the theor, religion will perish of its own accord.'"
(from http://www.topix.net/forum/topstories/T7FI8BPIBPCE4HS!"
<n the following Duote, the communist leader V.<. Nenin admonishes communists to be more diligent to distribute atheistic writings to help with the ad&ancement of atheism and communism in the o&iet /nion: ......."*hese masses should be supplied with the most &aried atheist propaganda material, the should be made familiar with facts from the most di&erse spheres of life, the should be approached in e&er possible wa, so as to interest them, rouse them from their religious torpor, stir them from the most &aried angles and b the most &aried methods, and so forth." "*he keen, &i&acious and talented writings of the old eighteenth=centur atheists wittil and openl attacked the pre&ailing clericalism and will &er often pro&e a thousand times more suitable for arousing people from their religious torpor than the dull and dr paraphrases of 1arxism.."
<t is sad fact of histor that atheistic communists were responsible for the death of multiplied millions of people, in the @>th centur. Atheism was a core component of communism, not 3ust a "sideline." *hree core components of communist philosoph are "atheistic, dialectical materialism."

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